Awakening and Activation Meditations

21 06 2011

Summer Solstice Channeling (Earth’s Ascension and the Unity Grid)

The Avarians speak about the full activation of the christ consciousness grid on the summer solstice of 2011 and how the human consciousness will shift because of it.

Summer Solstice Activation Meditation

Divine Presence, Masters and Great Beings of Divine Light, Angels and Archangels, Beloved I AM, Thank you for this opportunity to receive Divine Light into my life and into the world. May I be a pure receiver of this energy, in a way my body is able to integrate and use at a deeper level than ever before. Please bring this Light energy into every cell and fiber of my being to be used for healing and for my evolution. I ask to be a clear and radiant channel for this Divine Light to move deeply into the Earth for the healing of this planet. May the energy of this powerful Divine Light reach into the heart and mind of each person, and connect them to the awakening consciousness that is transpiring right now on earth. May this awakening of the Light of Peace and Love contribute to raising the consciousness of all beings and assist the evolution of the planet. May all live in Harmony with Divine Love from the Highest Source of Light that exists. Be it so. Thank you.

Summer 2011 (Emerald Alignment) 

Awakening / Earth Changes

936 Hz Pineal Gland Activator

528 Hz (Solfeggio) Love Frequency Emerald Heart Activation



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