Divine Light Prayer Grid for Protection and Attraction

1 06 2012

Original by Tachi Ren, Recreated and Enhanced by Holly Coleman, Modified by Stephen Cocconi


The Divine Light Prayer GridThe Divine Light Grid is a prayer technology which has several functions. First it is statement of protection by requesting boundaries and support from angelic forces in service to TAO-GOD. Second, it is for strengthening one’s Self and thus empowering one’s clarity and resolve. Third, it serves as a mechanism to extend the protective, clearing,healing and empowering energies to those people, objects and endeavors that are important to you. Fourth, and most encompassing, declaring these injunctions focuses your attention toward intentions, goals, and desires anchoring them into the present and opening you toward the future. Dissolving and releasing the past in favor of the now.

Praying Mantis - Focused Animal SpiritThis prayer grid may be directed to energetically sanitize places you own or occupy like your home, workplace or car. The Grid is also a method of attraction and deflection. Setting your intention for some outcome or some experience, you energize the grid to magnetize those to you. At the same time, you may specifically declare protection against and deflection of any adverse, limiting or distracting influence which may impede your clarity and resolve or lessen the power of your focused intention.


  1. Do this prayer, at least once, everyday.
  2.  Incorporate the feedback received from the previous day. Forgive any and all anomalies which were not conducive or desirable. Doing this will hone and amplify the effectiveness of this Prayer Grid with each application and invocation.
  3. Whenever some energy, emotion, sensation, or thought comes at you, in whatever way, that seems destructive or disempowering in anyway, recite the invocation for the Angels to remove residue of it.
  4.  Feel free to modify this prayer by adding adjectives or qualities that best declare your intended action. You will intuitively know the new attributes because they will pop into your mind and sometimes out of your mouth when speaking the prayer. This is an indication from Essence alerting you that the item is one that it desires you to have or work with or eliminate or expel.
  5. At various junctures, you will be asked to insert “prayer statements” or requests which could take these general forms:

    a)      My prayer is …(E.g. My prayer is complete healing of ______ and restoration of my health (or the health of  ___.)

    b)      Direct my prayer to the following concern… (e.g. I direct my prayer toward the _______ problem.)

    c)      I pray that, or for, …(e.g. I pray that any blocks to receiving love and abundance are dissolved.)

    6.  Remember that whatever remains is a signal from your Essence of something it intends you to review or continue to work with. If a cord is touched it might not yet be healed or resolved. Still, try releasing the energy but not the learning! Thus, make sure to be honest with yourself, and note all resistance.

Begin the Prayer

Momentarily shut your eyes and visualize a spherical shape. It might appear around you or somewhere nearby you; either is acceptable. The circle is the most conducive shape for stable and fluid energy to flow because it is infinite and self-contained. It might at first, appear minimal. During the process the Grid forms first by subtracting out energy and creating a vacuum. Then components are added in during the next phase. After the Grid Process is complete and you visualize it again, it will have taken on the details will appear like: texture, depth, color, size, and an energy signature. After the few moments it takes to bring this initial image into form, open your eyes and recite the invocation.

Open your eyes and recite…


“I invite and invoke Mother/Father God, Love and Light from the Source, as well as all my angels, archangels, healers and guides. And I call forth the healing and grounding energies of Mother Earth and all Earth spirits I connect with.”

“I call forth the Grid Masters:”
  • Grid level one: Destroyer Force Angels
  • Grid level two: Legions of Michael
  • Grid level three: Circle Security

“Please place a grid around myself and these persons,(list names including your own) our homes, land on which the home sits, all personal possessions including autos; and those ideas, causes, enterprises and endeavors which I value or aspire.”

Phase 1:

“Destroyer Force Angels: please spin this grid in both directions, spinning out:”

  • Astral entities, astral gates and portals, any astral distortions, adverse electromagnetic frequencies, adverse astrological influences, and any abrasions caused by conflicting traits.
  • Spin out any fears, disharmony, hatred, shame, entitlements, frustration, worry, shock, terror, condemnation, self-judgment, addictions, addictive behaviors, and all built-up disappointments.
  • Expel any self-sabotaging beliefs or behaviors, any self-deprecation, feelings of inadequacy, of unloveability, unworthiness, incompetence, unimportance, or insecurity; and dissolve any built up negative emotional energy around these or any other beliefs or traumas.
  • Spin out all harmful viruses, fungi, bacteria, and parasites on the following planes: physical, etheric, astral, causal, Mental, Messianic and Buddhaic.
  • Spin out any inner disharmony, abusiveness, enemy patterning, suspicion, resentment, envy, scarcity, greed, obsession, jealousy, loneliness, hopelessness, powerlessness, or helplessness.
  • Spin out any distortions to co-creation, miscommunications, karmic completion, monadic interaction and anything that impedes the energy signature or clear communication with Spirit.
  • Please release all parallel realities where the individuals involved are not experiencing their highest possible vitality: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially,materially, professionally, creatively, and relationally, in all ways.
  • Spin out all pacts vows, contracts, cords, agreements, indebtedness, implants, demonic entities, traumas, attachments, and limitations of any kind.
  • Spin out anything that hasn’t been mentioned in this or any other language, but which you know needs to leave the space at this time.
  • Release these energies from the physical bodies, down to the cellular level, penetrating the DNA and atomic levels, empty the quantum space all the way through my spiritual lineage and human ancestry, all the way back to the TAO/Source.
  • (Here is a place to list people, circumstances, situations that you sense need to be cleared, freed, released, or vanquished, excluded, relinquished, or removed, etc.)
  • For all involved, release these unwanted vibrations from our energy fields, including chakras, auras, subtle bodies, meridians, acupressure points, assemblage points, and seals.
  • Please release these energies from the homes, lands, possessions, autos, endeavors, and valued items, of myself and all other persons.
  • Release these energies from past, present, and future realities, from all parallel realities, in all concurrent lives, throughout all planes of existence, throughout all dimensions, in every direction all the way to TAO/GOD/Source.

“Lastly, I invoke the violet flame to further cleanse and purify the Grid, clearing out anything not vibrating at the highest levels of Love, Light, Compassion, Courage and GOD divinity.”

Stopping the formation of the Grid:

(When all your intentions or persons consciously have been mentioned and named, declare:)

“Phase 1 is accomplished. Stop weaving the Grid, tighten the container, and cleanse it of any residue. I thank you.”

Phase 2:

“Legions of Michael, please infuse this grid with:”

  • The Angelic qualities of Grace, Purity, Faith, Hope, Liberty, Compassion, Harmony, Bravery, Love, Light, Mercy, Rapture and Triumph; and all energies not specifically mentioned within the Alpha through Omega.
  • Further infuse with love: intimacy, tenderness, tolerance, kindness, centeredness, clarity, knowingness, wisdom, serenity, devotion, and patience.
  • Infuse abundant Vitality and Enthusiasm at all dimensions and aspects: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, materially, professionally, creatively and relationally, in all ways.
  • Direct all communications from Spirit clearly to me, and clearly from me to others.
  • Calibrate and infuse all my chakras, seals, subtle bodies, and centers in full connection and alignment to my divine Self, allowing me to respond to Spirit without hesitation, confusion, or doubt.
  • Infuse mastery, sovereignty, and empowerment so that individuals may experience Heaven on Earth.
  • Permeate this Grid with calm, inner peace, serenity, enlightenment, wisdom, clarity, knowingness, discernment and decisiveness.
  • Instill curiosity, creativity, levity, playfulness, joy, fun, spontaneity, devotion, follow thru and stamina.
  • Animate this grid’s connection to the Absolute Infinite Intelligence of all that is!
  • Align and calibrate all these qualities in all parallel realities where individuals are experiencing their highest possible path: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, materially, professionally, creatively and relationally, in all ways.
  • Inoculate anything else that hasn’t been overtly stated in this or any other language, but which you know needs to be in my of our Soloverse, at this space-time, in this moment.
  • Invest and anchor these grid patterns into the physical bodies down to the cellular level, into the DNA and atomic structures, suffusing the quantum level, all the way through spiritual lineage and earthly ancestry, in all directions of space and time, all the way to the TAO.
  • Imbue this vibration into the energy fields of all affected including chakras, centers, acupuncture system, meridians, seals, subtle bodies, etheric bodies, layers of the aura and assemblage points.
  • Harmonize my Personality and Ego with Essence at all planes: Physical, Etheric, Astral, Causal, Akashic, Mental, Messianic and Buddhaic.
  • Please intersperse this vibrational resonance into our persons, homes and properties, places of work, possessions, automobiles, our endeavors, and all we hold dear or sacred. And, attract more diverse, subtle and specific components into play as they are needed.
  • (Optional: Insert Prayers of Attraction. Specifically requests attracting in qualities, people, themes, experiences, circumstances, or goal, you desire to achieve or manifesting.)
  • Henceforth invigorate, recharge and fill all my energy reserves on every level and in every exchange; that I easily attract only those events, endeavors, experiences, and people which do so.
  • Permeate all past, present, and future lives, throughout all parallel realities and concurrent lives, spanning all planes of existence, in every direction, and in all dimensions, all the way to the TAO.

Completing the Grid:

(When all that has been thought of consciously has been mentioned, declare:)

“Phase 2 is complete. The Grid is constructed. Close the Grid. Thank you!”

Phase 3:

Circle Security: I ask you now to charge and activate this grid with protectors and attractors as you seal it.”

“Charge this Grid with protections and attractors which realize my intentions and invocations. Realign and pervade this grid and all aspects of Self and those affiliated with it, to higher, and more vibrant, extra-dimensional grids. Resolve and extinguish any distortions or attenuation’s on those grids or integrations between grids. Install it with vibrational resonance and with absolute clear and meaningful connection and communication to the Divine Spirit of Love and Light.”


Sealing and Charging the Grid:

 “Phase 3 is complete! Seal the grid making it impenetrable to those objects, actions, energies and entities which do not empower or enlighten me; and make it permeable for those things which I am finished with and no longer serve me to exit and be reconstituted.   Activate the grid, NOW. Thank you!”

Sealing and Charging the Grid:

“Phase 3 is done. Seal and Activate the Grid. Thank you!”

AHO! or  So be it, so it is!


Final Steps – Meditating and Integrating

  1. Now close your eyes and again visualize the grid. Have it surround you. Notice as this happens if messages, images, sounds or sensations of any kind occur. In this final sequence you are witnessing the transmutation of these qualities coming and going and any initial instructions or final comments that attended this reconfiguration. (Acting upon this is a choice!)
  2. Now you might want to take a few moments or minutes and allow t

    his new integration to permeate your Being both consciously and unconsciously; however briefly or involved that is for you.

  3. Once you’ve reopened your eyes, you may wish to journal or share with a trusted confidant, any insights or experience you had along with attending thoughts or perceived ramifications of those which arose from the process.

Sharing with a Friend

Journal and anchor what you've learned

An end to separation requires that we begin to say what is truly going on for us, and not promoting the false premise of positive thinking which is believe what should be, don’t be honest with what is. Now is the time to be with your reality and see if you can come to terms with it, while at the same time, writing a narrative that you want in your life.



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