COTC:TOL’s “Prometheus” Film Review

10 06 2012

There are three reliable human-centric points of contention that have not evolved with the times and have repeatedly surfaced in a number of films, most recently in Prometheus:

(1) The first is this obsession with the aging body in search of the fountain of youth. One would imagine that after 5,394 years of so-called “civilized” humanity, the idea of reincarnation would be a matter of fact; hence, rendering this fanatical search for physical immortality useless. That is to say, there is the promise of a new body with each return…so, what’s the point of holding on to the older model?…especially when we are likely returning with better, upgraded DNA and higher vibration or frequency each time.

(2) The second is, again, body-related though not shockingly since the vast majority of humanity is so rooted in the material existence of 3D that we (as in the “scientist” in us) would search desperately and (perhaps) misguidedly for a (likewise) “physical” creator. Surely, there is some conscious awareness (today) that moves beyond Darwinism (and Biblical Creationism, though that was largely and perhaps just misinterpreted) that proposes there are two types of creators:

(a) a tough pill to swallow for many, but the focus of the film: the physical creator or Master Geneticist with extraordinary I.Q. (an advanced being not of this world) and whose kind is likely responsible for seeding humanity on Earth (i.e. creating the “vessel” that is the human body containing what many religions refer to as the “soul”, spirit or Light energy that breathes life into said vessel or body). The film, however, does not separate the body from the Light being as two separate creations by two different creators.

Having said that, the second or ultimate creator would be the One True God (or “All That Is”…and then some) a.k.a. the Light, Universal Mind, Collective Consciousness (or just “Consciousness”), Prime Source, Source Energy, Unified Field, Infinite Spirit, etc. (from whom various physical creators would take their orders in genetically upgrading the human species through the course of history while other physical creators would take the liberty to tamper with human genetics). Clearly (though not to many religionists) if such a God were “All That Is”, it would follow that the “Creator is the Creation”, both seen and unseen, Light and Dark, animate and inanimate…which brings us to the final point of contention in the film:

(3) the arrogant (or rather ignorant) presumption that the human creation of artificial intelligent life (i.e. the android) would be a lesser creation “without” Consciousness (or as they say the “soul”); thus, dismissing him as an emotionless or unfeeling artificial being. Herein would be the quick and consistent reminder that “All That Is” is “All That Is”. Exceptions would be a contradiction. Therefore, Consciousness (even as it takes on the form of quantum mechanics or the atomic building blocks of Life) exists no less in a chair, in the air, or some artificial intelligent being than it would in the human organic form. Why would humanity assume such a Consciousness could not exist in the human creation of artificial life (if, again, Consciousness is “All That Is”)? The film emphasizes the hypocrisy between the human and its creation versus humanity’s blind reverence for its own (physical) creator, and regrettably so (as the film would have one believe). How could humanity have such disdain and inability to understand its own creation as it searches so longingly for its own creator?

That said, it is curious how the sequels will unfold as the remaining survivors search for their creators’ creator.

Transit of Venus Astronomical Event | Meditations | Return of the Goddess, June 5/6

5 06 2012

The astronomical event of the Transit of Venus:

This year will be the last Transit of Venus to be seen in our lifetime. The next will not occur until 2117. To mark the occasion, NASA will set up a live telecast of the event from Hawaii which is the best place to view it. Part II:

Or view precise simulation model:

Viewing the event safely:

Return of the Goddess Meditation:

Cobra: Venus Transit Meditation for the Return of the Goddess, June 5/6

Posted by Stephen Cook

Stephen:  And on we go to the next phase of this period of great and rare Universal energetic alignments, each one bringing us closer to the main event…

With the upcoming Transit of Venus, we have the opportunity to join together once more and make the best use of our Earthly powers via another mass meditation.

Having risen at 5.00am this morning (Sydney time) to assist the Archons on their way, I will gladly join this “Venus lovefest”, as every little bit we each do helps us all.

Return of the Goddess

By Cobra, Portal 2012 – May 27 2012


After the great success of World Liberation Day and even greater success of Reboot of the Grid, our efforts for planetary liberation continue.

This time, we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the exact time of the Venus transit on June 5th. Masses will gather and visualize the arrival of the Goddess energy so that, for the first time in 5,000 years, we will have the chance to co-create our own spiritual destiny in harmony, and replace the outdated society of war and conflict with a more advanced one of spiritual understanding. We need to have 144,000 people doing this visualization with focus to achieve the desired effect.

On June 5th/6th there will be a Venus transit, a rare cosmic event when planet Venus passes in front of the solar disk (Ed: our Sun). This Venus transit will mark a completion of the 8-year cycle of the Return of the Goddess, which started with a previous Venus transit in 2004.

Goddess energy is a pure feminine essence of Love that will help us easing the planetary liberation process. Both masculine energies of action and feminine energies of receptivity are needed to complete this process successfully. Removal of all dark entities will be a direct consequence of a newly-achieved balance of female and male energies on this planet.

We will all be doing this visualization at the same time, the moment of the Venus transit, which comes this June 5th /6st. Exact times for different time zones are:

3:30 pm HAST June5th (Hawaii)

5:30 pm AKDT June5th (Alaska)

6:30 pm PDT June5th (Los Angeles)

7:30 pm MDT June5th (Denver)

8:30 pm CDT June5th (Houston)

9.30 pm EDT June5th (New York)

10:30 pm BRT June5th (Rio de Janeiro)

2:30 am BST June6th (London)

3:30 am CEST June6th (Paris)

3:30 am SAST June6th (South Africa)

4:30 am EEST June6th (Bulgaria)

5:30 am MSK June6th (Moscow)

7:00 am IST June6th (India)

9:30 am CST June6th (Beijing)

10:30 am JST June6th (Tokyo)

11:30 am AEST June6th (Sydney)

If your place is not listed, you can find the exact transit center time for your location:


1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.

2. Visualize a pillar of electric blue Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through your body to the center of the Earth. Keep this pillar of Light active for a few minutes. Then visualize a loving feminine presence in the shape of a beautiful Goddess descending from the sky and entering your physical body. If you are female, this presence will harmonize your inner woman and make you more loving. If you are male, this presence will make you more balanced in your actions. Stay united with that presence for a while.

3. Visualize bright new spiritual future for humanity, with men and women in perfect understanding, with our society growing beyond need for wars and conflicts as all dark entities, physical and non-physical, are removed from our planet. Visualize all wounds of humanity being healed, all humanity being inspired and guided with everybody having their own connection with their own Soul and the Source in perfect balance of their inner male and female aspects.

Please do this visualization as instructed and do not change it as otherwise it will not have the desired effect.


Meditation starting in New Zealand 4th June – be conscious and present with Venus during this time till the 6th, what Venus means to you and re establish your unique connection with the Goddess.

With Rose.

The Planes of Existence

1 06 2012

“Kosmic Physical” Planes of Existence according to Alice Bailey
Planes of Consciousness according to Alice Bailey
Many esoteric teachings propound the idea of a series of worlds or hypostases as cosmic ontological gradations in the Great Chain of Being, arranged metaphorically in an “upper and lower” manner.

The idea of a vertical world-axis, a cosmic mountain or tree or pole, is in fact a common archetype, and the theosophical planes are just one particular version or interpretation of that. Another is the Tantric theme of chakras, which are asosciated with an ascending series of states of consciousness, culminating in the Absolute Reality located either at or above the Crown. From this perspective then, the Cosmos can be divided “vertically” into a number of worlds or states or gradations of being.

From the 19th onwards, the term “Planes” has been used by Theosophy, and from there off-shoot esoteric systems (such as Alice Bailey) and the New Age movement, as well as Eastern teachings that have some Western influence (e.g. , Sri Aurobindo and Sant Mat) to describe these gradations. The originator of this popular occult term is H.P. Blavatsky, who in The Secret Doctrine and elsewhere taught a complex cosmology consisting of Planes and subplanes. However the original source of the term is the late Neoplatonist Proclus, who refers to to platos, “breadth”, which was the a term direct equivalent of the Theosophical use. e.g. en to psuchiko platei [Dodds, cited in Poortman, Hylic Pluralism, vol II, p.54].

Whilst Blavatsky, Aurobindo, and other teachers sometimes use the term “Plane” to refer even to transcendent divine-absolute realities (e.g. Blavatsky’s “Kosmic Planes”, the upper three of which represent the ineffable Absolute, and Sri Aurobindo’s Upper Hemisphere (parardha) with the three planes of Sachchidananda and a fourth representing the Supermind or Absolute in Manifestation) I would prefer to restrict its use to the “vertical” series of prakritis, and “vertical” subdivisions thereof. The gradations of Absolute and Godhead are instead designated as hypostases

The “Vertical” Cosmological Spirit-Matter Gradation

We thus find established in contemporary esoteric teachings the concept of reality as made up of a number of Planes of Existence, arranged in a vertical sequence. This has even enetered everyday langauge – e.g. “the astral plane”.

Sri Aurobindo, whose metaphysical and spiritual insights and roadmaps of conscioousness have inspired a lot of my own understanding, refers to this as a vertical or ascending scale of consciousness. However, despite the widespread use of this metaphor, I am reluctant to give too much emphasis to the word “vertical” here. The reason is that the experience of a vertically arranged hierarchy of planes may very well simply be a side-effect of the organisation of the human physical and etheric body. A quadrapedal animal for example has chakras arranged horizontally, and so would experience these planes as horizontally organised. Hence my use of inverted commas when referring to this.

Provisionally, I have retained the term “planes” to describe these gradations, for no other reason than that it is familar to people coming from a western-esoteric or New Age background. An alternative term might be “prakritis”, which refers to the fact that this scale of realities is actually a scale of gradations of prakriti, from the most “sattvic” and spiritual to the most “tamasic” and material. Gurdjieff‘s scale of “hydrogens” in the “ray of creation” is another version of the same thing. Other terms used are “worlds”, lokas, etc. The term Octaves – another Gurdjieffian term, adapted from Gurdjieff’s incorporation of the musical scale in his ray of creation – is also useful, as it refers to the fact that at each hypostasis, each plane of existence, there is a full complement of subplanes (Theosophy) or resonances, which fractally repeat the whole.

As to be expected, the number of gradations differs according to which esoteric system one consults. In Kabbalah there are four (or in the Lurianic school five) major worlds, whilst Theosophical and, following them, New Age, cosmologies speak of seven “planes of existence”; each of these in turn often subdivided into further planes and hypostases. I originally referred to these ontological divisions or worlds as “Ontocosms” (Being-Universes), but there’s enough new jargon as it is. So i decided to stick with the well known Theosophical and New Age term “plane”, supplementing it with “world” or “uinverse”. Various schemas give four, seven, or ten worlds. I have used here an seven-fold division, which integrates Theon‘s Tradition, Theosophy and Western Esotericism, Sri Aurobindo‘s cosmology, and the I Ching trigrams which provide a mathematical arrangement whereby each plane can be associated with a hexagram. But really, there is no reason why this should be preferred to any other option.

And all of this says nothing of the subdivisions, of which there are a great many. In Kabbalah each of the four (or five) worlds is divided into ten sefirot, making 40 or 50 altogether. Madame Blavatsky, the founder of Theosophy, went one better with seven “kosmic” planes, each divided into 7 further planes (the lowest kosmic plane being made up of seven “prakritic” planes), each of which is divided into seven conventional planes, each of which in turn is made up of seven subplanes. That gives 74 subplanes, or 2,401 altogether, although only the last few series of planes (and occasionally subplanes) are really described at all.

Very similar is the Tradition of Max and Alma Theon, with four worlds (this seems to be based on Kabbalah) of which the lowest or Material World is made up of eight “states”., although only the lower four are really described and considered (the higher four presumably pertaining to transcendent states). Each of these lower four (the higher four not being considered here) is made of four degrees, and each of these in turn consists of four subdegrees, which presumably were in turn sub-divided. According to Mirra this was an excellent descriptive tool, and one could, by working on an undeveloped sub-sub-part of the being eventually break through and access occult or spiritual experiences [I forget the refernce, it may have been one of the early volumes of the Agenda]

The “vertical” series of prakriti as Planes of Existence and Planes of Consciousness should not be confused with the ““Concentric” “inner-outer” (or depth-surface, figure-ground, subliminal-conscious) sequence. Both refer to gradations of prakriti, but they are distinct axiis of being, although they are invariably confused by those traditions that recognise only a single parameter. Self and Non-self is another parameter that is confused – in fact there are a gradation of Selves, just as there is a gradation of Planes, just as there is a gradation of “layers” of subconsciousness (“inner”) and of planes or worlds (“vertical”). One reason esotericisma nd occultism has trouble arriving at a consistent Map of Reality of any complexity beyond the basic “perennial philosophy” is because these different parameters keep getting confused (the Theosphical diagram at the upper left of this page is a typical example of this reduction to a single parameter). And this is to say nothing of spiritual states like nirvana and liberation which are usually placed at the top of the hierarchy or holarchy (e.g. Da Free John, Ken Wilber), but as Sri Aurobindo explains is actually a sort of side-movement.

Understanding and Comparing the Planes of Existence

In tabulating different esoteric cosmic teachings, there is always a danger of putting things in a simplistic and procrustean straightjacket (this in fact is one of the shortcomings of indeed any grand synthesis – e.g. Hegel and his triads, Blavatsky and her seven planes, rounds, etc, or Wilber with his linear levels and 4 quadrants). The correspondences given here should therefore not be taken in any way as dogmatic or conclusive. I am not trying to build a fixed and rigid system; indeed any such attempt is doomed to failure.

That said, it seems that there are two main types of “maps” that esoteric cosmologists tend to use. Both have the Absolute at one pole, and matter at the other, it is the way the intermediate levels are described that differs.

The first approach maps the levels or hypostases in terms of realities that can be understood in psychological terms. In the middle (more or less) is (the rational or verbal) mind; above that are levels of higher intuition and superconsciousness, while below one finds the layers representing the irrational psyche and the life-force or vitality. Perhaps the earliest example of this arrangement is are the five self levels of the Taittiriya Upanishad, with the series “food” (body), prana (vitality), manas (mind), vijnana (gnosis), and ananda (bliss, representing Brahman, the Absolute). This had a big influence on later Vedanta, although the interpretations of, say, Shankara and Sri Aurobindo, are light years apart regarding this.

A very similar series is found in the classical West in Middle Platonism, the Corpus Hermetica (matter – vital spirit (pneuma) – psyche – divine mind (nous)), and Neoplatonism (matter (hyle) – irrational, rational, and noetic psyche – nous – Absolute). One might say that the psyche is the same as the manas, and the nous as the vijnana (or the noetic psyche as the Shankaran vijnana kosha).

These two streams met in the Theosophy of Blavatsky and the integral philosophy of Sri Aurobindo

The second approach understands the hypostases in terms of abstract (to us in the physical consciousness) visionary realities that have no easy everyday correspondences, and hence are hard to equate with each other, since we don’t really know (unless we have had the same visionary experiences) what the authors are talking about. Also, it often happens (because of this) that successive writers in the same tradition (e.g. Gnostic, Sufi, Kabbalistic) use the same jargon to designate what certainly seem to be quite different realities.

Here then we have a series of visionary angelological or divine worlds or universes, each higher of which emanates the one below it, until we are left with the objective physical as the most “dense” reality, the congealing of consciousness (the Tantrics use the example of milk that forms curd (ref Arthur Avalon/John Woodroffe ref xxxx)), Light becoming form (Suhrawardi, Luria, etc)

Esoteric cosmologists of the visionary sort may assert that these worlds, universes, or pleromas (nice term suggested by Corbin (ref xxxx), adopted from Gnosticism) can be recognised by the particular colours (Theon) or light and sounds (Sabda Surat Yoga / Sant Mat), or magical beings (Hermetic Kabbalah – e.g. Golden Dawn) native to each. Perhaps such an experiential phenomenological approach can lay the foundation for a truely universal and empircal esoteric science.

Fortunately it is possible to combine these two approaches, and to see the levels or bands of the former as referring to the microcosmic equivalent of the pleromas or universes of the latter (indeed such equivalence plays an important part in Lurianic Kabbalah (e.g. Jacob’s Ladder and the ascent of the Soul) and is specifically mentioned by Mirra Alfassa/The Mother (ref xxxx) and in post-Blavatsky theosophical diagrams of C.W. Leadbeater and Alice Bailey (example of the latter at the top of this page), as well as the psychological terminology Theon (who was Mirra’s teacher in occultism) used for the lower four cosmic levels.

This gives (Theon, Leadbeater, Mirra, New Age) the equivalence of the emotional or desire nature (called the Nervous by Theon and the Vital by Mirra) with the “Astral Plane”, and therefore the rational psyche or mind with the next universe up, and the life force principle or prana with an “Etheric plane” that is lies between the physical and the Astral (re this latter see Steiner – Occult Science and elsewhere – and the Leadbeater and Bailey cosmic diagrams). In this was one can equate the visionary universe with specific psychological strata (in addition to phenomena native to that universe)

However, things are not that simple. The Kabbalists, and following them Theon and Blavatsky (and from her the whole Theosophical and ex-Theosophical (Steiner, Bailey) tradition), understand reality as in a sense “fractal”, in that each plane or universe or division of reality itself contains a full complement of planes, and so on. (Gurdjieff also said the same thing, according to Ouspensky (In Search of the Miraculous), he provbably also got it from Blavatsky ). So, the implication is (and this is especially evident in Theon’s diagram and Blavatsky’s concept of “kosmic planes“), much more so than in the later theosophical and post-theosophical diagrams) that the psychological attributes may correspond to lower recursions rather than the original larger universes in themselves.

Thus, it is easier to understand those sub-planes or bands that are “closer to” the objective physical, and make up our ordinary surface being (what Sri Aurobindo calls the Outer Being), then it is to understand the larger and more visionary, pure supraphysical realities. This should be taken into consideration when drawing up any tabulation or map of universes or pleromas or levels opr worlds of occult consciosunses and super-cosnciosunses.

Tabulation of Planes of Existence

The following represents a suggested overview of the primary universes or self-manifest modes of the Supreme that constitute the “vertical” or prakritic planes axis of the Cosmos. This is however only one dimension, and these gradations or hypostases should also be considered in terms of the “concentric” levels of being. To collapse the spectrum of being to a single ontocline or paraneter is misleading.

In defining these levels or gradations I have borrowed from Neoplatonism, Gnosticism, Tantra, Sufism, Kabbalah, the Theons, and especially from Sri Aurobindoan concepts. If I rely upon the latter a lot, it is only because in his Life Divine and Letters on Yoga he presents such a clear and comprehensive overview of the spectrum of realities. Even so it is important to remeber that Sri Aurobindo was concerned to lay out a practical path and technique to divinization, and for this reason the states of consciousness in his yoga of ascent refer to states actualised in the physical body and physical mind, and the metaphysical planes and hypostases (which are actual states or dimensions of existence in themselves, as distinct universes) were often more described less thoroughly. Certainly he does not shy away from referring to these, and in fact is one of the very few Indian teachers who does (perhaps due to his incorporating Theosophical and Theonist ideas), but he does not distinguish between these states when actualised in the physical consciousness, and the states as they exist as autonomous supra-physical hypostases. However there is a distinction, if only in terms of “octaves” or “resonances”, and Sri Aurobindo’s descriptions (as phenomenological exemplars or “type specimens” of consciousness so to speak) is primarily concerning the phsyical embodiment, integration, and union, of these higher states.

Click to view the table below:


Divine or Cosmic Consciousness: The first stage of this metaphysically vertical parameter, the Divine Universe, the upper World of Atzilut, the plane of Active or Free Intelligence or Logos or Overmind Intuition, includes the Divine Worlds, Cosmic Gods and Godheads; intermediate between the Infinite Noetic Godhead (Logos) and the Manifest Temporal Cosmos. Neither eternal, infinite or transcendent, or finite and dualistic, this important Plane stands between the two. Here is where the One Light of the Logos or Transcendent Nous becomes a prism of many radiances, archetypes, gods, sefirot, lights… These in turn supervise the creation below. In Kabbalah this is best described as the World of Atzilut (Divine Emanation), although Sri Aurobindo uses the term Overmind, and Theon Free Intelligence. Moving up from lower finite existence, this plane or universe is experienced as a place of profound and subtle cosmic and esoteric mysteries and gnosis hinting at the Unfolding of the Logos [c.f. Gnosticism, Lurianic Kabbalah, etc], in which there is no distinction between oneself and the cosmos [Sri Aurobindo]. This iuniverse constitutes the union (in the conentric parameter) of the Causal and Supracausal (the more “outer” hypostases have alreday been subsumed),

Enlightened Spiritual Mind and Gnosis
The next Universe down from the Divine Pole of existence is the region of pure Enlightened mind, a series of Spiritual Worlds of emanated hierarchies. These are the spiritual hierarchies that emanate from and are the expression and aspects of the Divine world, the ideational Gods and archetypal or divine-Angelic hierarchies. There is no Outer or “Gross” Being equivalent to this hypostasis, only Inner-Subtle, causal, and beyond (in the sense of even more “innermost”). In Kabbalah this is the Archangelic Universe, or the World of Beriah (Creation). According to Sant Mat and to Theon there are several universes here, pure spiritual ontocosms beyond the abstract mental plane. This is equivalent to Sri Aurobindo’s Higher Mind level (which he locates above the “void region” above the head). Moving up from lower finite existence, this ontocosm, to which corresponds in part the Sahasrara or Crown chakra above the head, confers the option of Liberation from rebirth, should one choose that. Sri Aurobindo refers to three levels or gradations of spiritual mind – from lower to higher this is the Higher Mind, Illumined Mind, and Intuitive Mind (the latter intermediate between Mind and Overmind (Divine or Cosmic Consciousness). Moving up from lower finite existence, these universes are experienced as a great Enlightenment, and humans who have attained this state are seen as great saints, avatars and buddhas.

Spiritual Mind or Pure Intellect
The next Universe down, the Plane of Pure Mind or pure intellect, is the region of pure Creative Ideas. This includes the archetypal or Higher Angelic hierarchies from which originate the gnostic idea-forms that filter down into the angelic ideational planes.  The hierarchies of this Universe still have a greater demiurgic or Creative power than the Affective hierarchies below them. These are the spiritual hierarchies that emanate from and are the expression and aspects of the Enlightened Mind worlds, including spiritual archetypes which filter down and eventually manifest in the Physical universe. In Kabbalah this is the Angelic Universe, or the World of Beriah (Creation) of Kabbalah, as well as perhaps the upper part of the world of Yetzirah (Formation) (although these worlds can equally be identified with the Inner-Subtle being). It includes the highest faculties normally active in even the developed individual, and the higher unconscious in part, as well as many regions beyond normal human consciousness. The Ajna chakra (and one might also assume the Nirvana or “lower” crown chakra) is associated here (i.e. due to the fractal nature of reality, this universe corresponds to the ajna etc (just as other universe correspond to their chakras – the spiritual-gnostic to the crown, the “Physical” or Form universe to the muladhara), but the chakras still (in my understanding pertain to the subtle or inner Form universe). It includes the highest faculties normally active in even the developed individual, and the higher unconscious in part. Sri Aurobindo refers to this as the lowest of the four levels or gradations of mind – the pure Thinking Mind, or simply Mind or Mental plane. This is in its own realm pure and unsullied by ignorance; it is only the Mind mixed with the lower levels that leads to delusion and doubt, and the limitations of the outer or “gross” surface consciousness.

Universe of Affectivity
(Pure Psychic Universe(s)). The psychic or affective reality, is, like all the planes or universes, a vast region, with many subdivisions. Most often it is divided into two. The higher levels are heaven regiosn of pure spiritual emotion or Affectivity, can be called the Angelic Universe, being in part equivalent to the Kabbalistic Yetzirah and spiritualist celestial realms, and a region of pure Love and Compassion. It includes the Spiritual and Spiritual-Psychic World; the highest faculties normally active in a person; the higher unconscious in part. This is the lowest of the spiritual heaven realms or “pure universes”, and is represented by the Anahata or Heart chakra, wherein dwells the Higher Self (hence Max Theon identifies this region with the Soul degree). The lower subdivisions correspond to various psychic and occult planes of existence. Many of the higher psychic experiences, revelations, religious experiences, and so on, come from here. This is a region of great desires and passions, and a snare for the gullible and unwary, who mistake the half-luminous denizens of this Plane for an ascended master or superme deity. In western esotericism such as Theosophy and Hermeticism, this is or includes the Astral plane. Theon uses the term Nervo or Nervous. The Psychic and Imaginal also provide the blueprints for the Physical universe.

Universe of Material Form
: (Gross and Subtle Physical) The most manifest universe, the plane of Form or Matter, can also be divided into one or more upper or more subtle spiritual and a lower or dense subdivision. These are referred to in Adya Theosophical, Anthroposophical, and some New Age thought as the Etheric and the Physical. The Etheric region represents the interface between the Psychic (and more subtle realities) and the Physical proper. It also includes many refined and subtle states of existence that have little relation to our world, or only irrupt into the known universe occasionally, as UFOs and other anomalous (Fortean) phenomena. In even more subtle dimensions of the physical one finds the physical Astral region, and beyond that Steiner’s Spiritual Heirarchies. In the subtle physical also there is what in esoteric Islam is widely called the Imaginal Realm, the Barzakh or the Intermediate World, in which “bodies are spiritualitised and spirits corporalised”. In western esotericism such as Theosophy and Hermeticism, this is or includes the Astral plane. Theon uses the term Nervo or Nervous (perhaps equivalent to “etheric” – nadis etc?). The Etheric and Imaginal also provide the blueprints for the Physical universe. Below this of course is the dense physical plane is the material universe, the lower part of the World of Asiyah, which includes physical consciousness, the mundane mind, higher states of consciousness, and also the very restricted state of consciousness in inanimate matter going all the way down to the inconscience of “formless” matter (only formless when expreinced subjectively) or hyle; source of physical laws, and theatre for the soul’s evolution, crucible of self-transformation, and the working out of the Divine Plan.

These four (or seven or eight or nine or however many) Universes or Planes can also be classified into a group of lower ones, corresponding to the Eastern (Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist) idea of samsara or embodied transmigratory existence, and a group of higher planes of divine consciousness, which can be referred to as the Higher Spiritual worlds. Note that these higher worlds are not the same as Nirvana or Moksha, although if you attain this state you are certainly in the condition described as self-realised or enlightened. But Nirvana is release from all existence – higher and lower, enlightened and ignorant. Nirvana, Moksha, or Mukti (Liberation) is a state of non-being, a return to the Supreme (or rather, a realisation that you always were the Supreme). But in realising that you lose your embodied existence. You are no longer a part of the evolution of the cosmos to the state of Divinization (or Supramentalisation, in Sri Aurobindo’s term). Ultimately it is a matter of choice whether one seeks Nirvana or Supramentalisation (by choice I mean the choice of one’s Higher Self, not of the ego or finite personality)

So there are the three Samsaric Worlds or Planes – Gross and Subtle Matter (Form), Affective, and pure Mind or Spiritual-Ideational (or five or six according to Buddhism (see wheel of rebirth), but they do not use an equivalent classification to the one used here), and four Higher Spiritual worlds, which are noetic. It might be that in some traditions of Sant Mat / Radhasoami cosmology there are referred to as saguna (with form – the lower three) and nirguna (formless, the higher two), although I tend now to think that Sant Mat, like Gnosticism, pertains primarily to the “concentric” dimension of consciousness.

The dividing line between Samsaric and Noetic might correspond to what Sri Aurobindo calls the “void region” above the head; this in other words is the Shunya or Clear Light of Tibetan Buddhism. Below it, you are caught in samasara and karma, above it you have fully integrated gnosis, although there is still the karma from past actions, and the evolutionary impetus of the Higher Self.

Further, these planes and subplanes can in turn be grouped into further categories, as follows:

  • Divine Manifestation and Revelation:
    • The Divine
    • Enlightenment-Intuition
  • Higher Spiritual Awakening:
    • Illumination
    • Higher Mind Intuition
  • Creative and Spiritual Awareness and Spiritual-Psychic existence
    • Spiritual Mind or Pure Intellect
    • Higher Affective/Psychic/Heaven (Spiritual Emotion or Pure Affectivity)
  • Material and Lower Psychic Expression:
    • Lower Affective/”Lower Astral”
    • Higher Physical (Etheric, Imaginal, Astral-Physical, etc)
    • Lower or Dense Physical
    • Hylic / Inconscient

So far we have discussed grouping the planes into larger categories. But each of these worlds can also be divided into further subworlds.  There are in addition other parameters as well as the ontological series of worlds. All of which contributes to a foundation or framework for a unified Esoteric Science

And just as the Universes of Physical, Astral, Affective, Ideational, etc exist as the Macrocosm, the cosmic or objective reality as a whole, so they also have their correlates in the Microcosm,
the individual evolving entity (whether human, animal, plant, or whatever).  So we have a psychology of three primary grades of consciousness, which constitute the individualisation of the entity in that particular Universe; an Occult Psychology in other words.  In Kabbalistic terminology these can be referred to as the nefesh (in Kabbalah the psychological faculties of the World of Asiyah (the Physical and Imaginal), and one of several terms for the “soul”), the ruah (the psychospiritual faculties corresponding to Yetzirah, the Psychic World), and the neshamah (the soul-principle of Beriah, the Ideational World), although – because of the confusion between the various parameters of being in many esoteric traditions – these terms can equally (or even more persuiasively) also be applied to the “concentric” axis of consciousness.

Mastering the Bodies | Chakras | Keys

1 06 2012
  1. Mastering the 12 Bodies
    1. Physical  Body
      • 7 types of essence
      • Etheric double
      • Etheric Aura
      • Health Aura
    2. Astral Body (Emotional Body)
      • 7 types of essence
    3. Mental Body
      • 4 types of essence
    4. Spiritual Body (Buddhic Body)
      • aka Karana Sarira (causal-seed body) or, Anandamayakosha (bliss-joy sheath), Higher mind body, Ego, Causal body, Superconscious, Soul, Intuitional Body.
    5. Atmic Body (Higher Self/Soul Body)
    6. Monadic Body (GodSelf Body)
    7. Logoic Body
    8. Group Soul Body (The Overself Body)
    9. Group Monadic Body
    10. Solar Body
    11. Galactic Body
    12. Universal Body (Zohar Body)
  2. Cosmic Bodies in the Djwhal Khul System:
    1. Cosmic Physical Body
    2. Cosmic Astral Body
    3. Cosmic Mental Body
    4. Cosmic Buddhic Body
    5. Cosmic Atmic Body
    6. Cosmic Monadic Body
    7. Cosmic Logoic Body
  3. Adam Kadmon Body (Mayavarupa or Divine Blueprint Body)
  4. Chakras
    • Anchor and fully activate 50 chakras
  5. Keys of Enoch
    • Anchor 64 Keys
    • 9 bodies (overlap with the 12 bodies below)
  6. The Seven Lower Planes of Existence

Awakening as One | The Shift | New Earth (Frequency)

1 06 2012

The Great Separation

re: The Shift, Tree of Life, New Earth, Higher Vibration, Duality, Ascension, Buddhic/Christ Consciousness, 2012 Galactic Alignment (Ecliptic), Birth of a New Humanity, etc.

“You ask, ‘When will the kingdom come?’
It will not come by waiting for it.
It will not be a matter of saying
‘here it is’ or ‘there it is.’
For, heaven is not a place…
it is a state of mind.”

– the Budhisattva Issa (aka Jesus Christ)


Divine Light Prayer Grid for Protection and Attraction

1 06 2012

Original by Tachi Ren, Recreated and Enhanced by Holly Coleman, Modified by Stephen Cocconi


The Divine Light Prayer GridThe Divine Light Grid is a prayer technology which has several functions. First it is statement of protection by requesting boundaries and support from angelic forces in service to TAO-GOD. Second, it is for strengthening one’s Self and thus empowering one’s clarity and resolve. Third, it serves as a mechanism to extend the protective, clearing,healing and empowering energies to those people, objects and endeavors that are important to you. Fourth, and most encompassing, declaring these injunctions focuses your attention toward intentions, goals, and desires anchoring them into the present and opening you toward the future. Dissolving and releasing the past in favor of the now.

Praying Mantis - Focused Animal SpiritThis prayer grid may be directed to energetically sanitize places you own or occupy like your home, workplace or car. The Grid is also a method of attraction and deflection. Setting your intention for some outcome or some experience, you energize the grid to magnetize those to you. At the same time, you may specifically declare protection against and deflection of any adverse, limiting or distracting influence which may impede your clarity and resolve or lessen the power of your focused intention.


  1. Do this prayer, at least once, everyday.
  2.  Incorporate the feedback received from the previous day. Forgive any and all anomalies which were not conducive or desirable. Doing this will hone and amplify the effectiveness of this Prayer Grid with each application and invocation.
  3. Whenever some energy, emotion, sensation, or thought comes at you, in whatever way, that seems destructive or disempowering in anyway, recite the invocation for the Angels to remove residue of it.
  4.  Feel free to modify this prayer by adding adjectives or qualities that best declare your intended action. You will intuitively know the new attributes because they will pop into your mind and sometimes out of your mouth when speaking the prayer. This is an indication from Essence alerting you that the item is one that it desires you to have or work with or eliminate or expel.
  5. At various junctures, you will be asked to insert “prayer statements” or requests which could take these general forms:

    a)      My prayer is …(E.g. My prayer is complete healing of ______ and restoration of my health (or the health of  ___.)

    b)      Direct my prayer to the following concern… (e.g. I direct my prayer toward the _______ problem.)

    c)      I pray that, or for, …(e.g. I pray that any blocks to receiving love and abundance are dissolved.)

    6.  Remember that whatever remains is a signal from your Essence of something it intends you to review or continue to work with. If a cord is touched it might not yet be healed or resolved. Still, try releasing the energy but not the learning! Thus, make sure to be honest with yourself, and note all resistance.

Begin the Prayer

Momentarily shut your eyes and visualize a spherical shape. It might appear around you or somewhere nearby you; either is acceptable. The circle is the most conducive shape for stable and fluid energy to flow because it is infinite and self-contained. It might at first, appear minimal. During the process the Grid forms first by subtracting out energy and creating a vacuum. Then components are added in during the next phase. After the Grid Process is complete and you visualize it again, it will have taken on the details will appear like: texture, depth, color, size, and an energy signature. After the few moments it takes to bring this initial image into form, open your eyes and recite the invocation.

Open your eyes and recite…


“I invite and invoke Mother/Father God, Love and Light from the Source, as well as all my angels, archangels, healers and guides. And I call forth the healing and grounding energies of Mother Earth and all Earth spirits I connect with.”

“I call forth the Grid Masters:”
  • Grid level one: Destroyer Force Angels
  • Grid level two: Legions of Michael
  • Grid level three: Circle Security

“Please place a grid around myself and these persons,(list names including your own) our homes, land on which the home sits, all personal possessions including autos; and those ideas, causes, enterprises and endeavors which I value or aspire.”

Phase 1:

“Destroyer Force Angels: please spin this grid in both directions, spinning out:”

  • Astral entities, astral gates and portals, any astral distortions, adverse electromagnetic frequencies, adverse astrological influences, and any abrasions caused by conflicting traits.
  • Spin out any fears, disharmony, hatred, shame, entitlements, frustration, worry, shock, terror, condemnation, self-judgment, addictions, addictive behaviors, and all built-up disappointments.
  • Expel any self-sabotaging beliefs or behaviors, any self-deprecation, feelings of inadequacy, of unloveability, unworthiness, incompetence, unimportance, or insecurity; and dissolve any built up negative emotional energy around these or any other beliefs or traumas.
  • Spin out all harmful viruses, fungi, bacteria, and parasites on the following planes: physical, etheric, astral, causal, Mental, Messianic and Buddhaic.
  • Spin out any inner disharmony, abusiveness, enemy patterning, suspicion, resentment, envy, scarcity, greed, obsession, jealousy, loneliness, hopelessness, powerlessness, or helplessness.
  • Spin out any distortions to co-creation, miscommunications, karmic completion, monadic interaction and anything that impedes the energy signature or clear communication with Spirit.
  • Please release all parallel realities where the individuals involved are not experiencing their highest possible vitality: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially,materially, professionally, creatively, and relationally, in all ways.
  • Spin out all pacts vows, contracts, cords, agreements, indebtedness, implants, demonic entities, traumas, attachments, and limitations of any kind.
  • Spin out anything that hasn’t been mentioned in this or any other language, but which you know needs to leave the space at this time.
  • Release these energies from the physical bodies, down to the cellular level, penetrating the DNA and atomic levels, empty the quantum space all the way through my spiritual lineage and human ancestry, all the way back to the TAO/Source.
  • (Here is a place to list people, circumstances, situations that you sense need to be cleared, freed, released, or vanquished, excluded, relinquished, or removed, etc.)
  • For all involved, release these unwanted vibrations from our energy fields, including chakras, auras, subtle bodies, meridians, acupressure points, assemblage points, and seals.
  • Please release these energies from the homes, lands, possessions, autos, endeavors, and valued items, of myself and all other persons.
  • Release these energies from past, present, and future realities, from all parallel realities, in all concurrent lives, throughout all planes of existence, throughout all dimensions, in every direction all the way to TAO/GOD/Source.

“Lastly, I invoke the violet flame to further cleanse and purify the Grid, clearing out anything not vibrating at the highest levels of Love, Light, Compassion, Courage and GOD divinity.”

Stopping the formation of the Grid:

(When all your intentions or persons consciously have been mentioned and named, declare:)

“Phase 1 is accomplished. Stop weaving the Grid, tighten the container, and cleanse it of any residue. I thank you.”

Phase 2:

“Legions of Michael, please infuse this grid with:”

  • The Angelic qualities of Grace, Purity, Faith, Hope, Liberty, Compassion, Harmony, Bravery, Love, Light, Mercy, Rapture and Triumph; and all energies not specifically mentioned within the Alpha through Omega.
  • Further infuse with love: intimacy, tenderness, tolerance, kindness, centeredness, clarity, knowingness, wisdom, serenity, devotion, and patience.
  • Infuse abundant Vitality and Enthusiasm at all dimensions and aspects: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, materially, professionally, creatively and relationally, in all ways.
  • Direct all communications from Spirit clearly to me, and clearly from me to others.
  • Calibrate and infuse all my chakras, seals, subtle bodies, and centers in full connection and alignment to my divine Self, allowing me to respond to Spirit without hesitation, confusion, or doubt.
  • Infuse mastery, sovereignty, and empowerment so that individuals may experience Heaven on Earth.
  • Permeate this Grid with calm, inner peace, serenity, enlightenment, wisdom, clarity, knowingness, discernment and decisiveness.
  • Instill curiosity, creativity, levity, playfulness, joy, fun, spontaneity, devotion, follow thru and stamina.
  • Animate this grid’s connection to the Absolute Infinite Intelligence of all that is!
  • Align and calibrate all these qualities in all parallel realities where individuals are experiencing their highest possible path: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, materially, professionally, creatively and relationally, in all ways.
  • Inoculate anything else that hasn’t been overtly stated in this or any other language, but which you know needs to be in my of our Soloverse, at this space-time, in this moment.
  • Invest and anchor these grid patterns into the physical bodies down to the cellular level, into the DNA and atomic structures, suffusing the quantum level, all the way through spiritual lineage and earthly ancestry, in all directions of space and time, all the way to the TAO.
  • Imbue this vibration into the energy fields of all affected including chakras, centers, acupuncture system, meridians, seals, subtle bodies, etheric bodies, layers of the aura and assemblage points.
  • Harmonize my Personality and Ego with Essence at all planes: Physical, Etheric, Astral, Causal, Akashic, Mental, Messianic and Buddhaic.
  • Please intersperse this vibrational resonance into our persons, homes and properties, places of work, possessions, automobiles, our endeavors, and all we hold dear or sacred. And, attract more diverse, subtle and specific components into play as they are needed.
  • (Optional: Insert Prayers of Attraction. Specifically requests attracting in qualities, people, themes, experiences, circumstances, or goal, you desire to achieve or manifesting.)
  • Henceforth invigorate, recharge and fill all my energy reserves on every level and in every exchange; that I easily attract only those events, endeavors, experiences, and people which do so.
  • Permeate all past, present, and future lives, throughout all parallel realities and concurrent lives, spanning all planes of existence, in every direction, and in all dimensions, all the way to the TAO.

Completing the Grid:

(When all that has been thought of consciously has been mentioned, declare:)

“Phase 2 is complete. The Grid is constructed. Close the Grid. Thank you!”

Phase 3:

Circle Security: I ask you now to charge and activate this grid with protectors and attractors as you seal it.”

“Charge this Grid with protections and attractors which realize my intentions and invocations. Realign and pervade this grid and all aspects of Self and those affiliated with it, to higher, and more vibrant, extra-dimensional grids. Resolve and extinguish any distortions or attenuation’s on those grids or integrations between grids. Install it with vibrational resonance and with absolute clear and meaningful connection and communication to the Divine Spirit of Love and Light.”


Sealing and Charging the Grid:

 “Phase 3 is complete! Seal the grid making it impenetrable to those objects, actions, energies and entities which do not empower or enlighten me; and make it permeable for those things which I am finished with and no longer serve me to exit and be reconstituted.   Activate the grid, NOW. Thank you!”

Sealing and Charging the Grid:

“Phase 3 is done. Seal and Activate the Grid. Thank you!”

AHO! or  So be it, so it is!


Final Steps – Meditating and Integrating

  1. Now close your eyes and again visualize the grid. Have it surround you. Notice as this happens if messages, images, sounds or sensations of any kind occur. In this final sequence you are witnessing the transmutation of these qualities coming and going and any initial instructions or final comments that attended this reconfiguration. (Acting upon this is a choice!)
  2. Now you might want to take a few moments or minutes and allow t

    his new integration to permeate your Being both consciously and unconsciously; however briefly or involved that is for you.

  3. Once you’ve reopened your eyes, you may wish to journal or share with a trusted confidant, any insights or experience you had along with attending thoughts or perceived ramifications of those which arose from the process.

Sharing with a Friend

Journal and anchor what you've learned

An end to separation requires that we begin to say what is truly going on for us, and not promoting the false premise of positive thinking which is believe what should be, don’t be honest with what is. Now is the time to be with your reality and see if you can come to terms with it, while at the same time, writing a narrative that you want in your life.

Visualization for Gaia

1 06 2012

A message from Gaia, the soul of Earth:

“I am Gaia, the soul of the planet you call Earth. Just as you, I can feel heavyhearted or lighthearted. For long ages I wept, when my spirit was broken. My people were hateful to each other and my body was soaked with their blood. I weep no longer because there is so much to feel joyful about, so much to feel thankful for.

My light is not yet in full force, my body is not yet balanced. That is because some of my children still are being hateful to one another. Some of them are without love, without compassion, without the understanding that differences can be absolutely splendid when harmony and respect flow along the heart-lines.

Yet, I am joyful because I am on a journey like no other soul in this universe ever has traveled. I am going home, and you who are holding the light that is helping me move steadily and quickly forward are coming with me. Can you imagine a greater distinction than this journey we are sharing? Can you imagine a greater excitement than our ascension? I cannot!

I asked to speak this day to tell you of my gratitude for all of you. You were chosen from a great number of souls, triple the number that could incarnate and participate. This level of light service never before has been undertaken. We are playing a part in the grandest show ever performed in this universe. I feel the humility that mingles with sublime satisfaction for a job well done—in the continuum, our job is completed.

As our travels continue, many wonders are in store for you and this world of ours. You have been told of many, so you can think of them and look forward to them, but actually living in the glorious times soon coming is beyond your imagining.

All beings in this universe are watching this unfold, did you know? I cannot imagine such a vast audience! All the souls of light are cheering for us, so we shall continue giving them a good show, an experience worthy of even God’s applause. I share my heart with you and my love for you is overflowing.”


Meditation visualization to create planetary change, the following may be useful:

“By living your light, the energy you radiate touches souls around you and nudges their consciousness into questioning; share your knowledge with those who show they are seeking answers.

Visualization may be a technique more commonly known than the law of attraction, and it may be helpful to give examples such as, if you don’t want more war, focus on peace. If you don’t want more corruption in governments, focus on leaders with wisdom and moral integrity. If you don’t want impoverishment, focus on abundance flowing in.

The words imagine, picture, envision, and think about have the same effect as focus, of course, and suggestions of what to visualize that is in line with what individuals do want can be helpful too. For instance, a good life for everyone:


Visualize crowds of healthy appearing, smiling people of all ages and races strolling in lovely parks and laughing children on colorful playgrounds. Envision vegetable gardens thriving and tables laden with food, prosperous neighborhoods with trees and flowering shrubs, schools and universities filled with eager students.


For preservation of the natural environment and rejuvenation of damaged lands and seas, visualize Earth with crystal clear skies and waters, verdant lands where deserts used to be, flourishing forests.


You want humane treatment of all animals, so picture animals of every species grazing in meadows and peaceably mingling with one another and with the people.


[Imagine] clean, safe energy sources; fair and just laws; a stable global economy and equitable allocation of the world’s bountiful resources; new forms of transportation, communication and construction. All nations’ infrastructures [is] soundly rebuilt. Travel from one country to another [is] unrestricted. All who want to be employed [is], and there [is] more recreation time for everyone. Taxation [is] fair and so [are] salaries and wages. Accurate history of your world and the universal laws [is] taught. Education at all levels [is] affordable to every person and so [is] attendance at museums, galleries, theaters, concerts and sports events. Technologies [are growing] by leaps and bounds.

[Imagine you] experience living in the continuum, where all lifetimes are happening simultaneously, and you travel back and forth between Earth and worlds with compatible energy levels. You communicate telepathically with souls in spirit and in physical civilizations as you wish, and you manifest your ideas into forms.

You know that you are powerful multidimensional beings and all that knowledge and those capabilities are components of your soul. They don’t require esoteric studies or external instructions—those self-discoveries automatically come with steadfastly living your light and evolving spiritually. “


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