Kryon – The End Times Kryon

25 08 2009

Alchemy of the Human Spirit Partnering with God Lee Carroll (1990s)
“… regardless of how peaceful you have become, and regardless of your level of enlightenment, you absolutely will react to the stress of the earth. As for the question of mass termination: Will it be necessary for large numbers of humankind to be terminated in order to achieve balance? The answer is yes. The numbers, however, only approach one percent of the life force here. This will not be global termination.”

“Who will it be? It is thus: those with absolutely no hope whatsoever of achieving any greater enlightenment than they already have will move on.”

“The oldest tribes on the planet are very aware of what is happening, for their calendars predicted it. The change, however, will be different than expected. It will be the age of graduation instead of an ending of life. It is the graduation of the Earth and the entering of it into new areas of the galaxy (formerly hidden). It will be the
graduation of the human being into a new consciousness, and new ways of life (formerly hidden).”

“No human welcomes the kind of change that a planetary upheaval can bring. As I have mentioned before, the human and the Earth are not just related, but are interactive and considered as one entity.”

“The year 2012 will then be what you call a marker that will meld slowly into a new time… so look at your Mayan calendar to find out what it says about 2012. Look into the past to see what spiritual historians have said about 2012…”

“For the year 2012, if you believe your ancient history and also the ones that foretold about time itself, is when your time apparently ends! What could that mean? Some have said it means the end of the planet – termination. However, it really means change, dear ones.”

“The ascension timeline is a 24-year window. From the end of 1997 on, or about the beginning of 2001, is the window.”

“We have told you that some may go partway and that it’s appropriate to stop – and that there is no judgment over this. We have also told you that some will go all the way. What’s going to happen in 2012?

Another measurement. And if, dear ones, that measurement is found to be a certain vibration, you are all going to see an entirely different planet – and that is what is going to trigger the mass landing.”



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