The Starseed Mission: A Practical Guide to the Pros and Cons in One’s Awakening

26 12 2010

by Mae McCaw

The starseed’s mission here on Earth is not always clear.  There is often a little confusion as to who one is, why (s)he is here, what is the next step, etc.  Note that there are many paths, this is simply one suggestion on your journey.  Many enlightened beings, masters, gurus, etc. came before humanity to make it easier for each individual’s awakening.  One may – if he chooses – tap into entire libraries of information to help along his path.  That said, the following information may shed some Light, clarity and understanding in that path:

1. The starseed is a sentient being who originates from a different star system and is now living on Earth.  Note, however, it is said that all humans originate from different star systems.  Nonetheless, there are those starseeds whose designation is one specifically on this planet for a mission to assist in the planet’s ascension or shift into the 5th dimension–this, by assisting in raising the planet’s frequencies (inclusive of Light energies) to enable this shift.  The starseed (also known as “lightworker/ light server/ way-shower” or other conscious human) volunteered to be here prior to arrival on the planet via incarnation, visitation, braided consciousness, disembodied multidimensional energy, consciousness swap or “walk-in” (though not all walk-ins are way showers or lightworkers).

2. The starseed contracted the human 4-body system (physical, emotional/astral, mental and spiritual) as part of this experience.  A mastery of the 4-body system is part of awakening one’s consciousness.  Any mal-adjustment to the host body or planet makes it difficult for the starseed to broadcast higher frequencies of vibration – though he does  so regardless at higher than your average human frequency – to support the planetary shift.  Mal-adjustment means just that–having difficulty adjusting to the human physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual body and/or conditions of the planet.  This lends itself to negative dynamics in starseed relationships as well as the starseed’s own existential crisis.

3. That said, however, the Spiritual Hierarchy (including Archangels, Angels, Cosmic Beings, and Ascended Masters) with the aid of the  Galactic Community (of Light) – upon our collective request – have already begun to anchor enormous amounts of Light energies – (genuine) spiral energies, the Mahatma energies, portal energies, galactic energies – that have entered the material plane into Earth since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, if not prior to this, but the bulk of which is the past few decades.  These energies were designed to help in a global awakening as well as the ushering of Earth into higher realms of consciousness.  With the acceleration of time (these past few years and even more dramatically since the end of 2012), one feels the intensity of these energies depending on his/her individual level of consciousness.

4. The human experience (starseed incarnation or not) requires a mastery over this 4-body system in order to do the job one was sent here to do.  If the starseed is still consistently living an emotional roller coaster experiencing bouts of anger, jealousy, sadness, depression, ego-driven differences of entitlement, etc., he is actually lowering his own vibration.  He need not be perfect;  however, once he has become fully conscious, he is not likely to devolve (but it’s also not impossible to digress since sentient beings operate with free will).

5. When a starseed or human expresses a “Lightness of being” (and does so as a way of life) – i.e. living genuine feelings of laughter, joy, love, contentment – the very state of these experiences raises the vibration or frequencies to the highest levels on the planet which can compensate for and counter balance hundreds of thousands even millions of individuals broadcasting at much lower frequencies (such as shame, guilt, anger, depression, fear…) For a wonderful article and list of these frequencies, see “Measuring Consciousness Levels (Dr. Hawkins)“.

6. Starseeds do indeed emit higher frequencies of vibration than your average human, anchoring greater amounts of Light energy to the planet simply by virtue of being a starseed Lightworker;  however, as the  starseed (or human) awakens to his/her mission and becomes conscious of his divine origin, his vibration exponentially increases; thus, allowing for greater assistance in the planetary ascension process.

7. To be conscious, a starseed must awaken to his mission.

8. The awakening is largely twofold:

(a) The starseed realizes his identity (though unknown in many cases) and mission as a starseed.  Note that it is not always necessary to know one’s exact origins in order to fulfill his mission here on Earth.  (The likelihood, however, is that many starseeds have incarnated on Earth most commonly from Sirius, the Pleiades, Arcturus, Orion, Lyra/Vega, Andromeda, Alpha Centauri, etc.) The veil of forgetfulness is there for a reason upon incarnation.  In fact, it can sometimes deter one’s efforts to know his exact origins should he find himself succumbing to an “us versus them” mentality…which brings us to the following point:

(b) more importantly, the starseed (and/or conscious human) experiences Self Realization–that he and all of creation in the universe(s) are One.  He sheds any mental untruths that separate him from another (being or species).  He realizes that the Creator IS the Creation.  He realizes his own God particle (aka Source Energy, The Existence, Unified Field, Prime Creator, Infinite Spirit, Central Sun, Universal Being, etc. or simply known to humans as “God”; though note that we steer away from this term due to its historical gender, cultural, political and other social inequities) in the fabric of the starseed’s being that connects him to all life forms.

9. Not all ET souls incarnated on Earth are starseeds with the Lightworker mission.  And that’s perfectly okay.  Some or many of those who feel they “do not fit in” may easily be of ET civilizations whose worlds were destroyed or have become extinct, and therefore, were given a new life incarnated as humans on Earth.  This can explain the inability to adopt the new dominant culture or the constant feeling of alienation–which, please note, does not necessarily broadcast Light frequencies.

10. As noted previously, in his mission, the starseed is here to raise the positive vibration and Light energies of Earth to enable her dimensional shift, an elevation to higher realms of consciousness into the 5th dimension.  Though often written as the “ascension”, another way of interpreting this experience is actually “descension“–i.e. higher vibrational energy from the higher realms of Light that comes from your Higher Self descending into your Lower (human) Self.

11. “Light” in and of itself is more than just “information”, however, this simplification is to assist the human understanding thereof.  In order to attain higher Light quotients in one’s being, a purity of heart – the element of Love – must be consciously nurtured and demonstrated in one’s daily life experience.  “Love” has been known in Christian bibles as the “Holy Spirit” and the “Holy Ghost”.  To humanity’s brothers and sisters who exist in the fields of Light, they refer to this Love as the Goddess Energy, inseparable from the Light.

12. Hence, part of living consciously is to activate one’s Heart (also known as the Sacred Heart to Christians, the underlying theme in the works of the Christ Jesus).  Today, many of humanity’s New Age voices carry this message of Heart Consciousness (supplanting what used to be exclusively Mind Consciousness access to the Light (again, aka Source Energy, The Existence, Unified Field, Prime Creator, Infinite Spirit, Central Sun, Universal Being, etc. or simply known to humans as “God”; though note that we steer away from this term due to its historical gender, cultural, political and other social inequities). Love & Light or “Goddess & God” exist in unison. Love is the language of Light.  It is, therefore, critical for the human to be in touch with, control of and avail his feelings or emotions–expressions of the Heart.

13. In order for the starseed to understand what it means to assist in raising the positive vibration of Mother Earth, the starseed must understand that Source and Nature are One.  This is common knowledge and practice amongst native tribes on the planet who have also anchored Light energies for the shift.

14. Hence, it is about eco, not ego. Some starseeds may find themselves entitled and above the very humans they came to assist (by separating themselves: us vs. them mentality) by virtue of being different. It’s best to transcend both the ego and the duality of good and evil (since The Source Energy is All That Is). One would otherwise actually be broadcasting dark (not Light) frequencies;  thus, defeating one’s starseed mission.  We are One.

15. There are currently almost seven billion people on Earth.  Of this number, one billion is said to awaken (if not already) as starseeds, lightworkers or way-showers on the mission to assist the planet.  That is one out of every seven people.  This is largely an eco mission.  It is about the ecology of Earth instilling in humans the need to treat the planet with Love and respect, to nurture her soils, seas, landscapes, elements, animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.

16. However, in order to assist in healing the planet, we must first heal ourselves.  Many starseeds are here to do just that–particularly help in healing humans by example through love, compassion, clarity and understanding.

17. Nonetheless, many starseeds also have 4th dimensional abilities to heal via energy healing, channeling, frequency healing (sounds, music…), telekinesis, telepathy, etc.  This does not presume, however, that those with these abilities are necessarily conscious and using these abilities for healing purposes.  They can just as easily direct these energies toward the dark as they can toward the Light (free will).  This is why it’s so critical to have a genuine loving disposition, a purity of heart in all that one is or does. “Get what you give.” “Reap what you sew.”  e.g. Loving hands that plant vegetables yield the sweetest most delicious foods for man’s plate than any factory farm–organic or not.  Likewise, angry farmers, cooks and servers or tortured mistreated animals used for meat supply will taint the very food one consumes with lower frequencies of energy, because they are not handled with tender loving care–thus becoming a case for prayer, appealing to Source or the Spiritual Hierarchy with gratitude to bless the food in order to cleanse it and nourish/heal the body;  still, even most humans today have lost touch with the very purpose of this practice.

18. For more on these topics, to realize one’s (starseed or conscious human’s) purpose here, to understand fully the awakening of consciousness, the following books/authors below are strongly recommended: (Note that it is always best to read their books than just to watch YouTube videos of their lectures.)

— “The Three Waves of Volunteers and Coming New Earth” by Dolores Cannon
— “Book 1: Anastasia” by Vladimir Megre,
— “Starseed: Third Millenium” by Ken Carey ,
— “Journey of Souls” by Dr. Michael Newton, and
— “The Complete Ascension Manual” by Dr. Joshua David Stone.


Also, feel free to read my three other pieces for a better understanding of the Heart Consciousness:

— Trilogy Series of the Heart by Mae McCaw:

#1:  HEART – Mind – Duality by Mae McCaw

#2:  LOVE – Shift – Oneness by Mae McCaw

#3: FEELING – Love – Key to Manifestation by Mae McCaw


A list of many other books – by beginner, intermediate and advance – can be found at the following link:



17 responses

26 12 2010
Pleiadian Gypsy

This article is great, thanks for posting 🙂

Knowing ourselves, healing ourselves, being ourselves and following our heart brings in more light than staring at the sky and wondering from which star we came. It’s not enough to be special and different, it depends how we apply our energy and wisdom. It depends if we have the courage to be honest with ourselves so we understand what needs to be healed, released and anchored. And that we realize what really matters to us. Is it a name, a label or love and inspiration?

I think we all go through our ego phases and limited belief systems during the awakening process. But after some time the starseed label gets old, it’s just not enough to be special and different. We want to make our life work, we don’t want to live in a self-created myth, but we want to be our TRUE self. Which is not a name or a label but an energy frequency.

The path that leads to nowhere: being focused on external questions and answers only. There’s no need to know the name of a star system, a guide or a twinflame in order to understand who we are. Our own energy is who we are.
And our mission is a part of who we are.

Missions have, in my opinion, little to do with 3D jobs and making money. A mission can be something like dismantling our own limited belief systems and bringing in more light in our own lives. It can be something like healing the past and developing a certain skill we haven’t used for centuries. It can be something like being our own guide instead of following others. The more we become one with our own energy and our higher self, the more higher dimensional energy we bring to this planet and that happens automatically if we have cleared the pathway to our heart.

I’d say: keep it simple, go with your own flow and inner resonance will show the way.

26 09 2013
Lotus Linton

This is so simple and so beautiful. It is TRUTH! Thank You.

7 03 2019
noryn⚡syra (@norynsyra)

while i agree with a lot of what was said in here, most of it is easier said than done.

have you seen the x-men movies? some starseed are persecuted severely by 3d humans. they are targeted, abused. you can’t just love and light your way out of it. we are different. and that should be respected. boundaries. barriers, not just bridges, are a part of all nature. your skin is a barrier. your skeleton is a barrier. they are also bridges. when one is being attacked, they can’t open up, they must close off. that is nature. that is God.

29 03 2019

What is your intention when you respond with “you can’t just love and light your way out of it”? Is that what you think the article is about?

15 01 2011

i agree…

2 03 2011
frank craven

I produce a public access TV show that broadcasts in Manhattn NYC and emits over the internet world wide at 9:30pm ch.34 Friday nights called WA/HA?
What’s Ailing/Healing US America? a question we have a right/duty to ask/answer! (since 1998) and this Friday March 4, has healing music Scott Nicol (from UK) Myself & Drita do cool tunes, 3/11 has pyschic/healer, 3/18 has Michele Danels activating third eye pineal gland
on March 19, Saint Joseph’s (Fathers Day in Europe & Latin America) it will be a full Moon and we’ll be doing fire ceremony in the mountains, especially welcoming in the spring equinox.

27 10 2011
Matt Pensyl

I agree with Pleiadian Gypsy: this blog – though a few months ago would have seemed far too Star Trek for me – is well-written and linear. Detailed, resonating with many other resources…even the most “rational” mind can see this isn’t a case of drinking the Kool-Aid when Haley’s Comet passes through.

That said, it resounds with strict Catholic-induced regiments. No matter how enlightened we become in the human form, we are still human in this realm. Saying don’t be depressed or angry is like telling a dog to not wag its tail…if anything, we are in desperate need of balance and harmony: and every light has a dark, and vice-versa. For instance, I get a little upset more than once each week. If my role is to help others, then I will put my heart into it…that alone will leave me feeling vulnerable. Then you throw in interpersonal relationships with loved ones, friends…that is taxing at best.

The answer, I would assert, is to follow up a bout of “dark” with a bout of light and love. Not in the way that religion has evolved to, where as long as you praise your God that absolves any depth of dark that you produced. Rather, learn to be more light and love than the opposite…and learn to overcome those ailments we have in this human form – or at least the darkest of them. If this lifetime isn’t your fully enlightened stage, it will come. And if it sounds New-Agey, there isn’t much difference found in ancient Hindu beliefs. Many are awakening, myself included. That alone is certainly creating some hefty balance for the apparent sadness of Gaia currently. Keep it real, just let the love and the light in. 🙂

16 11 2011

Matt, thank you for your comment. We appreciate your feedback. Mastering the 4-body system (Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual) is not actually a state of denial of these things, but rather a mastery of them. Having experienced both sides of Light and Dark (and finding a healthy balance) are critical in this life experience. One without the other or an excess of either tips the balance of energy. We do not disagree with you, but rather emphasize the awareness of energy one contributes to planetary vibration. Love and Light. Adonai.


11 02 2013

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12 02 2013

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1 05 2013
The Starseed Mission: A Practical Guide to the Pros and Cons of Awakening | Universal Angelic View

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1 05 2013
15 02 2014
Felicia S.C. Gooden

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5 08 2014

“thank you”

1 11 2014

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3 08 2019
Jennifer Nowalk

Absolutely marvelous! You put my thoughts out there into written word! I AM BLUE RAY! And thank you for helping me help others!

6 02 2020

We are grateful the words spoke to you with profound understanding. Thank you.

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