The Clean Up Continues: Andromeda Council Destroys Draco/Hydra Reptilian (Illuminati) Military Undersea Bases

15 04 2012

Source:  Tolec | Andromeda Council as interviewed by Tim Bravo (04/05/12). Listen below:

Tolec’s Mission Description only (33 min., 33 sec., 6 MB)
Complete Show (minus music) (90 min., 15 MB)
Part 1 (30 min., 5MB)
Part 2 (30 min., 5MB)
Part 3 (30 min., 5MB)

Original Show (from Extraordinary Year radio show link)


This final reptilian undersea base structure complex is composed of the following:

think “wagon wheel” in structure, hub & spokes [1 hub building, 10 stories, 100 feet tall, 50-60 feet in diameter] [ the spokes – 6 radial electronic transport tunnels/tubes]. At the end of EACH tube: 3 buildings & 2 ‘escape pods’, each pod 95 feet in diameter, 3 floors high. All pods self contained for survival can hold upwards of 100 beings.
Our people (100 people: Delta type strike force – 75 Procyon /25 special forces team members of the Andromeda Council itself)
The undersea base reptilian personnel: 10,000+ Draco & Hydra Reptilians.

The Breakdown:

2,000 reptilian warrior/soldiers, all high ranking officers.

5,000 support staff working in various operations of this extensive base.

3,000 combined ‘Cabal’ / ‘Illuminati’ top key officials, middle management, administrators, and lower-end soldiers. 2,000 of these 3,000 were genetically blended and created Reptilian/Human hybrids.

Of the many other reptilian officials we captured – 50 were top key ‘Cabal’ / ‘Illuminati’ reptilian/human hybrid Officials; and 100 were key ‘Cabal’ – ‘Illuminati’ reptilian/human hybrid administrators.

I want to be clear here: these individuals are ALL PART of the Reptilian caste system that have been living underground or in undersea bases. Even the reptilian/human hybrids. This was the last operational undersea base complex. These people, even the reptilians that look human…are not part of: Earth Human society.
2,000 combined of the above have been captured, have been transported, and are being held in high security lock-down on the Andromeda Council primary biosphere. And will all be tried by the criminal justice court system of the Andromeda Council. Again, understand, these are not Earth humans, but rather genetically created reptilian/human cross hybrids.
8,000, of these reptilian beings, mostly support workers, choose relocation to go through a star gate transported to a planet to the far edge of the Universe. From which they cannot return.



by Extraordinary Year
in Paranormal 04-05-12

Imagine a war in space – between extraterrestrial civilizations – for our future.

This is no sci-fi thriller plot, but reality.  Or at least it was, according to our guest Tolec – a person from our world who says he’s also a contactee and representative of an intergalactic body known as the Andromeda Council.
Don’t miss this special episode as Tolec explains that the space war is over, and the good guys have won!  Hear very specific details about a final operation that is now it the cleanup stage.
Tolec has come to prominence in the 2012 underground following interviews with the likes of Alfred Webre, Lisa Harrison and many others.
Tolec and Tim will discuss the greater, in-depth details of the “clearing out” of the final Draco & Hydra Reptilian undersea base, and other aspects of the on-going transition on this planet as the Draco & Hydra Reptilian lead ‘Cabal’ & ‘Illuminati’ highly malevolent power structure is being defeated, and dismantled…for good.



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19 05 2012

I’m helping too. I’m starting to understand everthings is intelligence of energy call it Ergone,Prana,Quantum E=mc2, whatever it’s the intelligence within the creators mind! Let’s be nice too each other and a message to the Dark Beings: Stop F*#£…ing things up! Do they SEE THE BLUE LIGHT NOW!

19 12 2012

In the scheme of things regarding this reptilian subjugation of human civilisation, does it mean we are waring now?

12 04 2013
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