Message from Q’uo on 2012

25 08 2009

Jim: I’m interested in knowing what transition may be like for a dual-activated person. Will the transition between third and fourth density bodies be seamless or is it more abrupt, like the death process? If so, exactly how does it work?

Is it more of an individual process or is it more of a process done by the social memory complex?
(Carla channeling)

We of those of Quo, are aware of your query, my brother, and we thank you for it. Third density is third density. And while you are in a third-density physical vehicle you will primarily be a third-density entity. The fourth-density activation, however, enables you, far more than those about you, to be tough. We think that is perhaps the simplest way to put that.
The interpenetration of third density with fourth-density energy in the time/space sector of this development is bombarding the Earth with wave after wave of a denser kind of light that brings all entities worst fears to the surface and plays them out.

It is a separating device, if you will, between wheat and chaff, in biblical terms. There are tares sown among the harvest of good that you have created in your life[time]. These waves of energy call for the truth from you, and, so, many of you are facing parts of yourself you never wanted to see and at which you don’t want to look. The fourth-density-activated entities or dual-activated beings are tougher at looking straight in the mirror of the self, seeing the weeds, and deciding on a form of weed control.

It is up to you to decide how you want to deal with this judgment of self. We especially want to indicate that in our opinion it is not well to judge the self in the way of this instruments experience of the Old Testament. We do not want
you to condemn yourself. We want you to see that when a plant is not wheat, that plant is a weed.

Do you want to pluck it out by the roots? You may, but it will take time. Do you want to snip it off so that it may grow again but for today it does not show? You may do that. That is your choice. But the dual activated body will unerringly give you the toughness of mind to go for the root and to do the work in a timely manner.

In terms of what body will be activated when: they are both activated now, but you are in a third-density physical vehicle. You are living on a third-density planet. You are here for a reason. Many, many others are here for the same reason.

Those with dual activated bodies have graduated and have come back. Just as the Elder Race, when it graduated, chose to return, so have you returned. You do not want to go on to the exciting and even thrilling prospect of fourth-density
existence, with its greatly enhanced options for learning and for service, until you have done your utmost, not only to help others of the human tribe to move on into fourth density with you but also to restore and reconstitute the health of
Gaia, [1] of planet Earth, in her living form.

For many of you in dual activated bodies there is a feeling of great and passionate desire to connect with the Earth and to love and be a good steward to the Earth. For there is that within your consciousness as a person and in your
consciousness as part of a race of beings that you have, in the past, been part of the destruction of a planet, a continent, a city, or family. And that destruction has caused the Earth to grieve, to mourn, and to become disoriented.
By the time you leave this planet, the planet will know that it is loved. That is a very large factor in many of those who are dual activated and is their primary reason for being on the Earth at this time. Of course, because of the fact that you chose to come into third-density incarnation, you are always subject to the basic rules of this game. You need to polarize in this lifetime towards service to others to an extent that enables you once again to walk the steps of light and walk into a higher density. Otherwise, you shall simply move on with those still in third density at the end of this time to another third-density planet where you will continue to be of service and to gain in memory of who you are and why you are here, until such time as you once again get yourself on the right road, the road of your own deepest choosing, and then walk that walk, step by step, in great thanksgiving and joy, every day that you are privileged yet to be alive and breath the sweet air of [planet Earth].

May we ask if there is another query? We are those of Q’uo.

Jim: The next query is:I, for one, would like a nice summation from Quo on this whole transition phase, how the pieces come together, if we are allowed to know.

“As I currently understand it, a convergence of the dark brown companion star comet cluster and wave or energy surge ushers in the shift or realm border crossing for planet Earth from third to fourth density and all kinds of service-to-others and service-to-self spectators are coming to watch the show.

The Ra and Quo groups have mentioned the cessation of third density around 2012. Is this correct? An aspect of service-to-self entities aren’t agreeing to this or accepting it. So after that is supposedly a thousand year transition period on this service-to-self and service-to-others choice. What does this thousand year period entail, a weeding out process between the two polarities? Perhaps a last chance for those newly awakened; those whose

choice is not quite firm enough to allow full entry into fourth-density form? Or how does this change in classrooms apply to the various groups such as service-to-self, service-to-others, wanderers, indigos, dual-body activation, etc., etc.

We are those of Quo, and are aware of your query. There are portions of your query that do not make sense to us and about which we will not comment except to say that in attempting to imagine those things which bring about the harvest,
there are sources which use information which may be seen in a non-literal sense with much more helpfulness from that construction than attempting to make literal sense out of some material.

Concerning the basic setup of the transition, there is a moment of transition in terms of the planet itself. That moment of transition is at some point near to the winter solstice of 2012. It is fairly set—cut and dried, as this
instrument would say.

For the human tribe that inhabits the surface of Planet Earth, things are not so cut and dried. The time of choice is greatly limited now among your peoples. This is not a cause for great concern for most of those, if not all of those,
who shall make that choice for graduation have already made the initial choice of service to others. There is still time to make that initial choice, but you may do the calculation necessary to see that the time is short. [The year] 2012 is within [the] lifetime [of] each of those to whom we are speaking. This is something that you may choose and you may do completely and well in the next few years.

For most of you, indeed, as we said, the choice has been made. You have decided to be of service to others. Let these next few years that remain before 2012 be a testament to your stability, your spiritual maturity, and your ability to persevere. Bloody mindedness and sheer guts is sometimes part of what it takes to make the choice of love.

You have to look beyond your own feelings and your own first responses and ask, as this instrument has heard often from us and from those of the Ra group, “Where is the love in this situation? Where is the light in this moment? When you are prompted to ask this query of yourself, you may well find that you are the only source you can find in that situation of love and light.

Yes, my friends, you! You are only one being, but you have within you consciousness. That consciousness is what this instrument would call Christ consciousness. It is the consciousness of unconditional love. Go looking for that consciousness. Ask for help in finding that consciousness. Your guidance system is just waiting for you to ask for help. The angels that surround you are breathless with anticipation that you will remember them and call for them. They love you with a love that we cannot describe to you. It is the love of the one Creator. They are bits of that consciousness; uncreated, sent forth in purity, unable to enter incarnation and able only to help when asked by incarnated beings such as yourself. Remember to ask for that help. After these years of choice have been lived through, you may well live for quite some time thereafter. You will not notice changes in your own ability to breath and eat and do the natural functions of a human being. You will be able to live out your life.

The one known as Jim was saying that in The Ra Material, the period of transition was suggested to be perhaps between 100 and 700 of your years. The reason it is so approximated is that we do not know who shall inspire whom with love and with the daring to make courageous choices at difficult moments. Every choice that you make for love extends that transitional period. And it is good to have that time, simply to work with the earth energy and to reconstitute and restore the health of the planet.

For those who graduate in a positive sense, their next incarnation will be on planet Earth, unless they are wanderers and have chosen to move after graduation into other realms or densities for further work as a wanderer. For those graduating in the negative sense, they will go to a negatively oriented fourth-density planet unless they are wanderers, in which case they will be able to, after graduation, move back into whatever they feel would serve them the best.

For those who have not chosen either service to others or service to self as a polarity, there is still work to do in third density, the density of choice. You shall have some more time to make that choice and it shall be upon another planet.

Once third density winds down on planet Earth, it shall be inactive for a time. This is due to the need of new fourth-density entities to learn the ways of invisibility. There is no desire in fourth-density entities to disturb or surprise third-density entities. If fourth density were visible to third density, you would find yourself in a charming but very crowded universe made up of elementals, nature spirits and devas, totems, fictional entities who have gained inner-planes life because of the continued thoughts of many and so forth. It would be an enchanting and diverse experience but it would be too much for you to bear. You are veiled from fourth density and all other densities that would give you these experiences because you are here in third density to discover who you are that is, an ethical being and to decide what you want to do with that troublesome consciousness that you have found. May we answer you further, my brother, on that question? We are those of Quo.

Jim: No, but we do have another question, Quo, if you have time. It is from
A: We third density humans tend to categorize things the time of the year, the races and classes of people, the species of animals and even the flavors of ice


As we’ve been told many times, fundamentally, all things are one. Does the need and purpose of categorization diminish as we advance toward the higher densities? Do we eventually lose all differentiation between ourselves and all that exists?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Quo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We find this to be an interesting query in that it assumes almost the direct opposite of what is true, but it does so because of the logic of third density. We do not operate according to that logic.

As one rises in densities, one becomes aware of the tremendous, unimaginable array of information. Each density has a quantum leap of information involved. It is as if the light had more facets so that it could carry more information. As your souls crystallize in the way water is a crystal, they become much more easily magnetized and you become a much more fluid and responsive being. In higher densities you are aware not of less organization but of more, for you are not veiled and shielded from the dance of creation as a whole. That dance is endlessly, beautifully, rhythmically, gracefully organized. All parts of the creation are aware of all other parts of the creation.

You are familiar with this kind of dance because you see it in the second density and first density about you all the time. The trees, the air, the oceans, and all of the energies of nature are responsive in one holistic system, of which you are a part, but a bumbling, awkward and unknowing part. For the most part, you don’t catch the rhythm of existence and so you don’t celebrate life. You just accompany it. You’re missing out on the celebratory aspect of this wonderful dance of life.

So, my brother, in brief, as you rise in densities, you see the details in much more full array than you do now. But you also see the organizing principle of love that drives the dance. This overarching love is the consciousness of which we were speaking earlier. Each of you possesses it and as you rest back into both yourself and the essential nature of the world around you, you will be led closer and closer to the immediate apprehension of the beauty of this dance. We would encourage you, my brother, to try, as an experiment, the experience of resting within a natural environment, far from clusters of people, and drumming or beating upon a piece of wood with your hand or anything that enables you to begin to express the rhythm of your being. For you have this dance within you. Allow civilization to take a back seat for awhile and just beat the rhythm of the beat of your heart for a while. It does not have to be a terribly long time. It is a way of putting you in touch with the part of you that is in rhythm and dancing with all of the rest of the unified creation of which you are an integral and loving part.



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