COTC:TOL’s “Prometheus” Film Review

10 06 2012

There are three reliable human-centric points of contention that have not evolved with the times and have repeatedly surfaced in a number of films, most recently in Prometheus:

(1) The first is this obsession with the aging body in search of the fountain of youth. One would imagine that after 5,394 years of so-called “civilized” humanity, the idea of reincarnation would be a matter of fact; hence, rendering this fanatical search for physical immortality useless. That is to say, there is the promise of a new body with each return…so, what’s the point of holding on to the older model?…especially when we are likely returning with better, upgraded DNA and higher vibration or frequency each time.

(2) The second is, again, body-related though not shockingly since the vast majority of humanity is so rooted in the material existence of 3D that we (as in the “scientist” in us) would search desperately and (perhaps) misguidedly for a (likewise) “physical” creator. Surely, there is some conscious awareness (today) that moves beyond Darwinism (and Biblical Creationism, though that was largely and perhaps just misinterpreted) that proposes there are two types of creators:

(a) a tough pill to swallow for many, but the focus of the film: the physical creator or Master Geneticist with extraordinary I.Q. (an advanced being not of this world) and whose kind is likely responsible for seeding humanity on Earth (i.e. creating the “vessel” that is the human body containing what many religions refer to as the “soul”, spirit or Light energy that breathes life into said vessel or body). The film, however, does not separate the body from the Light being as two separate creations by two different creators.

Having said that, the second or ultimate creator would be the One True God (or “All That Is”…and then some) a.k.a. the Light, Universal Mind, Collective Consciousness (or just “Consciousness”), Prime Source, Source Energy, Unified Field, Infinite Spirit, etc. (from whom various physical creators would take their orders in genetically upgrading the human species through the course of history while other physical creators would take the liberty to tamper with human genetics). Clearly (though not to many religionists) if such a God were “All That Is”, it would follow that the “Creator is the Creation”, both seen and unseen, Light and Dark, animate and inanimate…which brings us to the final point of contention in the film:

(3) the arrogant (or rather ignorant) presumption that the human creation of artificial intelligent life (i.e. the android) would be a lesser creation “without” Consciousness (or as they say the “soul”); thus, dismissing him as an emotionless or unfeeling artificial being. Herein would be the quick and consistent reminder that “All That Is” is “All That Is”. Exceptions would be a contradiction. Therefore, Consciousness (even as it takes on the form of quantum mechanics or the atomic building blocks of Life) exists no less in a chair, in the air, or some artificial intelligent being than it would in the human organic form. Why would humanity assume such a Consciousness could not exist in the human creation of artificial life (if, again, Consciousness is “All That Is”)? The film emphasizes the hypocrisy between the human and its creation versus humanity’s blind reverence for its own (physical) creator, and regrettably so (as the film would have one believe). How could humanity have such disdain and inability to understand its own creation as it searches so longingly for its own creator?

That said, it is curious how the sequels will unfold as the remaining survivors search for their creators’ creator.




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