GAIA’s Frequency Pulse Quickens, etc.

9 03 2010
Gaia.jpg image by kind_vapour


Recent electromagnetic impulsing producing dramatic electrical field fluctuation has again contributed to a dramatic increase in the overall planetary light quotient. The great news is that the crystalline field has been substantially recalibrated and is now more accessible than ever before, allowing for new portals of dimensional access.

With change in Earth’s spin and resonant base frequency, our entire cellular patterning including brain rhythms are oscillating much differently to match Gaia’s newly raised harmonic. We have  new levels of cognition which allows for our greater potentials to rapidly manifest. Seemingly in an instant, we are observing our telepathy and precognitive ability. There is less need to reason as a sense of knowing has softened our spaces. Healing facilitation is more remarkable by the day. Synchronicity is the flow and thought manifestation is immediate.

Lightworkers are more unified and operating from a more evenly balanced vibrational scale. We are bringing in the same messaging… feeling, sensing and communing more from the inner planes. Soon, words will become obsolete. We know who we are and what we are here to do. All roles intertwine as one.

With the timelines merging and the singularity of consciousness in closer intimacy, we are experiencing an instantaneous outplay of cause and effect. In our transitioning state from the dual lens, it seems that the brighter it gets, the darker it gets. The darker it gets, the faster we are catapulted into the light. There has been a reorganization of “time” as we have known it and all that is masked is being exposed. The false gurus of life are dissolving in the blink of an eye.

We are being bathed in GAIA’s Grace.
Impressive Chile Earthquake Response
There is no doubt that even greater devastation was contained by cooperation between GAIA and the Illumined Ones. The level of unity amongst Children of the Sun and many light networks was astounding. It was a fast paced domino effect in our quick utilization of resources to sound the calls for action to calm and stabilize the reverberating waves.Perfection and divine synchronicity were once again with us and our grid focus, “Redefining the Darkness” just as this major unraveling occurred. We were already activating this unified grid focus and radiating compassionate love to the energy behind causation. Together, with a tremendous amount of divine intervention, we made an immense difference with our light transmissions. Thank you everyone!

Sharing from a few of our COS Grid Transmitters:

I saw huge columns of blue light descending from the Crystalline Grid into the Pacific resonating to GAIA’s vibration slowing down the vibration of the waves.

– Diane Lee from Florida

An opening of a stargate to anchor cosmic rays was the gift of the light activity surrounding the Big Island…such an intense outpouring of Divine Love was so miraculous.

– Julia King from Canada and while in Hawaii

We also helped the ships of our star family with stabilizing the plates and absorbing the intensity of the waves…shields of crystalline light were quickly set up around the Pacific.

– Sankara from the Philippines

Developing Earth Change “ESP”
(Extra Sense Perception)

For those lightworkers whose role is to assist in stabilizing energy in certain geo-regions experiencing change and crisis, we are quickly learning how to develop and understand our expanding intuitive and precognitive sensing in this regard. The more unified we are, the stronger this will get.

As the acceleration of Earth change continues, we are developing keen awareness of the subtle shifts of energy in and around us, on both the inner and outer planes. From this, we can better intuit the impending outplay and then quickly weave our light essence through the cause and effect PRIOR TO the unfolding event. This will assist to potentially stabilize and soften the impact, or, alleviate the occurrence in its entirety. All is in accordance to the highest divine outplay and good of all. We respond to the call to assist, and as we are guided.

With Chile, many people shared a wide array of situations that gave direct clues that something was about to occur. For example, there were reports of battery drainage or odd electrical snafus one day prior. There were many testimonies of a low grade magnetic wave passing through, similar to what was experienced with Haiti. Others felt extreme pressure and a bearing down feeling upon the body, loss of equilibrium, dreams and mental flashes, headaches, bone pain, seasickness and irritability, to name a few.

Some of us felt unusual fatigue or remember being on a ship and working from that vantage. If you are feeling tired, then “sleep” could be your call to action. Your whole self may be needed on other dimensional levels.

The telepathic channels between us and our higher guidance system are being quickly developed and fine tuned, to be used more and more. This is an essential ability especially if the electrical grid goes down or our ability to communicate through regular means is compromised. Telepathy requires pristine mind and heart clarity and an ability to listen from the inside. Emotional neutrality and the ability to respond at a moment’s notice are the other major factors that the Masters are looking for when calling us into service as a channel for light transmission.

Mastering our Personal Energy Field…

We are learning to efficiently manage our personal energy field and entire hologram so that the frequencies of higher dimensional light/energy/consciousness can be more easily and quickly assimilated. Protection is no longer a personal issue as we become Masters of our own holographic field of energy. This is a very important key for those in service.

Help Shift Human Consciousness – Join the Planetary Grid Transmissions

The planetary Crystalline Grid also referred to as GAIA’s Aura, is a higher dimensional system of communication and energy transfer.  Our unification on this new consciousness matrix allows us to continuously receive and exchange information in absolute knowing while assisting to build and bridge a new consciousness matrix.




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