We The Arcturians Norma Milanovich, Ph.D.(1980s)

25 08 2009

“This transitional period through which the Earth is now passing is unlike any that has ever been experienced in the records of beloved Terra. It will be another 26,000 years before the planet again, has the opportunity to assume the strength and position that it will soon experience in the New Age.”

“Humankind is just beginning to feel a shift of consciousness resulting in a happier condition… Individuals of higher states of consciousness are beginning to separate themselves from those individuals of lower, more angry states. The vibrational frequencies of the two sets of individuals are beginning to clash… this clash will become more obvious.”

“Planet Earth is beginning to prepare for the cleansing of negative energy that surrounds her. You have already seen the signs with the violent weather changes, volcanoes that have erupted and will continue to erupt, earthquakes, and the changing ozone layer… The energy of humankind has polluted beloved Terra long enough. The cleansing will be complete.”

“You see, each planet and star system goes through similar periods of trials and errors as the Earth is doing right now. We are here to help one of the most difficult birthing processes that has ever been the challenge to any of the Beings in the universe.”

“The people of Earth are on a path that is irreversible. On this journey, they must realize that Light and love are the only two qualities that can be adhered to for advancement into the New Age.”

“But souls must choose which one they will master. There are only two choices: there is love and Light, or there is fear. Choose, our dearest brothers and sisters of the universe. And make this choice before the portal of time into this new dimensional frequency closes and makes the choice for you.”

“There is no punishment for those who choose not to enter this Kingdom (Golden Age), and it is clear that many souls on Earth today are not ready to make this journey with their magnificent master (Christ). The only ‘punishment’ is time, as you have defined it on Earth. Those who do not wish to take part in Jesus’ hospitality, are those who must wait for the next appropriate time when the portal will again be opened. This portal in time will occur again approximately 26,000 years from the present moment.”



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