The Calling Amitabh through Rasha

25 08 2009

The wisdom in The Calling is from a collective, loving consciousness called “Amitabh.” The Amitabh energy is The Father Consciousness whose information is Divine Guidance from an aspect of God.

“What has come to be termed Christ Consciousness is the condition that all souls who survive into the Great Spiritual Age will attain. For in the coming times, none will remain who are defined by the limitation of physical expression.”

“Freedom from fear of this momentary crossing-over (death) is a rudimentary prerequisite for functioning even at the most basic level in the times to come. For the transition will be massive, sudden and monumental.”

“The fact of death will become a routine fact of life, as the majority of souls currently incarnate will choose either to pre-empt the coming times, or make their transition en masse with the bulk of humanity.”

“Those whose destiny it is to remain physically incarnate on this planet will need to have a deep-seated understanding that this turn of events is not an ending, but rather a beginning. A fresh start of historic significance.”

“One should expect to see many instances of political upheaval, wars, uprisings and other instances of mass chaos in the coming times as unenlightened souls find themselves, unknowingly, at the effect of the shifting vibrational energy forces.”

“…a massive purging has been called upon this planet for these times… and this will be accomplished in a multitude of ways… not merely with ecological occurrences, as has been commonly believed. Mankind will, in essence, annihilate itself in many areas of the globe in the coming times. And the behaviors causing the widescale societal breakdown to come will be a primary way in which that purging is achieved.”

“There will be massive exits in the times to come. Illness will be epidemic. ‘Accidents’ will be rampant. Seismic disturbance and unusual weather conditions will claim a toll in human life. There will be much suffering and much fear. And in the confusion you may choose to shift your energies to a mode of calm, determined action aimed at maintaining your spiritual equilibrium under those conditions.”

“Those who permit themselves to be swept into a state of panic and despair over the upheavals of these times are less likely to be able to withstand, psychologically and emotionally, the times to come.”

“You must become conditioned now to deal with absolutely any situation with a cool head and with a God-centered focus of heart. Know that it is Divine Will that these times represent the culmination of a spiritual cycle, and that the completion of the old is a necessary prerequisite for the rebirth of the new.”

“There are many in these times who are inclined to dismiss the information about the seriousness of the times to come… And that cleansing the planet of its physical and karmic filth is not a negative but rather a positive.”

“Know that this is not the first time in the history of your planet that such a purging has taken place. It is, from a more timeless perspective, a regular occurrence that reflects the conditions of the times and the consciousness of the incarnate souls in question.”

“The time for carting away that which no longer serves you is now. The time for beginning to build the fundamental structure that will support you in the role you have chosen to play in the times to come… is now. The time for recognizing your unlimited, Divine essence… is now. And the time for ‘polishing’ that essence, purifying that essence, and preparing that essence to serve God without reservation… is now. And to know… without question… that for you, there truly is no other way.”