Geoff West’s Cosmic Vision News | InLight Radio

13 04 2012

re: galactic family of light (advanced beings), guiding the future of the human species, disarming earth weapons, the beginning of mass arrests of global banking cabal members (and debt forgiveness for the people), disclosure, david wilcock, ascension changes to the body, ending the structure of time, etc.

Click here to play the show’s audio (InLight Radio):

The 2012 Scenario | Steve Beckow

Well, as far as I’m concerned, history was made today.  Geoff West aired his first edition of Cosmic Vision News.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to hear the real news being broadcast. No cover-ups here.

Geoff discussed the fact that weapons will not operate in many areas of the planet, the forced landing of the American black-ops drone in Iran, life “discovered” (or cover-ups uncovered) on Mars, Iceland’s world first, forgiveness of mortgage debt, the arrest of the influential Kwok brothers in Hong Kong, and the public-relations nightmare caused by North Korea’s failed “satellite” launch.

He reported Fulford’s allegations of a possible regime change in China, the Pentagon’s advance notices of the cabal arrests,  the spread of the Murdoch scandals, recent Earth changes, and Greece’s alternative economy. He even discussed ascensionitis symptoms.

Stephen Cook was on the show from Australia and I was on from Canada. As a roundtable, we discussed the galactic view of President Obama, Disclosure, and other topics.




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