The Planetary Christ (Lord Maitreya) is Here

25 08 2009

A Master Speaks through Benjamin Creme (late 1970s-1990s)

In another part of this web site, I describe the possibility that Christ may be on planet Earth at this very moment. I do not do so blindly or without thoroughly researching such claims.

I recently read a book called “A Master Speaks.” After reading a few pages I immediately knew it had a very profound message. As a matter of fact, it had a message that went way beyond the profound. Interestingly, the book makes no claim for an author on the front cover. It was simply an inspired series of teachings and insights given to a Benjamin Creme during the 1970’s.

Who wrote the book? The author was a Master whose inspired insights and teachings were then transcribed into words by Mr. Creme. Now, that in itself is not unusual for this New Age. There are many spiritually inspired books available today but here’s what really got my attention.

The Master told Benjamin Creme, among other things, that the World Teacher –Christ– the Master of all the Masters — would return in about 20 years and that he (Creme) would have a role to play in the event if he chose to accept it.

Furthermore, Christ would be known as Maitreya, a name purposely chosen for its neutrality among nations so that no one single religion could selfishly claim Christ as their own “messiah.”

Also, Maitreya was not here to form a religion but to play the same role He came to planet Earth for 2000 years ago… as a Teacher of Righteousness, to show us how to end injustice in this world through sharing and unconditional love for all.

According to the Master and Benjamin Creme, Maitreya (Christ) has been in London, England as an ordinary man since 1973 living in an Asian community. He now works behind the scenes with others to prepare the way for His public emergence, which can occur at any time. His presence will be confirmed on the “Day of Declaration” when He will appear on worldwide television. When that happens His energy will unmistakably enter all of us, hundreds of thousands of spontaneous healings will occur and there will be no doubt that He is the World Teacher for humanity.

These are no small claims to say the least. If true, it would be the most profound event in the history of mankind. I was keenly aware that others have made “Christ is here” proclamations in the past and I wondered to myself why this was any different. What got my attention is that everything about the message and the intentions of Mr. Creme feels right. As a result, I keep an open mind to the possibility that he made indeed be a modern day prophet.

Furthermore, the messages say that humanity is at a crossroads, the future of which is dependent upon mankind’s choices now. Should we make the highest choices, a new spiritual man and spiritual woman will be born into the Age of Aquarius, reflecting more and more their divine heritage.

Here are two statements that sum up the message of Maitreya and Benjamin Creme…

“Many times have you heard Me say that My coming means change. Specifically, the greatest change will be in the hearts and minds of men, for My return among you is a sign that men are ready to receive new life.” — Maitreya

“If I am correct, we are about to witness a total transformation of every aspect of our lives: we will create a new civilization more brilliant than has yet existed on this planet.” — Benjamin Creme




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