The Glass of Water

1 04 2010

by “Light”
The Meditation Center

I recently came across a story that I thought you may find interesting:

A lecturer, while discussing stress management, raised a glass of water and asked the audience, ‘How heavy is this glass of water?’   Answers ranged from 8 to 20 ounces.

The lecturer replied, “The absolute weight is not as important as the length of time you hold the glass.

“If you hold it for a minute, it’s easy.  But if you hold it for an hour, you’ll most likely have an ache in your arm.

“Now, if you hold it for a day, you’ll probably require medical attention.

“In each case the glass of water is the same weight, but the longer you hold it, the more taxing it is on your body.

“And that’s the effect stress has on us. If we carry all of our burdens all the time, with no rest – then sooner or later, as the burdens become increasingly heavier, our ability to function will get compromised.

“As with the glass of water,” he continued, “we have to put it down for a while and rest.  Rest has always been the basis for relieving stress, achieving balance, and accessing our full potential.”

~ Light

Light has taught hundreds of people to meditate since becoming a Vedic Meditation instructor in 2007.   He regularly writes and vlogs about how to be happy and live stress-free in today’s modern world, and he is also dedicated to traveling and teaching Beginner Meditation Courses throughout the United States. Light is based in Venice, CA.

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