Angel Crystals and Their Metaphysical Properties, Crystal Therapy, Crystal Origins, Crystal Angels, Crystal Children

20 07 2011

Angel Crystals and Their Metaphysical Properties

Angel crystals belong in a category of their own due to the many different energies attached to them and because of their connection to the angels who discovered them. The following crystals are among the most popular in the Universe.


Amazonite enhances angel communication.


Amethyst enhances intuition and promotes physical healing.


Azurite promotes energy healing abilities.


Blue topaz should be used for angel channeling development.


Carnelian promotes physical and emotional healing.


Citrine enhances spirit channeling abilities.


Emerald enhances wisdom and promotes physical healing.


Jade promotes emotional and physical healing.


Kyanite promotes metaphysical awareness.


Labradorite promotes metaphysical awareness and energy healing abilities.


Lapis Lazuli enhances clairsentience and energy healing abilities.


Malachite enhances energy healing abilities.


Obsidian repels negative energies.


Onyx repels negative energies.


Rhodonite enhances mental clarity.


Rose Quartz promotes emotional healing.


Ruby promotes clairvoyance.


Sapphire enhances angel channeling abilities.


Seraphinite promotes emotional and physical healing.


Tanzanite promotes physical wellness.


Crystal Therapy

Crystals or gemstones, as they are often called, are mainly used for decorative purposes such as jewelry. However there are an increasing number of healers on this planet who use crystals for emotional and physical healing.

Angels use crystals for several reasons the most common of them being for physical healing. Many of our Archangels wear crystals that have significant metaphysical attributes. Archangel Ária for example always carries crystal wands made of lapis lazuli, labradorite and azurite for healings she conducts all over the Universe. Archangel Raphael always carries healing wands made of emeralds and lapis lazuli with him wherever he goes.

During the 2012 transition several new forms of metaphysical healing will be introduced to us by the Árian angels, one of them being Angel Crystal Therapy. This healing method has been in existence for several millennia and is used extensively across the Universe. Another form of metaphysical healing that will be introduced to us during the transition is a very powerful method called Azúrean Energy Healing that utilizes the intense therapeutic properties of Azúrean crystals that are known to us as lapis lazuli. These crystals will be infused with Azúrean energy during healing sessions by Azúrean angels who are the only people in the Universe who have the power to use it.

When used properly crystals are very powerful metaphysical tools which is a subject we will be learning a lot more about during the 2012 transition.


Crystal Origins

Crystals were first discovered on a tiny planet called Srèiyá situated in the outer regions of the Universe. The planet has the most stunning crystalline rock formations that extend for hundreds of thousands of miles and that encompass most of the planet. These crystalline rocks are very carefully mined and cultivated for the production of healing crystals, angel energy, synthetic light, synthetic heat and purified water. The planet also has a number of pure mineral lagoons and underground caverns that are primarily used to extract the curative properties of the minerals for research purposes.

Srèiyá is one of the metaphysical wonders of the outer regions of the Universe and is known as the ‘rainbow’ planet because of the vibrant multi-color energies that emanate from it.

Crystals were introduced to the Universe by the Árian angels who are responsible for most of the technology developed from them.


Crystal Angels

The Crystal Angels are a formidable group of angels who hail from the planet of Dàrià situated in a solar system in a remote corner of our Universe. The Crystal Angels are not to be confused with the Crystal Children who are a completely different group of angels.

The Crystal Angels have several distinguishing features that include pale skin and beautiful crystalline eyes. They were sent here to serve as guardian angels to our planet and all who inhabit it. They are also here to teach us about new healing methods using crystals and minerals.

The Crystal Angels live on a planet made of pure crystalline rock formations that have curative capabilities. These angels have mastered a healing technique utilizing a compound that converts energy into crystals. One of the reasons for featuring the Crystal Angels on this website is so that the reader can learn how important crystals are to the metaphysical development of our planet. The Crystal Angels are responsible for the introduction of crystals and their curative powers to the Universe.


Crystal Children

Crystal Children live in a remote corner of our Galaxy over 500 light years from Earth in a place called Gúndria. Gúndria is a magnificent cluster of crystalline rock like formations that is home to three sub-cultures of humans – Moon Children, Crystal Children and Earth People.

There are seven groups of Crystal Children whose only form of communication is telepathy. Crystal Children resemble children ages 0-14 Earth years. At age 14 they enter adulthood, but maintain their child-like appearance. They have translucent white skin and have piercing blue crystalline eyes. Their average height is 5’2″.

Crystal Children draw their energy from the crystals that created them, which is a completely different life source from ours here on Earth. They are one of the most powerful sources of healing energy in the Universe. Crystal Children are incarnating in record numbers on our planet however they have been here since 1990 to teach energy healing.

Crystal Children were the first species to tap into the healing energy of crystals. Their unique healing energy emanates like a bright light from their eyes – it truly is a sight to behold! Crystal Children become angels at age 14 and are immortal.




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1 08 2012

I noticed you didn’t have moldavite on your list of crystals. It is an extraterrestrial crystal that came off (one of) the meteorite that hit earth. It has a very neat energy, and can be used on the throat when you wish to channel inter-dimensional messages. Placing it over your 3rd eye will also have a very neat effect. (3rd eye tingling, visions etc) Does anybody know if Crystal Children and Star Children are the same?

11 04 2013

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