EARTH GRIDS (Ley Lines): The Secret Patterns of Gaia’s (i.e. Earth’s) Sacred Sites

24 09 2010

Filmed at ‘Inside Edge’, on 21st January 2009.

Hugh Newman met some ‘indigo children’ in Hawaii in 2003 who initiated him into working with the earth’s energy grid. Since then, he has researched the subject thoroughly and explores aspects of his new book looking at the history and new research on global grids that involves ancient maps, sacred geography, ‘great earth circles’, ancient metrology, earth energies, geomathematics and leys, and how the ancient megalithic sites around the world were carefully placed by an as yet unknown sophisticated maritime civilisation with a ‘plan’. Clues in the sites themselves hold the key to this mystery. Also many global sites have unusual alignments that cannot be explained by archaeo-astronomy or leys. He has also found evidence in South America that the Michael and Mary energy lines are a global phenomenon and explores all these possibilities in this presentation… EARTH GRIDS: The Secret Patterns of Gaia’s Sacred Sites, by Hugh Newman is available from Wooden Books –

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