Sacred Sites – Magical Realities‏

9 02 2010

by Michelle and TLW team
Jan. 31, 2010

The Full Moon in Leo (30 Jan 2010) was marked as the activation date of the dimensional portals into the realms of the higher dimensions of nature, opening the passageway between the worlds of what we believe is reality and the worlds in which the magnificent “mythical creatures” exist. According to Mary Magdalene, these creatures play a vital role in us better understanding the power that lies within resurrecting our connections to these amazing beings. The time has come for the re-connections to be made with these beings who are returning so as to fulfill their call to service by serving with and through their human counterparts.

During Atlantis these beings lived amongst us, clearly visible to our naked eye and played key roles in moving and merging the energies between worlds. They were also responsible for guarding and holding the energies for most of the sites on our planet we know today as Sacred Sites. These Sites embody very powerful energies, energies that are able to penetrate the densest of vibrations and tear through the shackles that bind human souls to karma and suffering, and transform the energy fields of people physically visiting these sites. The newly transformed energy fields are recalibrated to vibrate in perfect unison with the Sacred Sites’ signature, resulting in the person becoming a light beacon emitting the code embodied within the Site’s energy field and simultaneously breaking free of the wheel of karma and meeting their true destiny.

These people are initially “awoken” by a deep inner need to travel to a specific site, this is often referred to as “a call to service.” When this happens one is  inspired to move heaven and earth to either visit the site, or move home to live close to such a site. The call has been sent out to all who are destined by soul contract to reconnect with the “mythical creatures” of the other worlds, and help them return to the humans visible world so as to shatter the matrices of illusion regarding their existence. Their return to the physical world marks the final turning point in merging the worlds in preparation for what is to become our New Earth post 2012.

Although this will take time within our current linear reality, the effects of the presence of their energies will be felt more strongly resulting in further stripping away the veils between our worlds. Once their energies are reconnected through their physical human counterparts and grounded within this time-line, the overlapping of worlds will be secured. This enables the “Beings of the Light Worlds” to reveal their presence and over ride the devices blocking our vision which enables us to see beyond the physical.

According to Mary Magdalene the latest release of the movie “Avatar” has been a magnificent gem of awakening for the collective. Every person who sees this movie experiences a very deep inner remembrance of the power of being at one with all the worlds of nature and the nature of love. I unfortunately have not as yet had the opportunity to watch this movie, and believe me I have tried to see it four times now and every time I have been blocked. Therefore, I trust that those of you who have seen it know what she means by that.

Last night, 30 Jan 2010, Mary Magdalene channelled the Opening Message for my upcoming tour to Egypt in March. In this channelling she speaks at length about these creatures and the power and purpose of Sacred Sites, and the energies supporting the return of the Winged Dragons. The awakening of their Dragon Riders has been activated, which she says is cause for great celebration. She also mentions how the effects of the latest HAARP experiment has resulted in urgent action needing to be taken to counteract the energetic effects of this pulse’s impact on our energies. Unfortunately irreversible damage has been caused to our Earth’s atmosphere, which has now permanently altered our weather patterns.

We need the help of these “Mythical Beings” in order to dilute the negative effects of energy abuse and experimentation taking place such as the major governments around our world ignorantly, or wickedly play with. Once these beings return the collective need for truth will overpower the controlling matrices put in place to deliberately disempower us, resulting in these controlling forces i.e. governments and ruling parties being exposed as the diabolical, conscienceless, money and power hungry vagabonds they are. Once the blinkers fall from our eyes, and the scale tips in the favour of the light, all “hell” will break loose. It has to in order for heaven to re-root and reboot it’s blue print within the collective cell body, and this is how we will eventually get to see the real truth in all it’s glory.

I know that sounds rather harsh, but if “hell” is not exposed we will never truly be able to penetrate the densities of our own consciousness and break free from the hold of the old world. All must evolve now, and often this requires a process of destruction prior to an almighty resurrection. This particular Egypt tour marks the moment in Earth’s Spiritual History where the Turning of the Tide and re-integration of the Cosmic Laws are initiated on all levels influencing humanity’s consciousness individually and collectively. Therefore, Spirit is beckoning to all of us to make these journeys, which are in fact Sacred Pilgrimages, to the Sacred Sites currently being focused upon. This also involves the process of activating the dormant sites. As each dormant site is reactivated a magnificent tapestry of new geometric light is reflected out into the ethers enabling new dimensional portals to open.

The people destined to physically work with these Sites become a part of these portals resulting in one of their chakras, and in some cases all their chakras, serving as the doorways for others to feel the call and pull to freedom and living authentically.

This is also a call to children and young adults to join us on this adventure. Some of the Riders are currently younger people, who are “chosen Ones” because they hold the solutions to many of the current problems overwhelming and debilitating humanity. The future of our world lies in their hands and they are being prepared for their future roles, therefore it is imperative they awaken and begin “training” now and gain a proper and detailed understanding of what the Pathway of the Authentic One’s is, and what it demands of one.

This process will reawaken their personal power and help them rise above the dysfunction of the old world whilst they interact with it, and weave their magic without falling prey to the illusions of the old ways. These Riders have formidable resources within their intellect, mind and imagination which is desperately needed in order to manifest creative solutions to problems, but they need guidance, support, healing and mentoring in order to truly embrace and own the full power of their light and gifts. One of the most important elements these Riders have to integrate in order to maintain the increase of their power and break valuable new ground is being Light of Heart, in other words they need to know how to play, laugh and love, and understand it so as to fully own it. This is in fact a lesson for all  to master, part of the theme for people traveling to Egypt with me, resulting in a playful light-heartedness being found and beginning to think magically and attain mastery of magical consciousness.

If you feel you are called to serve as described above then please click here to view my itinerary. If you would like to be notified of when last night’s Egypt Opening Message channelling will be available to download then please click here.

I am extremely excited about all the new work my “Team Upstairs” are preparing for all of us and I can hardly wait to share these extraordinary Soul Adventures to the Sacred Sites with you. I’m holding the intention that as many of you as possible can join me on these mind blowing life altering journeys into our new world of self.




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