Film: “Breakthrough” An Inspiring Rawfood Vegan Documentary [1:50:31]

29 09 2011

Released in 2006.

Official website:

Press Release

A “Breakthrough” Film, A New Way of Living

“Breakthrough” is an independent documentary film about the life of a raw-vegan family. It is a film about the raw-vegan diet, a new way of living and eating, a “breakthrough” in maximizing human potential.

“Breakthrough” is available on DVD at online. Brought to you by The Garden Diet and produced by Storm Talifero the film brings you into the life of the Talifero family who eat a 100% raw vegan diet. With four children ranging from 1 to 11 years old the film shows an active, healthy and creative family life. The Taliferos home-birth, home-school, and work from home.

Storm has been a raw-vegan for 30 years. At 57 years of age he appears decades younger with an athletic body-builder’s physique and the lifestyle of an extreme adventurer. Jinjee has been a raw vegan on and off for 12 years and at 38 years old she continues to rejuvenate and increase her fitness level. Jinjee home-birthed her four children and the film shows her stomach back to flat only 10 days after giving birth to her fourth baby. The birth was completely painless and ecstatic. Jinjee compares her two cooked-vegan pregnancies and two raw-vegan pregnancies crediting the painless births to the raw-vegan diet.

The family is shown climbing mountains, doing animations, playing music, preparing food, eating, gardening, and visiting the doctor for a check-up. Charts compare nutrients in raw food and cooked food. Storm’s 300 lb. nephew is filmed over a three month period losing 75 lbs. on the raw vegan diet. Jinjee and Storm talk about the deaths of their parents and Storm’s many family members who have died of debilitating diet-related diseases. They talk about why the raw-vegan diet is a no-brainer for them.

In an exhilarating sequence of scenes Storm’s 30-year old son Snow who was born raw-vegan and spent much of his life as a raw-vegan is shown climbing 7-story high Gibraltar Rock in Santa Barbara with no ropes.

As independent film-makers the Taliferos are marketing their film without a distributor. “The Internet has a huge network of people interested in the raw-vegan diet, veganism, and alternative health. As we have had our website for about 6 years we have a large email mailing list of people who have signed up for our newsletter” says producer Storm Talifero. “These are mostly people who are interested in our products. We are excited about the response to our film so far and the opportunity the Internet presents for film-makers to get their message out to people directly”.




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