Astrology + Ascension. 2012

19 09 2009

Tomorrow’s New Moon in Virgo at 25º59’, exact at 11:44 AM PDT (CA time) is so striking (in attachment) that I’m compelled to write about it.

We are literally reaching the point of no-return talked about on the Hopi Wall of Prophecy as well as in the Mayan Calendar ending on 12.21.2012. This is the time where the separation between those who are choosing Ascension and those who wish to remain attached to the old consciousness of fear, manipulation, anger, negativity and radiance-less ego is becoming so huge as to create a gap that no longer can be bridged. Our Star/Soul family is either already around us, or -if we find ourselves having been recently rejected by those we thought were friends-, about to come and embrace us.

No compromise is possible with what is not in alignment with our integrity. And if this means relinquishing a relationship, severing ties with friends or family members or loosing our house or our job, so be it.  Freedom always has a price and hanging on to what needs to pass, would only deviate our evolution in the long run.

This chart talks about the necessity to keep of the old (old identifications, old responsibilities, old duties, old roles….) only what still works for us, what we still wholeheartedly believe in, and empty handedly jump into the void, trusting that even if we cannot see the cosmic safety net, it will support our “fall” with grace and ease.

“Fall” is really a “rising”, an ascending to higher frequencies and planes of consciousness. This chart also talks about the development of unconditional love, the understanding that we are all one and that what we do to another, we are truly doing to ourselves.

This chart is about new beginnings. In our healing process, it is  the embodiment of our true power, standing in our authority and knowing that we know, because…. when we truly follow our inner voice, we DO!  🙂

There should a great acceleration in all of our lives, for good for those who are having the courage of their integrity, and for worse for those who are insisting on a path of self-absorption. Powerful inner transformations will take place, allowing us to access more of all that we are.

Just by listening to our inner feelings, we have the ability  to release enormous amounts of residual karma in a very short amount of time. We could discover inner talents that prove incredibly lucrative. We could become very aware of our diet, our exercise program and very concerned about the quality of our food, our environment and our water. Many could be led to move very suddenly and quite unexpectedly, picking up and leaving almost from one day to the next. The more we find inner completion and share our resources with like-spirited others, whether they be money, ideas, friends…. fascinating new horizons will unfold. Dimensions that lie beyond our wildest imaginations.

This is where we have to trust in the magic of this whole process. Miracles are what make the tapestry of life if we just allow ourselves to surrender to what we are arriving to, one moment at a time.

Doing a fire ceremony within 24 hrs of the New Moon is always a good idea, to assist the magic of this moment of cosmic renewal. If you have a fire pit, by all means, take advantage of it, otherwise, just a lit candle will be good too. As we release into the fire a stick – or toothpick-, in which we have blown all that we want to let go of, we are ready to make the offering to the fire of  another stick into which we have blown all that we want to welcome into our lives. What counts is the purity of our hearts and the power of our intentions. What we can visualize, we can manifest, now more than ever. Enjoy!

In Loving Light.
Michelle Karén M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.
Astrologer, author of
Astrology For Enlightenment
Atria books, Simon and Schuster




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