Sacred Heart Activations for Dec. 25 (by Sananda/Jesus); A Message from Hilarion on Transmuting Energies

25 12 2010

Sacred Heart

Lord Sananda Shares Information on the Sacred Heart Activations ~ Dec 2010
(Channeled Information)


It is Lord Sananda at your service. We are at a crossroads of frequencies as we are now moving into the Divine Purpose of each individual upon this planet. Some of the Divinity Within an individual will be completely different than your own. Some do not know what that means as they are still holding onto their belief systems of the lower forms of the Devotional Ray on a planetary level which has been out of existence for some time. It is time now for the Devotion of each individual upon this planet to be infused with the Christ Consciousness within them. Each of you participating in an active way have chosen to do so. Those that are not, have also chosen to do so. There can be no judgments or thought processes of who is accepting and who is not accepting. Your role, as Light Workers, upon this planet will be to take this Light within You, and expand it as much as possible. This is the direct reflection of what is occurring presently.

In order for the Earth’s energies to expand each of you need to expand it first within. You are the Way-Showers, the ones that are going to reach out to others. Some of you will do this in various ways. Not all is the same and this is the way it should be. Some will be conductors onto the land masses, some will teach, some will talk to groups, some will show, some will use vibrational frequencies, some will channel, some will connect with the higher realms and walk like the Master they have become, some create ceremonies and some may express themselves in other ways. Whatever way it appears in your life, is your own pathway. But all will reach out their hands onto the many that need to be awakened with love, patience, consideration, joy, acceptance, and bliss.

Each living organism upon this planet will be imbued with these energies on the 25th of December. Some will not accept it which will create more confliction in your lives; some will be ready to accept; and some will judge the process. It is your testing ground during this phase of your development of being a true Master upon this planet. First, and foremost, it is your duty to receive. In that receiving you will change yourself immensely. Some it may be unpleasant, and the tears will come. It is an essential component because the body will react to the consciousness of love that is being integrated within your hearts. Let the flood gates be totally open within your heart. Be an open book as the energy is fully received within your being. Allow the emotions to flow and allow the thoughts to cease. Expand yourself more fully that you ever have previously.

During the 12:12 Activation it is important to make a checklist of what you are feeling, the emotions, and the thoughts – emotions being the feminine energies within and the thoughts being the male energies within. We want both sides to be in full agreement completely. You are being assisted for these energies to be fully activated within you. They will both expand so the entranceway of the Sacred Heart can be acknowledged.

This process will continue through 12:12 and then move into 12:21. With the planetary alignment on this date it is going to assist you even more to fully accept the Divinity within you. You will go deeper even if you are not even trying; it will occur. Working through these energies are going to assist even more so; don’t work with them and the challenges will result. We want a clean heart center to prepare for the activation on the 25th of December.

On the 25th you will be ready to fully receive the Christ Consciousness that is the embodiment of the complete God Force right within you. We are all one family and now it is time for each of us to incorporate these energies. We are traveling just as you are; readying ourselves for this great movement. All that you have aspired to on the Inner Plane of your Higher Self, your Soul, and your Oversoul on this date will be united as never before. All the debris from previous lifetimes need to be re-birthed as you move forward.

What happens to the Ones that are not acknowledging these energies? They will still be imbued with the Christ Consciousness within. They will not know what has occurred, but they will feel different. Some may feel moments of elation while others will feel moments of grieve. The duality is going to get wider. Do not try to change people with your words; it must be done with energetics and kindness. “Kill them with kindness” and they will die the death that is needed.

You will see people coming out of the woodwork trying to make changes in people by the old ways. Self help methods, third dimensional elements that do not include frequencies will cease to exist in the fifth dimensional realm. It is important to fully access your inner awareness within you with the vibration that is coming into your being. The fifth dimensional body can only handle energetics as the cellular structure is changing greatly and the type of teachers you need to be may create a feeling of uncomfortable in this moment. You have the wisdom and knowledge, but you have been afraid to use it. NOW IS THE TIME….You will find that with these energies that you will need to raise your vibration continually. Utilize the voice, use your drumming, your singing bowls, Tibetan Bells, and frequencies of a higher nature than the earth’s existence. As you do these elements, then the changes will result. VIBRATIONAL WORK IS THE KEY TO YOUR EVOLVEMENT OF THE SELF.

Depending upon where you are within your initiation process will be the resulting factor. Study higher forms of thought; incorporate them; use them wisely and it will be returned to you. Learn to shut off the mind and be in silence. These will be your greatest times of self awareness as your higher essence will fully be acknowledged within your physical being.

Most of all, please do not worry about the others. I know it is sad when you see another that you love dearly not wake up. It is their choosing to do so, and putting energy into their lower emotions will bring you back into the downward spiraling. Give them compassion; that will be the best medicine they can receive. Constantly raise your vibrations as you are still living in duality. Until you reach the 5th dimensional level, you will have to work at it every moment.

Your habits, food intake, sleep patterns, and physical symptoms are going to change for the better. All of the ascension symptoms you have been feeling, will become stabilized if you allow it to happen. Again, fight it and they will fight you back. Embrace it, and the body will relax into the existence that is necessary.

Utilize the tools I have given you, find new ones, develop ones yourself, and experience life in a different way of being than you ever thought could be possible. Embrace this time of awakening as this is what you have been waiting for. You are the Ones that we have been waiting for and now is your time to Shine.

If you find it challenging, talk to others that are farther down the path than you. Reach out, have vibrational healing work done on you, change your diet into more vegetarian which will assist in balancing the Earth Energies within you, utilize herbs when the physical healing needs to be done, and take the time to heal, nurture, and accept the integration that is going to occur for each of you.

Those of you that have been on this path longer, reach out to others. I have asked Christine to share with me because she has aspired this pathway for a very long time; much longer than she realizes. Please contact her because I know if you feel aligned with her energies, she can help and she will assist at no cost to you. I am offering her services but the rewards she will be receiving in return will be way beyond of what you could pay her. I am not saying if you have the means to pay, not to take advantage; but if you do not, please ask. She has great knowledge and expertise beyond what she understands due to her availability to receive from the God Force, and we are right here with her, and each of you.

December 31st will be your day to relax, enjoy, and connect to the Earth as the changes will take place in your life. I promise you this, it is way beyond what you could ever think is possible, and then some.

It is my Divine Pleasure to be of service to you in these moments. I speak for the Christ Consciousness of the God Force of the 352 levels of the Mahatma, 49 dimensions of reality, from the Planetary, through the Solar, the Galactic, the Universal, the Multi-Universal, and the Cosmic, Creative Sources of Oneness.

I Am Lord Sananda as your humble servant of Light.

Source:  Christine Meleriessee Heliohah


A Message from Hilarion (Lord of the 5th Ray) on Transmuting Energies

December 19-26, 2010

Beloved Ones,

The coming week will bring with it deep feelings of joy and contentment for those of you who have been doing the work of transmutation and there will be a general feeling of upliftment within your inner Being. The road to equilibrium and balance has been long and filled with many steps forward and many steps back. This is the way of learning that has been the norm for many centuries upon your Planet Earth. All of that is about to change, Beloved Ones. Soon you will be experiencing a new kind of learning, a learning that is fun, that is filled with joy, with wonder, awe and the sense of magic, a feeling that all things are possible, for indeed it is so!

We thank each of you for taking time each day to honor those of the Spiritual Hierarchy during the Seven Sacred Weeks. We are filled with joy that so many have taken up these calls and that by doing so, we begin to work more consciously in a greater unity than ever before. Each of your homes are filled to capacity with Beings of Light and the Elemental kingdoms. Try to become aware of the sense of wonder, of magic in the air. Be open to miracles and synchronicities. You are here to experience Life and as the days move forth into the New Year, you will be experiencing Life in a state of happiness and joy.

Your ability to keep the Cosmic Christ Light pouring through you into the crystalline core of Mother Earth and in anchoring and grounding it each day is helping our Earth Mother in her ascension process. During this Solstice, many opportunities are presented to each of you to become more conscious of the ‘unseen’ worlds around you. Hold to your visions and pour out your Love to all around you. Know that a single smile can light up an entire room and change the denseness of the energies in an instant. One person who daily works with Light can stabilize many chaotic energies. This is the task that is before you as you celebrate with your loved ones and help to transmute old energies and patterns between you. Great good is being accomplished to clear the way for the new ascended Earth reality.

There is so very much that is occurring multi-dimensionally within each of you. Many of you are feeling that you are functioning in several Worlds at once and indeed, you are! You have always been doing this but you did not retain this conscious awareness of it before. If you are not experiencing this yet, do not worry that there is something amiss with you, for each person’s personal path is unfolding slowly, gently, like the petals of a flower that blooms for all to see and enjoy. During the festive season, try to practice moderation in your choice of foods, snacks, drinks, thoughts, words and deeds, for you are now practicing alchemists who are wielding your power in constructive and loving ways in service to All That Is.

Keep your thoughts sunny. warm and bright, see a sphere of Golden Light surrounding you at all times and when you are in the company of others, visualize/feel this Golden Light beaming into their heart chakras. In this way, the road to true Sisterhood/Brotherhood is paved. Hold your heads high, Dear Ones, for you have been achieving victory in your quest for the Holy Grail, knowing that it is YOU! The Light of Purity that burns in your hearts is a delight to behold. The greater this Light, the more of your Christed Self may make Its presence felt in every aspect of your Life. You will know this when you start reacting/responding to old patterns in a more thoughtful, observant way and can maintain detachment in all ways although still being the loving Being you have always been.

As you release and transmute the old, intend that it all be instantly and permanently replaced with the Golden Light of the Christ Love and the Christ Consciousness and keep this vision firmly in your mind.  Dare to think BIG, Beloved Hearts, for you are so much more than you can imagine at this time and you will take great delight in this exercise as events move forward. You are all loved beyond measure and you never walk alone.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

Permission is given to share this message as  long  as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and  Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included.




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