New Moon Update 4-3-11

3 04 2011


Dear Friends,

The New Moon is Sunday, April 3 at 8:33 AM Mountain Standard Time. Do something active, connected, community oriented, something that initiates enthusiasm and inspiration. A lot of energy can be moved during this time so make use of it. Don’t hide out in your hidey hole. Get out there and be in the world even if it is only to appreciate the beauty around you and the eccentricity and uniqueness of each living thing on the planet. Acknowledge the fertility you see around you and intend to initiate something that will be important and inspiring in your life. Think fertility as you look at your circumstances, challenges, opportunities and creative ideas.




Written by Patricia A. Liles.

New Moon:  Sun and Moon in Aries 13º
Sunday, April 3, 2011 8:33 AM MDT

They’ve packed the house with Mars, Uranus, Moon, Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury ALL in Aries.  Mars, the ruler of Aries, is conjunct Uranus at 1º, Sun and Moon are at 13º exactly opposite Saturn with Jupiter at 15º, Mercury retrograde until April 23rd.  Aries, first sign of the zodiac has much to teach us here. As the sign of the spring equinox arises out of the ocean of unconscious that Pisces represents, it generates fire power, then Taurus concentrates that energy into earthy, physical form and expression, and Gemini disperses and distributes through air – thinking, communicating, connecting.  These are our spring equinox influences evolving into summer solstice with Cancer generating the power of water energy.

Predominant Aries energy highlights freedom, new beginnings, the courage to take risks in exploring where we have not gone before, throwing off limitations, looking through new eyes to see the world afresh.  Self determination, self sufficiency, self reliance, self love occupy our focus.  A time for initiating and thrusting forth in action acting on our impulses and trusting our instincts.  New sprouts thrust forth from the earth.  Aries is innocent and authentic in its desire for justice and fairness.  Are we seeing this acted out in the world today? You bet.  Uranus is driving this show entering Aries just after last New Moon and eager to express itself for the next seven years in this dynamic sign of action.  Mars, ruler of our warrior nature and of Aries, excites Uranus on to new frontiers ~ most prominent being the frontier of our consciousness.  It’s the hero’s journey, a call to adventure, and it’s the time of initiation where we meet opposition that we cannot control.  Transformation begins.  The first degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) are always creative, uncertain and unpredictable.  We have to find a way to live with that uncertainty – to look at life through new eyes, to welcome and celebrate change.  Tremendous anxiety is created when the old structures, beliefs, habits pass away and the new emerging, but not yet formed energy is birthing itself as we are experiencing now.

The day after New Moon April 4 we welcome a significant energetic shift when another transpersonal planet, Neptune, moves into its own sign, Pisces.  Planets love being in their own sign because they express their best qualities easily and effortlessly.  From now until 2026 with only a brief retrograde back to Aquarius from September until Feb 2012, Neptune will be a strong influence for basic escapism from the uncomfortable, fearful aspects pressuring our shared reality, and at the same time, the arts and creative imagination and expression will flourish as artists tap into the inspiration of the muse, and the vast, dry spiritual emptiness of our cultures open themselves to direct experience of Spirit.  We are ready! Hungry!  Eager!  Viewed historically, many events of spiritual renewal and expansion of human rights have taken place when Neptune returned to its own sign.

Saturn, Mr. Reality, is directly opposite the New Moon and Jupiter – and hooray for that steadying influence.  Saturn is in Libra where it is exalted and where it wants Aries to be honest, balanced and learn from its experiences.  The human possibilities are wide open at this time and Saturn says, what exactly do you want to create with this tremendous amount of energy available?  Jupiter, of course, expands everything it touches, so that’s more inspiration, higher goals, farther horizons, sky’s the limit!  It’s also like gas on, brakes on.  We expand; we contract with Jupiter-Saturn.  But it’s like liberals and conservatives coming together to tackle a situation.  They both can bring something to the table and now is the time to stretch and be able to encompass both and eliminate the us/them mind set.  With Pluto’s help, squaring both Saturn and Jupiter, the face of our shadow is brought to the light and is easily seen all around us in toppled dictators, political adversaries, and in the corporate/government profit taking depicted in the academy award-winning documentary of the year, “Inside Job”.  The question now is where do we want to take this?  What are we willing to stand for? Speak out for? What do we want to create? That’s what Saturn’s steadying influence helps us focus on.  Pluto begins a five-month retrograde this month allowing us a period of time to reach into our own underworld, face our dragons and clear the path for our further evolution.

In the hero’s journey the Feminine must be dealt with and integrated, and Mother Nature is giving us a fantastic response to the out of balance old ways of greed and separation we are exposing daily.  She’s a formidable force and is receptive to our honoring, respecting and blessing her for the support and nourishment she so generously provides and that is so easily taken for granted.

Mercury has gone retrograde on Wednesday, March 30. Pluto retrogrades for 5 months starting April 9th and Saturn continues to retrograde until mid-June.  That’s three planets providing us with incentive to go within, re-think, review, recommit our intentions and prepare the way for higher frequency and stronger energies to express through us.

The Aries influences will be strong well into the middle of May with Venus moving into this active fiery sign April 21 to join Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Uranus.  Use the mantra “I Am” to activate these forces within you and give them expression in your life.  Honor the steadying influences that Saturn and the retrograding planets provide.  New Moon is the time to plant seeds to manifest in the increasing lunar cycle, so the New Moon portal is the time to ask the universe for exactly what you want!

04/04  Neptune enters Pisces
04/09  Pluto retrograde until September
04/17  Full Moon in Libra 27º – SuperMoon 8:45 PM MDT
04/20  Sun enters Taurus
04/23  Mercury goes direct

Written by Patricia A. Liles.

Source:  School of Shamanism




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3 04 2011
frank craven

The Moon is the Moon, where ever it’s spinning, but we fragmented human resources of light are magnetically pulled by it’s influence upon us as we orbit the Sun and the Moon orbits us.

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