The Great Shift. 2012

8 10 2009 called the great wall. Moving through the void. The great shift of the ages, the Precession of the Equinoxes, the moment of now and what is shortly coming. The Mayans call it the ending of time, a journey epoch that takes about 25,920 years. In the event of a polar shift the knowledge of your Merkaba will help you and those around you because what has happened in the past is that the electromagnetic grid vanishes and this is tied to human memory. The Earth already exists multidimensionally in the 4th and 5th dimensions but it is predicted that human life will transit through these expanded frequencies. To do this we must travel through what is sometimes known as the great wall, the void, the shift.

We’ll tell you as well, if you work with your star tetrahedrons and you speed up the counter-rotations faster than the speed of light, what happens is you disappear out of third dimension. You slip into another dimension of reality.

The Heart is the answer, love is the key.

Compassion for all life knowing that the divine dwells in all.

The reality of the expanded frequencies is abundance, inclusion, enough for all. Coming from the polarity of the Third dimension where we learned that it is lack, this is hard for us to absorb.

The gridwork of the earth is being changed, can you feel it?  The old ways are being literally cleared away and unity is coming. It is inevitable, the pattern is already in the background set into the gridwork of the Earth, we will see the changes manifest around us, let us hope that our eyes are open to see. In a single breath we can be one.




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