Messages From Heaven Patricia Kirmond (late 1990s)

25 08 2009

These messages come from a man who passed away when he was 80 years of age. He sent the transmissions to his twin flame, the author of this book. “The nation (USA) is experiencing a time similar to when the Roman Empire crumbled and when the continent of Atlantis sank. People’s senses grow dull. They do not feel the deterioration of the basic moral fiber of the nation, or they feel it and do not know what to do about it.”

“I do not feel that you will avoid all cataclysm, but you still have time to change the worst portents.”

“… for people who do not understand the law of cycles. New cycles cannot begin until the karma of the previous cycle is cleared.”

“You must prepare for some very hard years on a planetary scale. No one will be totally free from cataclysm and earth changes.”

“What people find hard to understand is that in this period of time major karma has come due.”

“I can tell you that the energies are intensifying. When energies intensify, people are often tested in unprecedented ways.”

“At times like this, people are facing increased returning karma so they can balance the maximum amount before the turning of cycles. This can be a test that pushes you toward the limits of what you feel you can handle. Remember to stay anchored in God when all seems to be in chaos.”

“Before a Golden Age can occur, every jot and tittle of karma comes up for balancing… The cosmic justice system is one of the most incredible things I have come to understand. We are given free will to create and select as we wish, but we are also given accountability.”

“It is important to remember our ancient history. During former golden ages, life was peaceful and justice reigned.”

“The ascended masters have been warning lightbearers for years concerning the necessity for worldwide change and the possible earth changes that will need to occur as a result of mankind’s misuse of energy.”

“What the masters are saying is that no one will be completely spared. No matter what, a certain level of cataclysm will occur.”




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