Quantum (Physics) of The Holographic Universe & The Primacy of Consciousness

31 05 2010

Quantum (Physics) & The Holographic Universe
by Universal-x-knowledge blogger
Posted by KinKadeJin (YouTube)

In addition to its phantom like nature, such a universe would possess other rather startling features. If the apparent separateness of subatomic particles is illusory, it means that at a deeper level of reality all things in the universe are infinitely interconnected. The electrons in a carbon atom in the human brain are connected to the subatomic particles that comprise every salmon that swims, every heart that beats, and every star that shimmers in the sky. Everything interpenetrates everything, and although human nature may seek to categorize and pigeonhole and subdivide, the various phenomena of the universe, all apportionments are of necessity artificial and all of nature is ultimately a seamless web.

In a holographic universe, even time and space could no longer be viewed as fundamentals. Because concepts such as location break down in a universe in which nothing is truly separate from anything else, time and three-dimensional space, like the images of the fish on the TV monitors, would also have to be viewed as projections of this deeper order. At its deeper level reality is a sort of super hologram in which the past, present, and future all exist simultaneously. This suggests that given the proper tools it might even be possible to someday reach into the super holographic level of reality and pluck out scenes from the long-forgotten past.

What else the super hologram contains is an open-ended question. Allowing, for the sake of argument, that the super hologram is the matrix that has given birth to everything in our universe, at the very least it contains every subatomic particle that has been or will be — every configuration of matter and energy that is possible, from snowflakes to quasars, from blue whales to gamma rays. It must be seen as a sort of cosmic storehouse of “All That Is.”

Although Bohm concedes that we have no way of knowing what else might lie hidden in the super hologram, he does venture to say that we have no reason to assume it does not contain more. Or as he puts it, perhaps the super holographic level of reality is a “mere stage” beyond which lies “an infinity of further development”. Bohm is not the only researcher who has found evidence that the universe is a hologram. Working independently in the field of brain research, Standford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram has also become persuaded of the holographic nature of reality.

The Primacy of Consciousness (Peter Russell), full video
“…a beautiful presentation by Peter Russell illustrating that the fundamental nature of reality is consciousness.”

for more please visit http://www.peterrussell.com


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Astrology (Audio) by Eric Francis: Oil Spill Disaster

28 05 2010

Special note: Eric Francis’ analysis about this disaster’s consequences are effectively raising the “negative vibration of the planet” (not surprisingly).  However, now, more than ever, is the time to focus our vibration on the heart chakra to counter this negativity.  If you are interested in the audio or the text below, you may subscribe to Eric Francis at the Planet Waves Homepage


Audio Link: http://www.planetwaves.fm/2010-05-27_daily_astrology/
by Eric Francis
Planet Waves Homepage

June 2010: Wave Pulse of Awareness

I trust that by now you’re aware of a 14-year conjunction that occurs on June 8, and that I’m proposing this as the inauguration of the 2012 era. Jupiter and Uranus enter Aries (Uranus, this week!, within moments of the Sagittarius Full Moon), and this turns on the Aries Point at full strength: the meeting place of the individual and the collective dimensions of existence. We’re accustomed to events that happen in aspect to the Aries point; this month Jupiter and Uranus will be conjunct exactly on the Aries Point. It is true that many aspects are working together to create the full effect of this threshold, particularly a gathering of planets in early Aries, Libra and Capricorn. We have grown accustomed to thinking of this as something in the distant future.

Planet Waves
French astrophotographer Thierry Legault captured a view of shuttle Atlantis and the International Space Station crossing the face of the Sun (called a transit of the Sun) on May 16, 2010 about 50 minutes before the shuttle docked with the ISS. Legault took the image from Madrid, Spain at 13:28:55 UT.

I propose that if we want to understand the meaning of 2012 — and I believe it has a distinct message for us — we need look no further than our present moment: with its blended sense of potential, fruition and catastrophic quality. Yet the potential is not necessarily showing up as some major transformation liberating you from everything that holds you back (as happens in the spiritual fantasies of many), nor does the disaster seem to involve the Grand Canyon turning upside down, oceans flooding the continents and the magnetic poles shifting overnight.

You could call that kind of thought mystical porno. Potential is subtler than that; geology tends to be incremental. Yet if you were to play the past 10 years in time lapse, be they events of your life or of world events, you would be amazed. And you just might wonder why you didn’t take so many other opportunities when you had them. You might wonder what it was that was influencing you to be so cautious, to hold to the past or to stick to what is familiar.

The wave pulse of the astrology, combined with the events that play out in the planetary drama, is quite strong right now, and it’s natural to be feeling like you want to be doing something else, free of your routine, your mental patterns, or the limits of your relationships. Now is the moment to ask yourself exactly what that means and how it would feel to have that happen. Not so much how you would do it, but rather the feeling tone of the success you want.

You might question the value of making a move when you feel like you’re under pressure, or extremely restless, even if you’ve had the same message over and over. I would ask: when else would you take real steps toward what you want?

One question that the (supposedly) newly awakening may be asking is: why does it have to be that just as I begin paying attention to what is possible in my life, so much seems to be going wrong in the world? Well, it’s not just now. Plenty has been going wrong throughout the course of industrialism; we tend to pay attention either to what is directly under our noses, or what our awareness level allows in. The truth is we’ve been through many events that should have ‘woken us all up’, and as a culture, as a group entity, we tend to let them go by without making any real changes.

Planet Waves
Azure coast, Miami. Photo by Eric Francis.

That said, we live in a point of no return, whether we recognize it or not. It’s a dangerous spot we’re in, as is any true evolutionary moment, and that is precisely what we have: a moment when concentrated evolution is possible. The misconception to get over is that this is something that happens to us rather than something that comes from us. Life is not a movie. There is no writer, except for you; no director, save for yourself. And at the same time we are each creating with the choice to be in harmony or out of harmony with energy movements that surround us.

A significant piece of the danger involves noticing what we’ve lived in denial of for so long: such as relationships that don’t meet our needs, unprocessed anger at our families, and so many ways of life that deny our true personhood. And we might not have thought about our brilliantly enlightened moment as the day when we finally get into a therapist’s office and start talking about this stuff, so we can finally stop having it run our lives and our relationships — or the day we write the first few notes of music, or the first few words of a short story, or visit someplace we’ve needed to go for a long time.

In a recent edition of Planet Waves Astrology News, I described our current astrology as a moment of self-actualization, the opportunity to be aware of the moment we are in, and rise to the occasion. Here is that article, in case you want to read (or reread) it.

Self-actualization is another term for what we now call ‘spiritual growth’ or ‘personal development’. Something tangible is implied in the idea, which is authenticity: the key concept is actual, which means real. It would be an understatement to call this a get-real moment. In the horoscopes that follow, I’ve done my best to explain how this looks, for the 12 signs of the zodiac. I plan to have an extended audio edition of the June planets available by the first. This will include an introduction and then shorter pieces that cover each of the 12 signs, available as one work, so that your Sun, Moon and ascendant (and those of your friends) are all included. Please watch for that announcement.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

Aries (March 20-April 19)

Do we ever really reinvent ourselves? Sometimes we do. Often we do not. As much as we strive to turn over new leaves, write new chapters, get a spiritual makeover, make a new effort at self-improvement, change our image, color our hair, strike off in a new direction, stop letting the family define our reality, we do very nearly everything in our power to resist real change. We have many tools for this, and most of them are relationships. Then one day it happens. Despite everything, we suddenly find ourselves rapidly becoming someone else, doing something different, living another life. It may be wildly different than anything we thought possible, or thought of at all. These are the changes that emerge from the inside and then somehow take us to other places on the planet, or make us thirst for new knowledge, or crave freedom from everything we knew in the past. And that is the moment you are in. You’ve had plenty of time to consider your potential, and by now you know what you want: to be at peace, all you need to do is admit your truth to yourself, and then let go into the flow. There will be time later to reflect on what you’ve done, to revise your ideas and to try a new approach: but this first go is the most meaningful one. It’s the moment when you say yes to yourself: a moment of faith and adventure.

Aries Birthday Audio by Eric Francis is available. Check this link for more information.
Taurus (April 19- May 20)

I’m sure you’ve had one of those dreams where you discover you have a new wing in your house, or that a closet leads to a whole other building. These dreams seem to have one thing in common, which is how normal the discovery is, like the thing was always there, and how could you have missed it? That is the approximate feeling of your astrology this month: an inner dimension opening and welcoming you in, but one that was always there. You may be inclined to respond as if this is ‘not really happening’. You may doubt: how do you know if this discovery is really you, or the product of your imagination? (Clue, it is both at the same time.) You don’t have to ask questions. If you want to do something practical, step across the inner threshold and see for yourself. The feeling is the calling of any potential, talent or dream that has opened up for you lately. The inner space that’s opening up has different rules. You can, for example, say yes to yourself. You don’t have to define your reality with fear, or honor the limits that fear previously set. In fact you don’t need to believe anything that you previously believed, and furthermore, you can define who you are as a mystery rather than something, or someone, who you’re supposed to be able to predict. If you can get past how nervous this might make you, you’ll have a lot of fun.

Taurus Birthday Audio by Eric Francis is available. Check this link for more information.
Gemini (May 20- June 21)

You’re in a unique position of leadership, and I mean unique in the true sense of the word: for you, this is once in a lifetime, and truly original in expression. How you interpret that notion will depend on how you feel about yourself. One way to go would be to take charge in your own life — the only true leadership there is. The other option is to keep dreaming, to keep wishing, and wonder what mysterious force will deliver you to your destiny. It’s unlikely, though, that you will be able to take a passive role. You’re at a rare turning point that relates directly to your life calling, your sense of mission and this elusive issue of acknowledging your power. You may feel that you’ve waited too long to do this; you may feel the demand for authenticity and mandatory integrity has come upon you too soon. This seeming paradox is one of the effects of Chiron in Pisces, your 10th solar house. Yet if you look at the equation in a balanced way, and consider what you’re experiencing, you will see that you’re being given information (not an answer, more like a question that is focused enough to get an answer) that helps you resolve a deeper issue: the older one of having only a vague sense of purpose. What you are experiencing now is, very specifically, a sense of purpose that is trying to get your attention. You are being called. It is your option to answer.

Cancer (June 21- July 22)

How many people get to do exactly what they want, or what they know they came here to do? What stops some and what facilitates others? Looking around, why does it seem that some humans — right in the same culture — get to write science fiction floating around on a wooden sailboat, while others have to collect trash? And since you’re somewhere in the middle, what determines where on the continuum you get to be? We could look at all kinds of worldly advantages: the trust fund, buying a load of Microsoft stock in 1986, knowing the right person. We could credit shrewdness. We could say that one’s karma allows or disallows certain potentials (and more of us believe this than care to admit we do). Your charts suggest that the approach to life that will get you where you want to go is envisioning what you want without giving credence to any idea that it’s not possible. For some it is challenging to envision the existence of their dreams — there seem to be so many quirky facts, mediocre people and global disasters in the way. If you have been trying to envision your dreams for a day or for 50 years, you have arrived at the breakthrough point. It’s not merely that nothing is impossible, it is that anything is possible, so therefore, choose from the depth of your passion. Clue: it’s an easy feeling.

Leo (July 22- Aug. 23)

It’s time to stretch every horizon. The first one to expand includes your vision of what is possible, of who you are and of what you can achieve. I’m aware how challenging it is to do this even if you’re ‘good’ at it, though you do have help. What you’re really changing is your idea of who you are, as if some ‘higher self’ version of you contained on another level is flooding into your personality, displacing your ego and offering you the sensation of your most enlightened self. While you’re stretching horizons, don’t forget the boundaries of place that so often seem to hold you back. You’re someone who can make anyplace interesting, though now unusual locales are calling you, as are friends from other parts of the world — some of whom you may not know today. And while you’re stretching, take the next few weeks and lean into some expanded ideas of what is possible. The truth is: you can do anything, particularly using this moment as your fulcrum. How do you get there? In a word, faith. Faith is not something you need a lot of. All you need is a little. What some spiritual traditions call the ‘greater faith’ reaches back to you, responding to your call; the greater light joins your small light. You initiate the process, with your commitment to dare, to see, to embrace your life. That is the invitation for divine providence to make the next move.

Virgo (Aug. 23- Sep. 22)

Relationships either help set us free to be who we are, or they limit who we are. This is the choice we have. Generally, every relationship is an agreement to live one way or the other, until we remember that we only have one relationship: self to other. The decision you’re now making involves reaching from your core and seeing the continuity of every encounter that you have: longterm, short-term, ‘sexual’, ‘platonic’, committed, casual, or whatever. At the core of that continuity is your understanding that relationship is an agreement to be free or to be a slave; to give yourself, or to be taken; to exchange, or to take advantage of. Our society is not as clueless about this as it was, say, even 50 years ago. Yet the marriage contract, society’s model of relationship, has not fundamentally changed in that time, and there are many movements to make it more restrictive, not less. You, however, can no longer be defined, or limited, by these kinds of unquestioned, prefab contracts. Your Self must have the freedom to explore, to expand, and to individuate in every encounter. It is true that you have chosen relationships as your own primary method of getting to know yourself, so withdrawing is not an option — and given the incredible potential of your human encounters, there seems little point in that. Indeed, current aspects are likely to represent the actual moment when you’re drawn out of your shell, into experiencing the true potential of love.

Planet Waves
Libra (Sep. 22 - Oct. 23)

Your charts this month leave me wondering how much change and innovation one human being is capable of embracing. In astrology it’s a good idea to understate the case, so I will put it this way. You have lived with one order of reality, or known construct of reality, for a while. That includes an idea of who you are, a life pattern and most of all, a relationship pattern. On several different accounts, you appear to be in a process of a top-to-bottom revision of all of these things. Don’t worry, it’s going to last for a while and you don’t need to make all your adjustments at once. Yet the current moment has a particular rarity, which is that if you keep your mind’s eye open, you will be the beneficiary of a vision for how good things can be in the future. One property of this process is that the more change you’re willing to abide, the more potential you can activate. For a while, you have the ability or potential to resist, though Saturn’s imminent journey through your sign suggests that you are at a maturity point that will enable you to handle some significant progress. You will do yourself an enormous favor by thinking of your experience as something that emerges from inside of you rather than as something in your environment — this, even as your environment starts to vibrate and light up and morph into something new before your eyes.

Scorpio (Oct. 23- Nov. 22)

You have often let your work define you. The time has arrived for you to define yourself and your work. Depending on who you are this will be one of the most creative phases of your life, or a phase where you feel so confined that you begin a revolution, so that you can do more of what you want. I would remind you that we live in a society that alternately signals us with ‘do what you love and you will prosper’ and, to the contrary, ‘why do you think they call it work?’ Even those who find themselves highly successful in a chosen field can find themselves confined by their schedule, their creative demands and by a routine. In recent years, something else has taken over, which is your willingness to take risks, and to enrich yourself creatively. Some of the experiments have worked, some have not, but one thing is clear: you are determined to express yourself. This, in turn, translates into determination to be free within your environment. It also translates to something deeper, which is standing uncompromisingly in your truth, and taking action only from there. You can do this; I propose that you’ll discover that the barriers and reasons you felt you could not do this were a kind of mirage. These, in turn, will reveal the deeper material that you can work out through your process of self-creation, which is creative process, which is your personal form of art: yours and yours alone.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 22)

You know that the risks you take don’t just involve you. They involve everyone in your world, because so many people depend on you — and you like it that way. Yet what if one day you woke up and you didn’t have to worry about all of them; what if your only necessity was to consider your own options? This would remove the source of nearly all of your fears, and open up a wide horizon of possibilities that seemed impossible before. I suggest you work with this for a while. It may be one of the biggest risks you can take, and you will likely find this exciting. I’m not saying you have to do anything, or try anything; rather, I am proposing that you consider a collection of ‘what ifs.’ What if you were not bound to your current place? What if you could tap your fiery, inventive energy? What if you had the focus to stick to a new challenge long enough to bring it to fruition? What if you could tap into an energy source that you know you carry around with you? What if you could tap into the deep wisdom of the past? What if you were clear about how you feel, rather than about what you believe philosophically? Now add five or 10 of your own questions and see if you can detect a pattern to the answers. There is one. And you are in a rare moment when you can act on the truth that the pattern reveals.

Capricorn (Dec. 22- Jan. 20)

You fancy yourself a stable person — but what does that mean? Every week and nearly every day brings a new challenge to which you have to adapt. What has remained constant is your view of the past, and key values from your past that you’ve used continuously to define your life. When was the last time you reevaluated everything that has happened before? You may have done this once — there are few possibilities as to when, though a time that stands out is the mid-1990s. That seemed to be a moment when you separated yourself from history and in a sense started your archeological clock over. What you’re doing now is different: it’s a reevaluation of a ‘safe’ definition of who you are that appears designed to provide you with predictability. In reality, it’s designed to provide a self-definition consistent with what was expected of you as a child. True, since you define yourself as so fiercely independent, you may disagree with this, and I wish I could know the points of contention — I suggest you work with each of them. These objections are actually a kind of ‘argument against who you are’ that is coming from the past: from people who defined their purpose as being secure, who never stepped into their own original existence, and who are in the end quite different than you. If I could sum up your current revolution in one sentence, it’s that you no longer need to do their bidding.

Aquarius (Jan. 20- Feb. 19)

I’ve said before that for a person who loves ideas as much as you do, this is a great time to be alive. You are in territory where you can surpass all limits, yet to get there you need to embrace an idea that is rarely spoken of: intellectual freedom. You understand this intuitively, of that I am certain. Yet because we live in a society that so desperately tries to repress anything it does not understand or that does not follow today’s economic rules, we’re all a little hobbled here. You have a special advantage: you seek yourself in the free expression of ideas. They may belong to you; they may belong to someone else — but you know a free idea when you see one, and you are gathering the momentum to bring something you love and value to fruition. You’ve spent a lot of time, perhaps years, thinking about how much you love and value this concept — whatever it is. Now you have an opportunity to do something about it. I am sure you sense the potential: to help people, to establish a new kind of beauty within planetary consciousness. The ingredient you must work with is a form of discipline called focus. Yes, odd synchronicities will guide you on your way, but you need the full strength of your mind on this gig. And I suggest you beware of a factor that feels like living two lifetimes at once. Through this endeavor, you will finally integrate them.

Aquarius birthday audio is coming soon — thanks for all the emails!
Pisces (Feb. 19- March 20)

Imagine you woke up one morning to FedEx ringing your doorbell, signed for an envelope, and were staring at a letter. “Dear [add your name]: It is my pleasure to inform you of a trust account that was established for you at the time of your birth. One of the conditions of the trust was that you would be informed of it at this time in your life, when you were ready to receive and make the best use of it, and that time is now. Please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we may make arrangements for the transfer of funds.” Astrologically, it’s better than money, and better than something that is handed to you. Money is suggested strongly in the aspects — potentially in the form of a highly lucrative idea. This would likely come in the form of a new approach to something you are doing now, or have been working toward. You’ve come further along this journey than you think, and you’re at a breakthrough point. That arrives in the form of believing in yourself without hesitation: the deep rooting of your self-respect into your psyche. When your potential is released, the form comes in with the feeling, the actual sensation, of authentic faith in yourself. You cannot feign this; and you cannot thrive without it, so I suggest you welcome the feeling warmly, walk gently in your confidence and remember that this is your passport to whatever you want.

Serpent of Light (Beyond 2012)

27 05 2010

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

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“In Serpent of Light, Drunvalo Melchizedek tells the story of indigenous people around the world creating ceremonies to relocate the kundalini serpent to the high Andes Mountains in Chile, an event that happens every 13,000 years. Spiritual ascension will only come to our planet if men and women are totally integrated and balanced, and during this next cycle, women will be the leaders. Drunvalo was chosen to share in critical ceremonies that were created to empower women because he is a man who dwells totally in his heart and truly respects women. As a female ceremonial teacher during these same years when Drunvalo was creating beautiful ceremonies within many of the same sacred sites with the people, I can say that Drunvalo speaks the truth. He offers as much closely held information as is allowed, so there is significant indigenous knowledge in this book. Drunvalo is a great storyteller! You are there with him while he follows synchronicities and communicates with the great guardians of the sacred sites. Serpent of Light is a masterful description of the great Earth activations that are occurring during the end of the Mayan Calendar.” –Barbara Hand Clow, International Mayan Elder, a Cherokee Record Keeper, a ceremonial leader, and the author of The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind.

The Connection Between Solar Activity, Volcanic Eruptions and Earthquakes, Weather and Cycles on Earth

21 05 2010

by Annette Deyhle, Ph.D. and GCI Research Team

Global Coherence Initiative


Our Mother Earth has been very active since the beginning of the New Year.

Worldwide  Earthquakes
Figure 1: Earthquake map 2010, by USGS.

Several big earthquakes occurred, starting in Haiti (January 12), followed by Chile (February 27), China (April 15), Taiwan (March 4), and Turkey (March 8), and many smaller earthquakes that had a lesser impact on human life, property and environment (Figure 1: earthquake map for 2010, by USGS). Many wonder if the number of earthquakes is increasing, but scientist say they are not becoming more frequent:

(USGS: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/

Also, the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokul erupted on April 14, forming a massive cloud of volcanic ash (Figure 2) that had an enormous impact on air traffic, with 27 airports closed for many days.

Eyjafjallajokul  Volcano
Figure 2: Lava and lightning light the crater of Eyjafjallajokul volcano on April 17, 2010. (REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)

Recent scientific research confirms a connection between high energy charged particles in the ionosphere and earthquakes. A study conducted in 2008 by Jann-Yeng Liu, from the Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research in Chung-Li, Taiwan, examined more than 100 earthquakes with magnitudes of 5.0 or larger in Taiwan over several decades. The results indicate that almost all of the quakes down to a 35 km depth were preceded by distinct electrical disturbances in the ionosphere.

Estimated Planetary K Index
Figure 3: Geomagnetic index Kp, in red geomagnetic storm conditions (K>4). http://swpc.noaa.gov/rt_plots/kp_3d.html

Solar activity is picking up in the current Cycle 24. Presently (May 10), the moderate sunspot 1069 is active. On April 3rd, the largest solar storm of Cycle 24, also called a coronal mass ejection (CME) took place. The solar wind hit Earth on Monday, April 5th and sparked the strongest geomagnetic storm of the year. The event registered a geomagnetic index Kp 7 (on a 0-9 scale, Figure 3).

Luckily the storm was not strong enough to interfere with power grids and satellites, but it created auroras in the Polar Regions (Figure 4).

On May 5th another solar eruption came from a spotless region near the sun’s southwestern limb, producing a bright coronal mass ejection (CME) and came to an end on May 9th. Extreme ultraviolet images from the Solar and Heliographic Observatory captured the solar eruption. (Figure 5), current images: (http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov)

Figure 4 by NASA
Auroras in Polar  Regions
Figure 5: Solar eruption on May 5th, by NASA
SOHO Coronagraph

As discussed in previous commentaries, the solar activity affects the Earth’s magnetic field. Some science is starting to emerge that demonstrates a possible connection between solar activity and Earth events like earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, floods and storms.

Not only is the Earth’s magnetic field affected by the solar activity, so is human health and behavior. Some of the scientific findings are discussed in more detail below.

The electrical currents from the sun also affect the human body’s magnetic field.

The environmental scientist Neil Cherry (2001) reviewed a large number of studies that identified significant physical, biological and health effects that are associated with changes in Solar and Geomagnetic Activity (S-GMA). He suggested that the Schumann Resonances (SR) frequencies that link solar and geomagnetic activity are what link solar activity to the effects on human health and behavior. The SR have ultra low frequency peaks at 7.8Hz, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39, 45, and 51 Hz, which closely overlap with the human brain (also see GCI commentary July 15, 2009, http://glcoherence.org/monitoring-system/commentaries.html).

Everything on Earth is driven by cycles. The “circadian rhythm” is a cycle every living being on Earth experiences, which is a roughly 24 hr (daily) cycle (Figure 6). Prof. Franz Halberg of the University of Minnesota and board member of GCI, coined the term circadian and is widely considered the “father of chronobiology”. Chronobiology is the science that examines cycles of living organisms as well as their adaption to solar and lunar related rhythms (Patrick at el., 2003). “Chrono” pertains to time, and biology to living organisms. The 24 hr cycle influences biochemical, physiological and behavioral processes.

Figure 6: Circadian cycle, from Wikipedia
Circadian Cycle

The connection between the daily (circadian) and seasonal cycles and geomagnetic activity.

The human body is designed to adapt to daily and seasonal climatic variations. Environmental factors alter the hormone balance of the body, specifically the melatonin/serotonin balance, which affect many physiological functions, e.g. blood pressure, breathing, immune and reproductive systems as well as cardiac and neurological processes.

Research by Burch et al. (1996) and Rapoport et al. (1998) gives evidence that the melatonin levels are reduced during increased solar and geomagnetic activity. In rats, seasonal melatonin levels were correlated with the seasonal variations in the Earth’s geomagnetic field (Bartsch et al., 1994). Diseases like cancer, neurological disease, acute heart disease and heart attacks are all related to melatonin levels that are too low, as is accelerated aging. In the daily cycle, blood pressure, heart rate, neurological, cardiopulmonary and reproductive functions are affected.

Since the fetus has melatonin receptors, an increase in sudden infant death is observed during higher Geomagnetic Activity (GMA). Also, reduced melatonin produces arrhythmic cardiac activity, e.g. cardiac activity dropped in rabbits during a magnetic storm (Chibisov et al., 1995).

In addition, clinical measurements have identified significant changes in blood pressure, blood flow, aggregation and coagulation, cardiac arrhythmia and heart rate variability during GMA events; all of these conditions are influenced by melatonin levels. EEG pattern, pulse rate, blood pressure and reaction time were measured in a group of people by Doronin et al., (1998). The authors noted that the oscillations in the Kp index had identical periods in the monitored EEG Alpha-Rhythm. This confirms that whole body changes occur in conjunction with GMA alteration by changing heart and brain patterns.

Another study by Pobachenko et al. (2006) monitored the Schumann resonances of the environment and the EEG in a frequency range between 6-16 Hz simultaneously. During a daily cycle, individuals studied showed variations in the EEG similar to changes in the Schumann resonances. Hence, the biological EEG rhythm is characteristic of the daily rhythm of the Schumann resonances. However, some deviations were observed for some individuals, which can be due to the individual’s adaptive ability. Due to the global interconnection between solar and geomagnetic activity, the ionospheric waveguide, Schumann resonances and the human brain (EEG) and heart, increased solar activity can disturb the biological rhythm of humans and animals and exacerbate existing diseases.

Increased solar activity and GMA is also correlated to a significant increase in heart attacks and incidence of death, myocardial infarction incidence (Villoresi et al., 1998), a 30% to 80% increase in hospital admissions for cardiovascular disease (Oraevskii et al, 1998) and cardiovascular death.

Neurological Effects correlated to GMA: The brain is a very sensitive electromagnetic organ. The Schumann Resonances appear to interact with the brain, altering the brain waves and neurohormone responses. Geomagnetic storms are strongly related to human health effects and death. Altered EEG rhythms and GMA have been observed by Belov et al. (1998). Strong GMA effects were identified as stressors, while low frequency magnetic oscillations had a sedative effect. A 10 Hz signal stimulates people; while a 3 Hz signal slows them down.

Also, memory and attention were correlated to GMA (Tambiev et al., 1995); rats were observed to behave more aggressively during GMA events (St. Pierre and Persinger (1998); GMA and war (Persinger, 1999); crimes and GMA (1-3 days after solar activity). Rajaram and Mitra (1981) found a correlation between patients with seizures in Calcutta and GMA; increase in epileptic experiences during increased GMA; increase in hospitalization for mental disorders, psychiatric admission and suicide; and increase in depression after geomagnetic storm. GMA is also a trigger for migraine attacks. Birth rates were observed to drop and mortality to increase during increased solar and GMA (Zeitseva and Pudovkin, 1995).

Cycles related to the solar cycle: Schumann Resonances are closely correlated with the solar cycle, which include the daily, semi-weekly, weekly, 13.5 day and 27-28 day solar rotation, semiannual, annual, 11 year and 22 year cycles (Cornelissen et al., 1998). Dimitrov (1993) found a 7.5 and 11 year cycle in malignant melanoma.

Halberg et al. (2009) found more cycles being related to the solar cycle: Terrorism 39 year and ~ 16 month component (solar wind speed and geomagnetism), ~ 7 day rhythms in heart rate, ~1.3 year component in systolic blood pressure and terrorism, ~10 months and 5 months rhythms reflected in sudden cardiac death and cardiac arrhythmia.

We can change the course of planetary events. While solar cycle 24 is becoming more active, affecting all beings on Earth, we can decide on how to react to these changes. It is important to remember that the increasing solar activity has a positive affect – it’s a time when opportunity and creativity can flourish along with increased individual and collective enlightenment. It’s an auspicious opportunity for advancing our intelligence on how to cooperate more harmoniously with each other and with Mother Earth. This can eventually lead to a global consciousness transformation and increasing peace. A few effective co-creative actions we can take through these opportune times would include committing to reducing fear, becoming more responsible for our own energy, and increasing love, care and respect for others and for ourselves. This can do much to restore balance and energetic alignment between Earth and the global community.

Many thanks to all who are caring and holding the vision of humanity in the state of joy, love, peace and health and a vision of a vibrant Earth. I would like to end this commentary with a quote by Albert Einstein:

“Our task must be to free ourselves – by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”

The Great Invocation

16 05 2010

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men-
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.


Who is the Christ and why is His return invoked?

The Christ is the Head of the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet: “The Master of all Masters and the teacher alike of angels and of men”. The Christ belongs to all humanity, and not alone to the churches and religious faiths of the world. The Christ works for all people, irrespective of their religious faith. He does not belong to the Christian world any more than to the Buddhist, Jewish, Moslem or Hindu faiths. In fact, the name Christ is used in the Hierarchy as the title of an office and not in any way limited in the least to religious action but is concerned with all seven departments of hier-archical work of which religion is only one, the others being government, education, science, philosophy, psychology, and culture and the arts.

In the Great Invocation, the Christ is invoked as He is known to the Hierarchy. The Great Invocation is intended to be used not only by members of various religions but also by people of no religious persuasion. The use of the name Christ as it appears in the Invocation is not a limitation of spiritual understanding, but an expansion. This is as it should be in the new age.

The Christ is known as the World Teacher, and He is that great Being known to Buddhists as the Lord Maitreya and looked for by the Moslems as the Imam Mahdi. The word “Christ” (from the Greek Chrio) and “Messiah” (from the Hebrew Mâshîahh) both mean “the anointed one”: consecrated or set apart as holy.

This definition points to the Christ’s role as an Avatar: a divine messenger who reflects the cosmic principle of Love. An Avatar is one who has a unique capacity to transmit energy or divine power. The Sanskrit root of “Avatar” means literally “coming down from far away”, which conveys the idea of protection from above. An Avatar is an event and an embodiment of a divine principle or quality which seeks anchorage on Earth. But this need must be recognised by humanity and invoked by humanity, standing “with massed intent”, in order to precipitate the descent of an Avatar.

The establishment of a nucleus of persistent energy is the constant task of an Avatar, and the work of an Avatar depends upon humanity’s readiness to respond. Often this need does not manifest itself until men have exhausted all other resources. Then they look for a divine Intermediary or Mediator, and this hope and expectancy runs like a golden thread throughout the world’s faiths.


Why was the Great Invocation not given out until 1945?

The World War, which was drawing to a close in April 1945, had had a profound effect upon the entire planet. The greatest war in human history had caused untold suffering but it had also quite literally blasted open human consciousness as a result of the destruction of old, outworn institutions, habits of living and crystallised thoughtforms that had held humanity in thrall to separatism and materialism, particularly since the time of the Industrial Revolution. The agony of the war and the distress of the entire human family led the Christ, in 1945, to come to a great decision. He made the decision to emerge again into physical contact with humanity if human beings themselves would bring about the initial stages of establishing right human relations; and He gave to the world one of the oldest prayers ever known, but one which hitherto had not been permitted to be used except by the most exalt-ed spiritual Beings. The Christ Himself used the Great Invocation for the first time in June 1945. [1]

Why is the Great Invocation both a world prayer and an invocation ?

The Great Invocation can be used with special effectiveness by those who have at least some training in meditation. The trained disciple thus can use the Invocation on several levels simultaneously. But the Great Invocation is not a meditation exercise. It is essentially a prayer which synthesises the highest desire, aspiration and spiritual demand of the very soul of humanity itself, and it must be used with that realisation in mind. [1]

Why does each of the four stanzas refer to humanity ?

In humanity, the fourth and middle, or mediating, kingdom within the range and variety of lives that make up our planet Earth, all lives and aspects of evolutionary development meet. The subhuman kingdoms – animal, vegetable, and mineral – find their consummation and the superhuman kingdoms their opportunity, for through the human kingdom all superhuman lives have passed at some time. The keynote of our planetary Logos, the Lord of the World Whom some call God, is HUMANITY for it is the basis, the goal and the essential inner structure of all being. Humanity itself is the key to all evolutionary processes and to a correct understanding of the divine Plan for our world. All lives are progressing towards the human stage, are presently at the human stage, or have left it behind. The uniformity of experience which this instills makes the art of contact with the divine and the science of impression from divinity possible. Everything that lives on Earth is, has been, or will be human. [1]

Why does the Great Invocation refer to “men” if all lines of evolution meet in HUMANITY ?

Here a visit to that most occult book, the dictionary, is illuminating. “Man” is from the Sanskrit word manu, meaning “human being”, the root of which, man, means “to think”. Man thus means “thinking entity” or “one who thinks”. This is a highly significant point and one which does not concern sexual gender but rather, that aspect which is common to all members of the human kingdom and that which endows humanity with such a key factor in evolution, the mind. The first stanza of the Great Invocation invokes the Light which originates in the Mind of God – a light which seeks inlet on our planet for the purpose of the redemption of planetary substance through the intercession of the human mind. The mind is what makes man a coherent unit of consciousness, and it is intelligence which is the basis of separativeness. Yet, manas – creative intelligence – is the key to the fifth kingdom in nature: the Hierarchy or Kingdom of Souls. The mind is both a factor of limitation, of separation, and of contact with the inner and higher realms. The mind is a recorder of impressions of all kinds. The primary responsibility of humanity is to act as a major impressing agent in relation to the three subhuman kingdoms – the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms in nature. Humanity’s destiny is to be the exponent, the interpreter or representative, of the mind of God. Thus the close relation between the first stanza, which invokes Light from the Mind of God, and the fourth stanza, which invokes the restoration of the divine Plan on Earth through the co-operative effort of humanity. It is the mediating and redemptive role of man, the thinking, light-registering entity, which the Great Invocation addresses. [1]

Why are the wills of men described as “little” if man’s conscious co-operation is needed in order for the Plan to work out on Earth ?

The personal will is that which supports and seeks to sustain the illu-sion in the human being that existence is separate and independent. The personal “little” will endows man with the instinct of self-preservation and self-assertion. The will of the personality is governed by the lower, analytical, form-bound mind, and desire is the emotional counterpart of this will. When the lower mind is brought into contact with the higher abstract mind via the antahkarana-the bridge in consciousness which is created through meditation and service – the human will becomes an agent of the Plan, demonstrating a commitment to serve the Plan at any cost, as that Plan is progressively understood. So profound is the energy of the pure will that only a co-ordinated, consecrated thinker can register and wield it, for the spiritual will is an expression of the Law of Sacrifice.


What is the origin of the Great Invocation ?

The Great Invocation was given to humanity by the spiritual Hierarchy, the aggregate of those members of humanity who have triumphed over matter, who have achieved the goal of self-mastery by the same path that individuals tread today. The spiritual Hierarchy is the result of human activity, aspiration and achievement; it has been created by and of humanity. The members of the Hierarchy have achieved a complete control of the personality or lower self. They are no longer centred in the individualised consciousness but have entered into the wider realisation of the planetary group life, which includes all stages, from that tiny sense of social responsibility of the man or woman taking the first steps upon the path of spiritual maturity, to the inclusive comprehension of the Christ Himself.The Masters are known as the “Custodians of the Plan”. The Plan is the blueprint of divine Purpose, and it is for all people everywhere in the world. Only through humanity can the divine Plan work out, but the Hierarchy works under spiritual law and never coerces or pressures humanity. Individual freedom, particularly mental freedom, is never infringed.

The Plan works out under the impelling power of evolution itself. To hasten humanity’s evolutionary development, the Great Invocation was given out in three stages over a period of nine years which included the earthly event of the second phase of the World War. As a result of the collaboration of Alice Bailey and a Tibetan Master of the Wisdom, “seven very ancient word-forms” were translated into “understandable and adequate” phrases in English.

These seven word-forms are said to constitute the complete, new utterance of the Christ for the coming 2000-year epoch, and thus the Great Invocation is spoken of as “the Christ’s own mantram”. [1]

What is invocation ?

Invocation and its inevitable response, evocation, describe that mysterious something – emanation, voiceless appeal, inherent urge towards the light – which is innate in all forms, and which is the cause of all progress or pushing forward along the path of expanding consciousness and penetration into the light. This is true of a plant pushing its way out of the darkness of earth into the light of the sun, of a child extricating itself under the life impulse from the womb of its mother, of the human being pushing into realms of greater knowledge, of the aspirant and disciple driving forward on the way of liberation, and of still greater beings penetrating into realms of divine life beyond the human being’s comprehension. All comes about through invocation and evocation, appeal and response.This evolutionary pushing forward out of darkness into light, from the unreal to the real, and from death to immortality, is an inherent urge in all forms. It underlies evolution and the interaction of cause and effect, for always we get what we invoke. The knowledge of this scientific fact will be one of the great liberating forces for humanity. [1]

What is meant by the door where evil dwells ?

The three aspects or divine potencies of Mind, Love, and Will are anchored in humanity itself – “the centre which we call the race of men”. Here and here alone lies the promise of the future, for only here can all the divine qualities express themselves and find fulfillment. Only through humanity, alone and unaided (except by the divine Spirit in every human being), can “the door where evil dwells” be sealed. It is not God who seals that door, nor is it Hierarchy which forces evil back into the place from whence it comes, for the Great Invocation here refers to the evil which finds its origins not on cosmic levels, and therefore beyond man’s capacity to resolve, but the evil which is allowed to manifest in human selfishness, hatred, separativeness, and materialism. It is struggling, aspiring, suffering humanity to whom the task of sealing the door is committed and humanity, we are assured, is adequate to the task. The responsibility of Those most skilled in using the Invocation is to focus and anchor the invoked energies of Light and Love and Power in the human kingdom. From that point, humanity can take over the task. [1]

What is the “race” of men ?

A race in the sense that it is used in the Great Invocation means an evolutionary stage. The race of men is one of three planetary centres – Shamballa, Hierarchy, and Humanity – upon our planet. The close relation of these three centres permits an unbroken series of impressions, relating one centre to another and developing the Science of Invocation and Evocation. Shamballa serves as the head centre – the centre of reception and direction – of our planetary Logos; Hierarchy is the heart centre – the centre of inclusive love, cohesiveness and the circulation of life-bearing energy; and Humanity is the throat centre and the prime creative agency upon our planet.The outstanding characteristic of the human race at its present stage in evolution is its capacity for intelligent sensitivity to impression. The human race includes those who are sensitive to impression from levels both “above” and “below” the human. As humanity becomes adept at invoking the impression of Hierarchy, the civilisations and cultures created by man will adhere increasingly to the Plan. Here again emerges another reason for the importance of the centre which we call the race of men and an indication of humanity’s crisis, for man is now at a point where the intellect is so strongly awakened that nothing can arrest his progress into knowledge which could be dangerously used or selfishly applied if nothing were done to safeguard him. [1]

What is the intended time span for the Great Invocation?

The Great Invocation is said to have a symbol in the archives of the Masters indicating the era or period in human history during which it can and should be used. Because the Invocation is Christ’s own mantram and His complete utterance for the Aquarian age, we can assume that the period of its use will span at least the coming 2000 years. It is a group prayer for all humanity in the Aquarian age and therefore it can be used both as an invocation and as a prayer.

Humanity has reached a critical point in evolution. Human intelligence is now so strongly awakened that nothing can arrest man’s progress into realms of knowledge which will be dangerously misused and selfishly applied if nothing is done to safeguard him from himself. Man must be taught to respond to higher, more spiritual values or the increasing stage of integration of many millions of human beings will simply be directed, with more effectiveness, to selfish and materialistic purposes. The form side of manifestation – mind, emotion and brain – must be brought into correspondence with wisdom, love and directed purpose.

It is humanity’s responsibility to implement the Plan of Love and Light on Earth. In this we see the opportunity of Triangles, a meditation activity in which groups of three individuals join together in consciousness each day to say the Great Invocation and visualise the energies of light and goodwill radiating throughout the planetary network composed of all Triangles. Through this network in consciousness, the Light, Love and Will of God can stream forth into fuller livingness, fostering the transformation of human lives and establishing an era of right human relations.

The Great Invocation provides, as a result of its correct use, a spiritual inflow right to the very heart of humanity and from the highest sources. In receiving the Great Invocation, in its use and distribution, humanity has been participating in a cosmic event of tremendous importance.

Increasingly in the coming era, disciples and people of spiritual aspiration will grow in their understanding of the potent energy embodied in “Words of Power” such as the Great Invocation. Together with an understanding of ritual, and using the potency of sound, the disciple in the future will work and build the new world with its culture and civilisation. From a study of the tonal values, numerological indicators, and inherent potency of Words of Power such as the Great Invocation, humanity will eventually gain in skill at building the forms and producing the group activities which truly express the Plan. Already we understand that scientific formulas have reduced the most intricate and complex truths to a few signs and symbols. A word or words can also provide “the power of embodiment” for spiritual truths. As the Bible says, “God spoke and the worlds were made”. Such is the spiritual potential contained within the Great Invocation when used with precision, understanding of its divine origin, and the soul quality of true humility.

Drunvalo Melchizedek on the Higher Self, Merkabah & the (Hawaiian) Huna re: the Lower Self (Subconscious mind)

16 05 2010

https://i2.wp.com/www.gmckspranichealing.com.au/images/medglow.jpg5 Video Clips (below)

Drunvalo is the author of four books including The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life, Volumes I and II, Living in the Heart and his newest one, Serpent of Light

Drunvalo is a world traveler and has given workshops, seminars and lectures on sacred geometry, human energy fields, spirituality, meditation and living in the heart in 45 countries.

https://i2.wp.com/johnweiskopf.com/ascendancyblog/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/drunvalo-m.jpgHis meditation with the angels and his work with prana and energy healing has helped tens of thousands of people. Drunvalo has expressed that healing in these areas are of extreme importance for the difficulties with one’s own body often stops us from continuing on our spiritual path. His research on the 3rd dimension with natural products and methods to help heal Mother Earth and all life forms is also a major focus in his life.

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Egypt, Stargates & 2012 with William Henry

16 05 2010


Date: 03-29-2010
Host: George Noory
Guest: William Henry

Coast to Coast Radio
8 Video Clips (below)

In the latter half, investigative mythologist William Henry discussed symbolic aspects of Egypt, Easter, and 2012. Regarding the discovery of a 3,500 year-old “door to the afterlife” found in Egypt (see below), what we’re really dealing with is “the ancient Egyptian science of immortality,” he commented, adding that the Egyptians referred to the afterlife as the “Dimension of the Blessed.” The door, made of red granite which is loaded with pure quartz crystal, holds tremendous energy, and was viewed as being like a gateway or stargate, he noted.

Maya prophecy says a stargate will open in 2012, but Henry views this as a time of transformation rather than calamity, where people may gain access to “primordial sacred science.” He also talked about the mythological underpinnings of Easter with its notion of resurrection. The goddess Ishtar (Easter) of ancient Babylon made a descent into the underworld, and used a special helmet to travel there, he detailed.

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