Archangel Michael: All in Divine Timing October 9, 2009

2 11 2009

Beloved Lightworkers,

I come this day to speak with you all about the great vibrational changes that are occurring upon your World. There are many shifts occurring within your consciousness, within your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. All that still needs to be cleansed from within you is now coming forth to be acknowledged by you, observed, transmuted and released, even those of you who have been diligently working to clear all that came up for you before and which you had thought that you had cleared, are finding there is still more from the deepest levels of your Beings coming forth to be addressed now.

Know that each of you have great assistance from all of the Angelic Realms, from your Guides and your Teachers and indeed, from your own Great I AM Presence. All is working in synchronicity at this time and we ask you to become aware of these synchronicities within your daily existence, for this is how our guidance comes. Also, I would to remind each of you that you must ask if you wish to receive the downloads of the energies, the DNA upgrades and activations, the activations of your dormant DNA strands, to receive new ideas and creativity, all of these need to be requested, for all is done according to free will choice, and so, we from the Higher planes must wait for your request before we can come to your assistance, before we can allow the new energies to come into your four body systems, so do remember this, Dear Ones. You must ask each day. Start your day by this practice and always ask for that which you desire to embody and manifest from within yourselves. All that is requested that is requested for the Highest Good of all concerned will be granted. Please use that qualifier when you ask.

Many of you are struggling to lift the veils of forgetfulness and I say to you now, Dear Ones, that this time is coming, this time of the lifting of the veils of forgetfulness will soon be upon you. Make this one of your requests each day, and when the Divine timing falls into place for you, it shall be done. Each of you are timed to come into full remembrance according to your part in the Divine Plan. So do not worry that you are behind schedule, do not compare yourselves to others, for you do not know what their part in the Divine Plan is, just ask, Dear Ones, and know that you are always guided and that you will always be activated, if you ask, at precisely the right moment to occur.

The energies on the Earth, within the Earth and around the Earth at this time are the energies of birthing that which is new, that which is in infinite possibilities and so, it is a time for each of you to see yourselves as powerful, magical Beings of Light and Love, creators of the World of joy and peace and harmony, creators of a World of pristine beauty and sparkling clean waters, fresh, sweet, clean air. All of this is now waiting for each of you to align to, for it is already manifest. Each of you can each day state that it is your intent to align with the new Earth reality. See yourselves each day as embodying your Light Bodies and see your heart chakras radiating Golden Light, the Light of the Christ Consciousness and see that Light from your heart chakra radiating out into your higher chakras, creating a great column of Golden Light. This will assist each of you to align to the Highest frequency levels.

As you have probably noticed since the beginning of this month, that the sense of time has sped up and it seems as though it is very difficult to accomplish very much during your daily lives and that is why it is so important, Beloved Ones, to keep on working on raising your vibrational frequencies, for this will not change or abate, this will continue and the only way to stay on top of it is to ensure that each day, you increase your frequency levels. State that you wish to do this, state your intent, for we who surround you can then give you assistance and in this way we magnify your vibrational frequencies, and, also state that you wish to hold and anchor those energies until the next time that you will be working with and requesting the increase of these energies, so that you never lose the momentum that you have gained.

Remember to call upon me, Archangel Michael, and my Legions of Angels, to use my Sword of Truth, to cut all bonds, all that ties and holds you back from entering the New Earth timeline and reality. I shall do this with Love and speed. I am always at your side. All you need do is call upon me.

I AM Archangel Michael

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff



2 responses

21 12 2009


I agree there is a higher level of spirituality, but I see it because I “want” to see it. I make myself available to, and involved with, consciousness raising from many different sources. I try not to pre judge any, but feel more comfortable with meditation where I can test the truth within.

I wanted to leave a comment on the more recent post, “Measuring Consciousness Levels” but could not figure out how. So, I just want to say that I can “buy” into many of thoughts without doing harm to my core of beliefs. Who knows, if I get to see more, maybe, I will actually “see more.”

thanks for the insight.

michael j

Conshohocken, PA USA

21 12 2009

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the comment. We (at the site) felt Marlene’s article resonated with the overall message of Church of the Cosmos. While all paths lead to Prime Source (eventually), we would add that it’s not so much a matter of “wanting” to see something as it is simply seeing it–what is unveiled to you depends on your level of spiritual evolution. It is quite effortless, one in which we believe is based on your frequency of vibration. The higher you vibrate, the more that is unveiled.

Very Best,

p.s. We have enabled feedback on the “Measuring Consciousness…” post.

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