Earth Averts Multiple Disasters (Update on Elenin, etc.)

16 11 2011

If you wondered what had happened with the planetary threat of a number of events that should have affected Earth in the last couple months (e.g. Dwarf Star/Nibiru, Elenin, YU55 comet, solar flares, Canary volcanic eruption, Fukushima radiation levels, etc.), it appears since earthlings don’t quite have the technology to prevent or alter these events, we have had major assistance by the galactic community (e.g. Andromedans, Kralines, Arcturians, Pleiadians, etc.)

Immense (Kraline) starships the size of planets captured on NASA cameras:

Physicist Nassim Haramein on Earth Sized Ufos Using The Sun As A Stargate.  According to him, it is impossible that these objects are comets (as comets would show significant tails).  Enough astrophysicists and astronomers questioned NASA to identify these objects, but instead they pulled down the NASA videos that captured them.  When pressure mounted to reinstate the videos, NASA photoshopped tails to the comets…

For details on Elenin, visit our original link to the Elenin archive (we keep all updates there as well): 




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