Mass Dreams of the Future

12 11 2010

A Study by Dr. Helen Wambach

Amazon Review:  Mass Dreams of the Future is an important book, because it characterizes several possible types of futures we might have, based on the individual choices we make today.

Chet Snow collected and categorized the descriptions of “future life journeys” of hundreds of people he worked with under hypnosis. Using valid analysis methodologies, he has drawn some fascinating hypotheses about the kind of societies we might be evolving into . . . His work taught me what a tremendous impact our personal attitudes and choices might have on the evolution of human kind, and convinced me that each of us has a personal responsibility to be conscious of the choices we are contributing to the collective unconscious.

During the workshop in 1996, I (along with others) did a future life journey under hypnosis, and on the way back to the present, he had us stop at our birthdays two years in the future to see where we were and what we were doing. That would have been December 1998, and in the journey I was in Manhattan, near the world trade center. I saw the area all burned and demolished and smoking, no one else alive. It was very disturbing, and I had a difficult time processing it afterwards.

When 1998 came, our media were all obsessed with the Clinton/Lewinski affair . . . and Clinton bombed the terror camps in Afghanistan because of some plot or action that Bin Laden had taken, but that hadn’t made it through the news noise. That’s why there was a lot of “wag the dog” talk about it . . . Then, three years after that, 9-11 occurred, matching the vision I had in Chet’s workshop. Timing changed, obviously, but the condition I saw was there.

In 1996, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do about it . . . but that vision made me look deeply into how I live. Today, as a result, I believe that my conscious attention to what is happening at all levels of my life is critical. I recommit daily to living now as though I belong to a society that understands our connectedness, honors the individual, and supports the growth of all.

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