Moving through the Ascension Process into a Higher Dimension with Mother Earth.

10 07 2011

Galactic Federation of Light Archangel Michael (07/09/11), High Council of Orion (07/09/11), The Arcturians (07/08/11), Isis (07/08/11), SaLusa (07/08/11)

July 6, 2011 Message from the High Council of Orion


Welcome beloveds we are the high council of orion and we come to support and guide you as you move through this your life journey. We note that many are struggling with emotions that are coming to the surface to be released and that many are holding on when the emotions surface. We guide dear ones that emotion is to be experienced then let go of. At no point in your journey was it stated that you were a vessel to store these emotions and that you must harbour them.

Illusion will teach that emotions are to be held onto. Illusion is strongest around negative emotions, we watch as many use fear and negativity disguised as love to preserve an event that in reality needs healed and transmuted. We acknowledge that negative emotion such as grief is an emotion that can feel overwhelming for humans and we fully appreciate how difficult our words and guidance may be to many. Grief is the emotion that is experienced when a human feels the disconnection from another or from a place that holds memories. Again we counsel that places are also not vessels for emotions to be stored but fully acknowledge the depth of illusion around this.

Many are trapped in the emotion of grief and further keep themselves locked in the space of the feeling the grief due to storing it within their BEing. Human BEings are energy dear ones, you are all made of energy, energy cannot die, energy goes on. Energy is always moving and never stands still despite what it may look like. The human body was not designed for eternity dear ones and is the vessel that is used by a soul to experience a human life time. That soul does not die with the physical, the energy moves to another plane of existence. No longer held in one place by the physical the soul moves to its next journey.

Many humans across the planet fall deep into illusion when they experience grief and many live for a good proportion of their lives trapped within the illusion of grief. This lowers the human vibration and will feed on itself. Dear ones we ask you to process our words through your hearts and to feel the truth in them. Your loved ones are there for you, not in the physical but in the energy that they are and YOU are. YOU are all connected for we are one, you cannot “lose” a loved one anymore than you can lose YOU. We guide you most strongly to look into your hearts and to allow any grief that is contained within your heart to be transmuted by the truth.

Holding on to places and events will also lower your vibration in that you will be steeped in the illusion of “loss”. There is in reality no such thing dear ones, another tool of the illusion to lower your vibration and keep you from the truth. Such is the fear that is seeded within the human race regarding life and the non truth of death that many do not process what has happened at all. Many stay in a state of shock and never move through it. For many the “loss” of a loved one is a direct reflection on themselves, many spend endless hours berating themselves for things done or not done when the physical was still there with them. Do you see dear ones how illusion uses your fear to keep you trapped in a lower vibration?

ALL are connected dear ones, the energy that is your loved one is around you at all times, they are more aware of the connection due to not having the physical to bind them to this earth plane. They are aware and can see the distress that you feel and pour love through you. The problem is that a human who has touched the emotion of grief will close down their heart charkas and the love that is poured through them is stuck, sometimes the love will never reach them and never be felt due to the closing down of the heart. This is illusions attempt at teaching that there is separation, there is NO separation dear ones for we are ONE.
We fully appreciate and acknowledge how difficult our words may be for many and many of you reading these words may be drowning in grief at this moment. The lifeline is to open your hearts and to begin to feel. Far from drowning dear ones opening your heart will allow you to step out of the illusion of separation into the everlasting love and compassion that is source. We are all connected to source and connected to each other via the heart. The heart knows the truth but how can the heart communicate the truth if fear keeps you out of your heart?

We guide most strongly to all across the planet that death is merely a transition. It is a letting go of the physical to experience the next stage on the soul path. Many of you have incarnated on this planet to help others and sometimes that help is through what you perceive as death. View the planet earth as a huge classroom dear ones, one where you can play and learn at will. Illusion will teach there is no time out, there is no happiness, there is cold, harsh lessons. That is done to keep your vibration low and to teach that separation is there, there is no separation dear ones. You are all connected through love.

Any emotion that brings you to fear is to control you. Any emotion that involves you moving out of your heart and into your mind is to control and we guide you to be aware of illusion in all this. When a human being transitions it is the soul of that human who has made the decision, once the decision is made there is nothing any other human can do. The soul is the decider. This is not done on a conscious level dear ones, it is done on a higher level. The pain felt by the human who is about to transcend is extended by the grief and emotion of the loved ones around them. In effect the transition is more difficult because the human part of the soul wishes to spare the loved ones the grief whilst the higher part of the soul recognises that it is only a transition to another level.

We fully appreciate the difficulty that many will have this guidance. This guidance is brought to you to help you move through one of the most difficult emotions for the human race to work with and that is grief. Living from your heart you will be able to digest our words and FEEL the truth in them. We guide you to go within your hearts and to allow the grief that resides there to be transmuted. The more you can let go of grief dear ones the closer to your loved ones you in effect are. The more you will be able to FEEL the connection to your loved ones who are no longer in the physical.

The heart chakra is your key to heightened consciousness and it is the chakra that is most clogged dear ones. We watch as humans pour people, events and places into the heart and then seal the heart. This ensures that the vibration of the human is lowered as the pain will work to spread other seeds of fear within the human body. Illness and dis-ease may then have a chance to grow and spread as the environment is one of grief and negativity. The human vibration is lowered making the human more susceptible to the illusion. This will then feed the seeds of fear and the process continues in a downward spiral.

The process that many of you are now embarking on is one of heightened vibration and connectivity with others around you. The telepathic abilities that you have will increase the higher vibration that you can achieve but to achieve a high vibration dear ones you need to step out of the mind and into the heart. If the heart contains fear, grief and other negative emotions it needs to be transmuted. This is done by pouring love and compassion through it. Love and compassion for yourself and for those who have transcended dear ones. All humans incarnated to learn and to grow and expand. That growth and expansion is sometimes through the lessons of those who have left the physical.

We step back now dear ones to allow you to absorb our words. If our words trigger anger and fear within you then please look more closely and work out why. We guide you to the truth of your existence here on planet earth. Anger is another aspect of grief dear ones, anger will sow seeds of fear just as quickly as grief will. Why are you angry? What feeds that anger? Transition is a decision made by a soul who has completed what it came here to do, that is all dear ones. It is not a reflection on any of those around that soul. It cannot be a reflection as you all agreed on the incarnation and those who would teach the lessons before incarnation, we are all ONE. Aspects of each other. It is perfectly possible for a loved one to teach from beyond the physical but to accept this you have to find the truth.

We are the high council of orion and we are your brothers and sisters from the stars. WE ARE ONE in truth and love dear ones. Look into your hearts and allow those who reside there to go. You will bring them nearer not push them away for in truth you are they and they are you. We love you, we have always loved you, we are the high council of orion.

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