11:11 Universal & Spiritual Laws of the Cosmos

26 02 2010

Universal Law of Free Will
Spiritual Law of Freedom of Man

Universal Law of Change
Spiritual Law of Growth of Man

Universal Law of Movement and Balance
Spiritual Law of Strength, Health and Happiness

Universal Law of Innocence, Truth and Family
Spiritual Law of Protection of Family

Universal Law of Symmetry
Spiritual Law of Equality

Universal Law of Life
Spiritual Law of Choice

Universal Law of Light, Sound and Vibration
Spiritual Law of Intuition

Universal Law of Judgment
Spiritual Law of Karma

Universal Law of Nature
Spiritual Law of Protection of Man

Universal Law of Love
Spiritual Law of Healing

Universal Law of Perception
Spiritual Law of Future Sight

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Ancient Astronauts

25 02 2010

Ancient Astronauts
from CrystaLinks Website

The term ‘Ancient Astronauts’ generally refers to extraterrestrials who came to Earth and were in some way responsible for seeding the human race.

There are references to these entities in the bible, in ancient art and other texts. They are all linked with myths about creation found in all ancient civilizations.

As we search to find the truth behind the illusion, who created the human race, or biogenetic experiment, we look to those who came from the stars, ancient astronauts, creational gods, for our answers. All is theory, virtual reality, consciousness, and for the most part not provable, subject to the interpretation of the researcher or experiencer.

Most of us would love to find evidence of ancient astronauts, be visited by friendly aliens who could enlighten us to our true creational blueprint. Throughout the history of the human drama, we find all sorts of evidence that makes us think, believe, and quest for the greater truth. They are all just myths, legends, and theories…

Theories about Atlantis often link sightings of ancient astronauts to Atlantean space ships. This goes to the ancient gods called the Zep Tepi.

In China we find theories about an alien race called the Dropa who left behind fascinating discs.

The Popol Vuh, sacred to the Mayans, unequivocally states,

“Men came from the stars, knowing everything, and they examined the four corners of the sky and the Earth’s round surface.”

Brazilian UFO researcher Jean Alencar has noted that the mythology of this country is replete with descriptions and statuettes of beings endowed with the power of flight. The legends of Brazilian natives, like those of other countries, detail experiences of gods or travelers from the sky who descended to earth when humans were little more that animals to instruct them in the arts of agriculture, astronomy, medicine, and other disciplines.

Alencar points out one figure in particular, Bep-Kororoti, a space warrior worshipped by the tribes of the upper reaches of the Xing River. Not unlike the heroes of India’s Mahabarata, Bep-Kororoti possessed a flying vehicle capable of destroying anything in its path. His aspect terrified the primitive natives, until he stepped out of his “raiment” and revealed himself to be fair-skinned, handsome, and kind. He amused the natives with his “magic” until he grew restless for his land in the sky and returned there.

The Chilam Balaam, is even more explicit and states,

“Beings descended from the sky in flying vessels…white men in flying rings, who can touch the sky.”

There are indications that something very strange took place on our very own continent hundreds of thousands of years ago, before humans arrived on this continent (according to the canon of anthropology).

Santa Maria Canyon holds evidence pointing toward the existence of a culture of intelligent beings who raised cattle, built weapons, and practiced funeral rites — one million years ago. If we decide to stick with what academia has to say, in no way could these beings have been humans.

  • Were they survivors of a Race of Aliens?
  • This brings to mind theories of marooned spacemen, or colonists trying to tame a new planet?

During the Prehistory Conference held during 1962 in Rome, Dr. W. Matthes presented the oldest carvings known to exist, created by a forgotten artist two hundred thousand years ago, when humans had allegedly just discovered the use of fire.

Discovered by the 19th century French explorer Henri Lhote, these figures were so unusual he dubbed them Martians, explaining their contour is simple, unartistic, and with rounded heads; their only detail is the double oval at the figure’s center, which evokes the image we currently have of Martians.

Great Martian Gods c.6000 BC from Tassili Mountains

Sahara Desert

North Africa

Lhote’s round-headed denizens of the Red Planet were depicted by the primitive cave artists as wearing suits strongly reminiscent of those worn by our own astronauts on the Moon, down to the detail of the boots.

Several hundred such drawings exist, scattered over many miles of desert: strange helmeted and figures with antennae, often floating in weightlessness as if the artist had been able to witness one of our modern space walks. Other images are of a technological bent, showing what could be taken as solar panels, space stations, floating spheres containing humanoid figures.

Unwilling to be caught up in the ancient astronaut craze, anthropologists have suggested that the Tassili “roundheads” are merely ceremonial dancers or priests wearing empty gourds over their heads.

The problem with this rational approach is that the agricultural know-how and resources to grow pumpkins were nonexistent in North Africa at the time the Tassili drawings were created, and would probably not have been available for another thousand years.

Sego Canyon, Utah, c. 5,500 BC

Val Comonica, Italy, c. 10,000 BC

More Images


The examples of cave art found in the Spanish caverns of Ojo Guarea and Altamira, and the French ones at Lascaux and Font de Gaume, have proven that our distant ancestors were able to represent what they saw with a clarity and simplicity that is stunning to twentieth century eyes.

This skill extends to depictions of things that anthropologists and archaeologists often find troublesome: equally faithful representations of domed objects, some of them in threes, others with legs or antennae.

Ancient astronauts have been described as bi-pedal entities often with beaks or wings, or reptilian looking, gray aliens, ethereal, or humanoid coming and going in space craft of some kind or moving in and out of our dimension. Different theories or stories of creation cite these entities, not unlike gods from heaven who many believe seeded the human experiment and will return one day. The feeling of a god returning to Earth, a savior, if you will, who restores balance, is a metaphor in the journey of the human experiment in linear time and emotion. All virtual created by consciousness. All are theories.

The Ojo Guarea complex, weaving its way for miles into the earth, poses an undecipherable riddle. In his book En Busca de la Historia Perdida (In Search of Forgotten History), Spanish author and filmmaker Juan G. Atienza states that some of the cave systems many entrances are considered “evil,” and the local farmers will not till the soil near them nor even come close to them.

Contained precisely within one of these “evil” points of access is an ancient petroglyph of what could only be, astounding though it might seem, a representation of the helicoidal structure of DNA.

Bep Kororoti

from LeyendaryTimes Website

The Kayapo tribe in Brazil worship a being called Bep-Kororoti – “astronaut-like” god today symbolized by a straw man – and recite its messages – more proof of a living mythology that, to this day, relates information from a dark past.

This picture was taken in the Contact-Sideshow of the Mystery Park.

Photographer: Tatjana Ingold

The Story of Bep Kororoti

as Told by Indigenous Scholar Felicitas Barreto

by E. V. Daniken

from SpiritWheel Website

From a conversation with Felicitas Barreto, the celebrated Indigenous scholar, who has lived in the jungles with the Natives on the banks of the Rio Paru, lost to civilization, on the border of Brazil and French Guiana for 20 years,.. also author of “Danzas Indigenas Do Brasil”, “Native Dances Of Brazil” with descriptions of the ritual dances of various [Native] tribes.

Author E.V. Daniken: “Tell me, do the [Natives] still have any rites or ritual objects that point to any kind of connection with the universe?”

Felicitas Barreto: “Oh yes! There are the feathered men, [Natives] who cover themselves with feathers from head to foot, to make themselves look like birds who can rise into the cosmos so easily. And then there are the countless types of masks, which, if one likes, can all be interpreted along the lines of your theories. Many of the masks have branches with several forks springing from them like the antennae in your [photos of the Hopi and others’] cave drawings. Often the [Natives] completely disguise themselves in straw to make themselves resemble their [distant] ancestors.

Joao Americo Peret, one of our outstanding [Native] scholars, recently published some photographs of Kayapo [Natives] in ritual clothing that he took as long ago as 1952, long before Gagarin’s first space flight! If you look at those photographs, the first thing you think of is astronauts.

The Kayapos, not to be confused with the Kaiato, live in the south of the state of Para on the Rio Fresco.”

These photos, were taken in an Indian village on the Rio Fresco, south of Para. In view of this really astonishing masquerade I feel that it is important to re-emphasize that Peret took these photographs in 1952 at a time when the clothing and equipment of astronauts were still not familiar to all us Europeans, let alone these [Native] Indians!

Yuri Gagarin orbited the earth in his spaceship Vostok I for the first time on April 12, 1961, and only since that event have astronauts in their suits become as familiar a sight as mannequins in shop-windows. The Kayapos in their straw imitation spacesuits need no commentary apart from the remark that these “ritual garments” have been worn by the Indian men of this tribe on festive occasions since time immemorial, according to Peret. The Kayapo legend that Joao Americo Peret told needs no commentary either.

Peret heard it in the village of Gorotire on the banks of the Fresco from the Indian Kuben Kran Kein, the old counselor of the tribe, who bears the title of Gway Baba, the wise.

This is the legend which the sage related:

“Our people lived in a big savanna, far away from this region, from which one could see the mountain range of Pukato Ti, the summits of which were enveloped in a cloud of uncertainty and this uncertainty has not been cleared to this day. The sun, tired from its long daily walk, lay down on the green grass behind the brushwood and Mem Baba, the inventor of all things, covered the heaven with his cloak full of hanging stars. When a star falls down, Memi Keniti traverses heaven and takes it back to the right place. That is the task of Memi Keniti, the eternal guardian.

“One day, Bep Kororoti, who came from the Pukato Ti Mountains, arrived in the village for the first time. He was clad in a ‘bo’ (i.e. the straw suit in the pictures), which covered him from head to foot. He carried a ‘kop’, a thunder weapon, in his hand. Everyone in the village was terrified and fled into the bush. The men tried to protect the women and children, and some of them attempted to fight the intruder, but their weapons were too weak for they crumbled to dust every time they touched Bep Kororoti. The warrior who had come from the cosmos (or the future? – Red.) must have laughed at the weakness of those who fought against him. To demonstrate his strength he raised his ‘kop’, pointed it first at a tree and then at a stone, and destroyed them both. Everyone believed that in so doing Bep Kororoti wanted to show them that he had not come to wage war with them.

“Confusion reigned for a long time. The bravest warriors of the tribe tried to organize resistance, but in the end they could only succumb to the presence of Bep Kororoti, for he did no harm to them. His beauty, the radiant whiteness of his skin, his obvious affection and love gradually enchanted everyone. They felt safe with him and became friends.

“Bep Kororoti took pleasure in learning how to use our weapons and how to become a good hunter. He progressed so well he could handle our weapons better than the best men of the tribe and was braver than the bravest men in the village. It did not take long before Bep Kororoti was received into the tribe as a warrior and then a young maiden sought him as a husband and married him. They begot sons and a daughter, whom they called Nio Pouti.

“Bep Kororoti was more clever than anyone else so he began to instruct the others in unknown matters. He led the men in the construction of a Ng Obi, the men’s house that all our villages have today. In it the men told the youngsters about their adventures and so they learnt how to behave when in danger and how to think. In truth the house was a school and Bep Kororoti was the teacher.

“In the Ng Obi handicrafts were developed and our weapons were improved and there was nothing that we do not owe to the great warrior from the universe. It was he who founded the ‘big chamber’ in which we discussed the trials and needs of our tribe, and thus a better organization came into being that made life and work easier for everybody.

“Often the young men resisted and did not go to the Ng Obi. Then Bep Kororoti put on his ‘bo’ and sought the young men; once he had done this they could no longer resist and came quickly back to the Ng Obi because only there were they safe.

“If hunting was difficult, Bep Kororoti fetched up his ‘kop’ and killed the animals without damaging them. The hunter was always allowed to take the best piece of prey for himself, but Bep Kororoti, who did not eat the village food, only took what was essential to feed his family. His friends did not approve of this, but he did not change his attitude.

“His behavior did change with the years. He no longer went out with the others. He wanted to stay in his hut. But when he did leave his hut he always went up into the mountains of Pukato Ti from which he had come. One day he followed the will of his spirit, for he could no longer master it. He left the village. He assembled his family and only Nio Pouti was not present, for she was away, and his departure followed rapidly. The days passed and Bep Kororoti was not to be found. But suddenly he reappeared in the village square, and uttered a terrifying war cry. Everyone thought he had gone mad and they all tried to calm him down. But when the men tried to approach him, a terrible battle took place. Bep Kororoti did not use his weapons, but his body trembled and anyone who touched him fell to the ground dead. The warriors died in swarms.

“The battle lasted for days, then the fallen groups of warriors could stand up again and continued to try to subdue Bep Kororoti. They pursued him almost to the crest of the mountains. Then something happened that left everyone speechless. Bep Kororoti walked backwards to the far edge of the Pukato Ti. With his ‘kop’ he destroyed everything that was near to him. By the time he had reached the very top of the mountain range, trees and bushes had turned to dust. Suddenly there was a tremendous crash that shook the whole region and Bep Kororoti vanished into the air, surrounded by fiery clouds, smoke and thunder. By this earthshaking event the roots of the bushes were torn from the ground and the wild fruits destroyed. Game disappeared so that the tribe began to suffer from hunger.

“Nio Pouti, who had married a warrior and bore a son, and was as we know a daughter of the heavenly Bep Kororoti, told her husband that she knew where food for the whole tribe could be found, but firs they would have to follow her into the mountains of Pukato Ti. Urged on by Nio Pouti her husband plucked up courage and followed her into the region of Pukato Ti. There she looked for a “special tree” in the district of Mem Baba Kent Kre and sat on its branches with her son in her lap. Then she told her husband to bend the branches of the tree down till their tips touched the ground. At the moment that this contact took place, there was a big explosion and Nio Pouti disappeared amid clouds, smoke, dust, thunder and lightning.

“Her husband waited for a few days. He had lost his courage and was almost dying of hunger when he heard a crash and saw the “tree” standing in its old place again. His surprise was great, his wife was there again and with her Bep Kororoti and they brought with them big baskets full of food ‘such as he did not know and had never seen’. After a time the heavenly man sat in the “tree” again and ordered him to bend the boughs down to the earth. Upon contact, there was an explosion and the “tree” disappeared into the air again.

“Nio Pouti returned to the village with her husband and made known an order of Bep Kororoti’s. Everyone must leave immediately and erect their villages in front of Baba Kent Kre where they would get their food. Nio Pouti also said that they had to keep the seeds of fruit and vegetables and bushes until the rainy season so that they could put them in the earth again and reap new harvests.

“That is how agriculture started. Our people moved to Pukato Ti and lived there in peace; the huts of our villages grew more numerous and they could be seen stretching from the mountains right up to the horizon…”

I had this Kayapo legend, which was told me by the Indian scholar Joao Americo Peret, translated literally from the Portuguese.

Equally old as the legend is the straw spacesuit which the Indians wear in memory of the appearance of Bep Kororoti.

Sacred Sites – Magical Realities‏

9 02 2010

by Michelle and TLW team
Jan. 31, 2010

The Full Moon in Leo (30 Jan 2010) was marked as the activation date of the dimensional portals into the realms of the higher dimensions of nature, opening the passageway between the worlds of what we believe is reality and the worlds in which the magnificent “mythical creatures” exist. According to Mary Magdalene, these creatures play a vital role in us better understanding the power that lies within resurrecting our connections to these amazing beings. The time has come for the re-connections to be made with these beings who are returning so as to fulfill their call to service by serving with and through their human counterparts.

During Atlantis these beings lived amongst us, clearly visible to our naked eye and played key roles in moving and merging the energies between worlds. They were also responsible for guarding and holding the energies for most of the sites on our planet we know today as Sacred Sites. These Sites embody very powerful energies, energies that are able to penetrate the densest of vibrations and tear through the shackles that bind human souls to karma and suffering, and transform the energy fields of people physically visiting these sites. The newly transformed energy fields are recalibrated to vibrate in perfect unison with the Sacred Sites’ signature, resulting in the person becoming a light beacon emitting the code embodied within the Site’s energy field and simultaneously breaking free of the wheel of karma and meeting their true destiny.

These people are initially “awoken” by a deep inner need to travel to a specific site, this is often referred to as “a call to service.” When this happens one is  inspired to move heaven and earth to either visit the site, or move home to live close to such a site. The call has been sent out to all who are destined by soul contract to reconnect with the “mythical creatures” of the other worlds, and help them return to the humans visible world so as to shatter the matrices of illusion regarding their existence. Their return to the physical world marks the final turning point in merging the worlds in preparation for what is to become our New Earth post 2012.

Although this will take time within our current linear reality, the effects of the presence of their energies will be felt more strongly resulting in further stripping away the veils between our worlds. Once their energies are reconnected through their physical human counterparts and grounded within this time-line, the overlapping of worlds will be secured. This enables the “Beings of the Light Worlds” to reveal their presence and over ride the devices blocking our vision which enables us to see beyond the physical.

According to Mary Magdalene the latest release of the movie “Avatar” has been a magnificent gem of awakening for the collective. Every person who sees this movie experiences a very deep inner remembrance of the power of being at one with all the worlds of nature and the nature of love. I unfortunately have not as yet had the opportunity to watch this movie, and believe me I have tried to see it four times now and every time I have been blocked. Therefore, I trust that those of you who have seen it know what she means by that.

Last night, 30 Jan 2010, Mary Magdalene channelled the Opening Message for my upcoming tour to Egypt in March. In this channelling she speaks at length about these creatures and the power and purpose of Sacred Sites, and the energies supporting the return of the Winged Dragons. The awakening of their Dragon Riders has been activated, which she says is cause for great celebration. She also mentions how the effects of the latest HAARP experiment has resulted in urgent action needing to be taken to counteract the energetic effects of this pulse’s impact on our energies. Unfortunately irreversible damage has been caused to our Earth’s atmosphere, which has now permanently altered our weather patterns.

We need the help of these “Mythical Beings” in order to dilute the negative effects of energy abuse and experimentation taking place such as the major governments around our world ignorantly, or wickedly play with. Once these beings return the collective need for truth will overpower the controlling matrices put in place to deliberately disempower us, resulting in these controlling forces i.e. governments and ruling parties being exposed as the diabolical, conscienceless, money and power hungry vagabonds they are. Once the blinkers fall from our eyes, and the scale tips in the favour of the light, all “hell” will break loose. It has to in order for heaven to re-root and reboot it’s blue print within the collective cell body, and this is how we will eventually get to see the real truth in all it’s glory.

I know that sounds rather harsh, but if “hell” is not exposed we will never truly be able to penetrate the densities of our own consciousness and break free from the hold of the old world. All must evolve now, and often this requires a process of destruction prior to an almighty resurrection. This particular Egypt tour marks the moment in Earth’s Spiritual History where the Turning of the Tide and re-integration of the Cosmic Laws are initiated on all levels influencing humanity’s consciousness individually and collectively. Therefore, Spirit is beckoning to all of us to make these journeys, which are in fact Sacred Pilgrimages, to the Sacred Sites currently being focused upon. This also involves the process of activating the dormant sites. As each dormant site is reactivated a magnificent tapestry of new geometric light is reflected out into the ethers enabling new dimensional portals to open.

The people destined to physically work with these Sites become a part of these portals resulting in one of their chakras, and in some cases all their chakras, serving as the doorways for others to feel the call and pull to freedom and living authentically.

This is also a call to children and young adults to join us on this adventure. Some of the Riders are currently younger people, who are “chosen Ones” because they hold the solutions to many of the current problems overwhelming and debilitating humanity. The future of our world lies in their hands and they are being prepared for their future roles, therefore it is imperative they awaken and begin “training” now and gain a proper and detailed understanding of what the Pathway of the Authentic One’s is, and what it demands of one.

This process will reawaken their personal power and help them rise above the dysfunction of the old world whilst they interact with it, and weave their magic without falling prey to the illusions of the old ways. These Riders have formidable resources within their intellect, mind and imagination which is desperately needed in order to manifest creative solutions to problems, but they need guidance, support, healing and mentoring in order to truly embrace and own the full power of their light and gifts. One of the most important elements these Riders have to integrate in order to maintain the increase of their power and break valuable new ground is being Light of Heart, in other words they need to know how to play, laugh and love, and understand it so as to fully own it. This is in fact a lesson for all  to master, part of the theme for people traveling to Egypt with me, resulting in a playful light-heartedness being found and beginning to think magically and attain mastery of magical consciousness.

If you feel you are called to serve as described above then please click here to view my itinerary. If you would like to be notified of when last night’s Egypt Opening Message channelling will be available to download then please click here.

I am extremely excited about all the new work my “Team Upstairs” are preparing for all of us and I can hardly wait to share these extraordinary Soul Adventures to the Sacred Sites with you. I’m holding the intention that as many of you as possible can join me on these mind blowing life altering journeys into our new world of self.

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