Mindwalk (Film – 14 parts)

25 11 2010

Mindwalk, Directed by Bernt Capra, Paramount Home Video

Embodying science (quantum physics), politics and art (music), “‘Mindwalk’ is [an] eye-opening, mind-expanding [film] on how to better view the universe. It seems a large movement is gaining momentum in this generation, building on the efforts of generations past, to find a more cohesive explanation for how the world works from a subatomic level up to politics and religion. Essentially a daylong conversation about politics, science and art among a politician, a scientist and a poet, Mindwalk provides insight into the concept that the various aspects of life may be more intimately linked than we’ve traditionally believed. The politican and, to some degree, the poet, are surprised to learn this from the scientist, taking on the guise of the novice viewer in that respect. Opinions are shared, examples given — the most memorable being a discussion of the link between music and atoms as accompanied by an antique organ — and, in the end, all three characters leave their unguided tour of [the] French castle [Mont Saint Michel – perhaps] a metaphor for the traditional thought process of the human mind – with a little more insight than they started.” – Justin Kownacki

Starring Liv Ullmann, Sam Waterston, and John Heard















The Green Beautiful (La Belle Verte|French Film) – 9 parts

24 11 2010

The comical film provides a rare insight and bold extraterrestrial perspective of life on planet Earth from an alien who revisits her Earthly origins only to discover unbearable living conditions due to pollution, industrialization, disconnection with nature, disease, etc.  in contrast to her home world in which individuals live hundreds of years in a collective society, honor nature, develop supernatural abilities, family oriented, etc. The film stars Colline Serreau, Vincent Lindon, a young Marion Cotillard et al. [9-part video sourced from Youtube.]

“This is a beautiful French film that teaches us the importance of living close to nature. This film certainly makes you think about the way we live on our planet. No doubt about it, the idea for the film is quite original. A lady from a remote harmonious and peaceful planet is sent to earth for the first time in 200 years to see how the earthlings are doing. Her reaction to earth’s current state, pollution, noise, cars, big trees is quite hard-hitting and honest. The film is filled with beautiful scenes shot in the Auvergne region of France, a region of distinct turf-coloured volcanoes.”  Review from Foodmatters.tv

Activating the DNA of Ascension, Children of Light, Awakening I AM Presence, Acceleration of Consciousness, Divine Soul Ascension Teachers of Light, Violet Heart Flame

23 11 2010

by Rysa5 | The GoldRing (YouTube)

(6 videos) Activating the DNA of Ascension, Children of Light, Awakening I AM Presence, Acceleration of Consciousness, Divine Soul Ascension Teachers of Light, Violet Heart Flame

(1)  Activating the DNA of Ascension

(2)  Children of Light (The Golden Age)

(3) Awakening Heartlight Spirit Soul I Am Presence

(4) Acceleration of Consciousness

(5) Divine Soul Ascension Teachers of Light

(6) Violet Heart Flame Purification Healing Meditation

Quantum K Healing

17 11 2010


What is ‘Quantum K’?
‘Quantum K’ is a ground breaking new system. It draws from the latest thinking in quantum physics to offer healing to the mind, body and soul.

It is well established that the body can absorb information from sensory stimulation – you only need to look at the success of hypnotherapy to see how effective it can be. This system extends this principle by stimulating our healing potential through the written word, numbers, fractal equations, sound, colour, and symbols. By giving direct instructions to our body’s intelligence, we stimulate its natural healing powers.

Throughout the experience, you will be asked to make a constructive change, for example “I release all toxins in my body”. While you are consciously focusing on this intent, your unconscious will be busy absorbing the colours, harmonics, symbols and equations that appear underneath and provide the mechanisms to help this instruction take effect.

This process is similar to computer software. We are used to taking actions by simple key-strokes, but underneath there is complex coding detailing the specific processes involved.

The primary ‘code’ used here is based on numbers and fractal geometry. The 12 number sequences communicate directly with our DNA, stimulating these basic building blocks of life to let go of negative programs and rebuild in line with a more positive set of instructions.

The fractal equations provide the blueprint for our DNA to follow. Fractals define the structure of all living things – cells, plants, mountains and planets. They are particularly applicable to the structure and proportions of the human body.

This combination of intent, harmonics and fractal equations provides both the instructions to make positive change and the means to do so.

How do I use it?
The ‘Quantum K’ experience is a 23 minute program available free on this website. You simply need to find a quiet time when you can sit down in front of your PC and enjoy the process, reasonably uninterrupted by the outside world.

The music is an important element of the program and plays automatically in the background. If you do not have a music card on your PC you will either have to compromise and play something restful from your own library, or buy the full album from this website. The experience will still be valuable without the music, but slightly less effective.

While you are enjoying the screenflow, you should keep your hands comfortably in your lap or on your torso and try to read the text boxes as they appear. You might be able to alter the pace of the screen-flow manually, but the timings have been set to allow you plenty of time to absorb the data, even if intellectually you would like more time to reflect on what has been written. Ideally, allow the screen-flow to run at its own pace, but you can skip the introductory slides if you are repeating the experience.

There are several healing categories – physical, emotional, general and spiritual. If you know that your core issues lie within one of these issues, by all means go straight to it, but do so with care. Sometimes issues have many layers and by using a selection of slides you may miss some important healing potential. You will also miss most of the benefits of the healing music.

What will the experience feel like?
Each experience is unique. Every time you use it you will draw a different healing energy, based on your needs at that time. During the 23 minutes you may feel nothing at all, tired, relaxed, focused, peaceful or emotional. You may even yawn as the slides progress; a sure sign that you are releasing trapped old energy.

You may feel a bit spacey when the 23 minutes are over, so please be careful before you attempt to do anything that requires your full attention.

Will I get side-effects?
This subject is very important. If the system is to work fully, you will feel different, possibly having good periods and bad periods as you adjust to a new resonance. The reaction is normally very mild and temporary, but can be emotionally or physically draining for a while. Headaches, tearfulness, skin rashes, bowel changes or fatigue are all possible reactions, even a return of the ache of old injuries.

You should go with this process and allow your body to heal uninterrupted. If you have a busy day ahead, it might be wise to defer the experience until you are in a quieter space, especially the first time you use it. Once you know how you react, you can be more flexible.

The healing process can be aggressive at times and this is often an essential part of the process. Do not resent or reject it. It is temporary and a necessary investment in your long-term health and happiness. The system will always work in your highest interests, helping you release blockages in the perfect order at the perfect time. Healing reactions are only necessary when there are particularly difficult issues to resolve.

Should I stop other forms of healthcare I am receiving?
Absolutely not. This system cannot replace specialist one-to-one attention. It is designed only as a support and there is no back-up available through this website to help you with individual issues.

This is particularly important for conventional medical attention. You should not make any changes to your medicines or healthcare protocols without consulting your doctor first; you may even wish to check with your doctor before using this experience.

What symptoms can it help?
It is misleading to look at specific symptoms as they are only the manifestation of inner issues. The ’Quantum K’ experience can help everybody at some level, sometimes immediately in obvious ways, sometimes in more subtle ways that may perhaps preserve long-term health rather than correct current imbalances.

Of course, there are no guarantees. Energy healing is gentle and if you have entrenched issues or disabilities, you will need to be realistic about the level of improvement you should expect.

Here is a flavour of the type of symptoms that could be helped:

How often should I use it?
You cannot overdose on energy healing as it will only work on areas that need attention at that time. You can therefore use it as often as you wish.

In practical terms, the system’s main benefits will probably manifest in the first few weeks, so you may wish to use it regularly at first and then at maintenance levels thereafter, perhaps monthly or quarterly, or during a particularly stressful period. It is entirely up to you, but trust your intuition to ‘nudge’ you when the time is right.

Above all else, please enjoy the experience but recognise that it is only designed to help you re-instate your own amazing powers of healing. Do not use it to replace what is there inside you all along.

Cosmology, Episode 8 – Dogon and Egyptian parallel, science, contemporary physics, superstring theory, quantum mechanics, symbology

16 11 2010

Hidden Meanings – A Study of the Founding Symbols of Civilization by Laird Scranton. RE: Ancient view of the cosmos, Dogon and Egyptian parallel, science, contemporary physics, superstring theory, quantum mechanics, symbology, etc.

The whisperings of the Higher Self

15 11 2010
by MagentaPixie2012 | November 14, 2010

We can take an active role on so many levels and one way we can be truly pro-active is through our connection with the higher self. Accessing the subtle whisperings of those inner teachers – that inner tuition. As we take those inner, subjective, personal journeys we raise the overall global consciousness. We come together in telepathic union and in physical space union. This is our pro-active stance.

Mass Dreams of the Future

12 11 2010

A Study by Dr. Helen Wambach

Amazon Review:  Mass Dreams of the Future is an important book, because it characterizes several possible types of futures we might have, based on the individual choices we make today.

Chet Snow collected and categorized the descriptions of “future life journeys” of hundreds of people he worked with under hypnosis. Using valid analysis methodologies, he has drawn some fascinating hypotheses about the kind of societies we might be evolving into . . . His work taught me what a tremendous impact our personal attitudes and choices might have on the evolution of human kind, and convinced me that each of us has a personal responsibility to be conscious of the choices we are contributing to the collective unconscious.

During the workshop in 1996, I (along with others) did a future life journey under hypnosis, and on the way back to the present, he had us stop at our birthdays two years in the future to see where we were and what we were doing. That would have been December 1998, and in the journey I was in Manhattan, near the world trade center. I saw the area all burned and demolished and smoking, no one else alive. It was very disturbing, and I had a difficult time processing it afterwards.

When 1998 came, our media were all obsessed with the Clinton/Lewinski affair . . . and Clinton bombed the terror camps in Afghanistan because of some plot or action that Bin Laden had taken, but that hadn’t made it through the news noise. That’s why there was a lot of “wag the dog” talk about it . . . Then, three years after that, 9-11 occurred, matching the vision I had in Chet’s workshop. Timing changed, obviously, but the condition I saw was there.

In 1996, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do about it . . . but that vision made me look deeply into how I live. Today, as a result, I believe that my conscious attention to what is happening at all levels of my life is critical. I recommit daily to living now as though I belong to a society that understands our connectedness, honors the individual, and supports the growth of all.

Amazon link:  http://www.amazon.com/Mass-Dreams-Future-Chet-Snow/dp/1882530101

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