Fingerprints of the Gods — Graham Hancock

25 08 2009

In his best selling book, Fingerprints of the Gods, Graham Hancock conducted an exhaustive investigation into mankind’s remote past. This effort took him all over the world from the Great Sphinx, to the Hopis, to the Andean ruins and to the monuments of many ancient civilizations, including the Maya. Hancock believes that within the records and monuments of these ancient civilizations there is an important message for us.

Graham concludes that in our distant past there were others who were very advanced technologically, but not spiritually, such as the Atlanteans. This imbalance led to their demise. The “fingerprints” of information that our ancestors left for us to discover and contemplate warn of terrible Earth changes that periodically afflict our planetary home. And the end of another cycle appears to be upon us.

The Transmissions

As mentioned above, there are 13 different sources of channeled information I’ve seriously considered that say we are about to experience a profound and radical change (shift) on this planet. It appears we have been at this point before without successfully balancing the material and the spiritual aspects of our lives. As a result, Earth went through drastic physical changes to cleanse the negative karma we’ve created and we had to start all over again.

However, there appears to be an additional twist to what is coming. Not only is a cleansing expected, but along with the upheaval, a fork could occur in the road of human destiny around the year 2012. One fork represents the continuation of the 3rd dimension, the dimension of physicality in which we now find ourselves. The other will be a newly opened path to a higher dimension, which will lead to the Golden Years the ancients spoke of long ago. The choices we make, and the quality of life we lead, will determine which path opens for us.

Here are some channeled transmissions for the coming changes that have influenced my thinking. Many of them reference the year 2012.




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