Greetings Earthlings. I am Maias NacTac

25 03 2009

Originally posted on Youtube: 3/25/09


I am originally from a parallel universe from the Xzar Galaxy, I was sent to this universe nearly 9 million years ago . The Draconians are originated from my universe, we had a long devastated war with them, many galaxies and planets where destroyed, finally in the end we did over power them and kick them out of our universe . Sadly they did not learn anything at all, and started all over here they did the same in this universe as they did first in the one I am from.

I am coming to tell you important things I do hope you all are listening good now.

1. The year 2012 earth will start to change, the polar shift will occur, there is no stop to it, also they say the Nibiru planet X will come, what I can tell you all there is no Nibiru planet x at all, it is more a fairytale what you humans have created in your illusions.

2. This planet is controlled by a world management team, they are reborn in their children and childrens’ children, they are fully aware who or what they are, many of them work for the Draconians and they have no feelings at all, they keep you all imprisoned and lied to, this all will end soon enough, i promise you all this there is hope.

3. The usage of natural resources , has to come to an end , the usage of oil is barbaric, you do not need to use it, there is very few who knows how far in the technology you all are in , the foods you are eating contain poison and chemicals, it is a part of how to control human beings, they fear to let you evolve , many of you are multidimensional, maybe not aware of it but you are that, for you I have to tell. Earth needs you also Council of nine. My mission is done , i am soon about to leave this planet.

4. The Ufos in Ireland , they are from my Parallel universe , I had to bring them in , there are 3 Motherships, they are here to protect the portals that are on earth, the entities are multidimensional high energy beings far older than any being born in this universe, it is part of the Xzar scientific fleet , they are not here to conquer this planet , I say again they are not here to take this planet under our control , we thank the Irish Government for they let us use the ancient landing paths that are there.

5. The new Earth council that will be announced are not the same as the world management team, for they are not allowed , there will be free elections among every country on this planet , there will be religion freedom, there will be no armies. This planet is protected by the Council of nine, the galactic federation of light , and galactic high councils of light.

6. You will all take an extraordinary leap, this is your ascension that so many have been talking about, this planet will rise to the 5th dimension, you will all become Solar man, you will take your rightful place among us in the Galaxies and universes, this planet holds the future for this universe. So many of you are Starseeds, originated from other Galaxies and star systems, you came here for a mission every one of you have n part in this all.  It is up to you all now to take this gift that has been given to you.

7. Love each other do not kill each other , there is no sense in killing.  Start to live your lives how it is meant to,  say to your leaders we no more walk blinded.

8. Remember this you all came here in peace and love , I learned much my self the time I was on this planet , I love every one of you unconditionally. I will go back to my own universe, but I will come back later much later and see how far you all have went, I hope and wish I see you all then too,

Love Light and Peace

Maias NacTac
Xzar scientic fleet

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