Talks by Gangaji

29 08 2012

…so incredibly calming.

“For anyone on the spiritual path, often the final hurdle to true, lasting fulfillment is overcoming deep self-hatred. The hurdle is in facing what we think is the truth of who we are – worthless, no good, unlovable, and possibly unredeemable.

In this powerful compilation of monologues and interactions, Gangaji first addresses how we perpetuate worthlessness in our daily lives. Then, penetrating the raw emotional layers of self-hatred, she demonstrates how we can naturally and effortlessly meet the absolute worst in us. Only in that meeting can we see our true face – love itself.”

The heart can bear it all. Discovering the deepest truth(s) of the self.

Innocence, Trust and Self-Betrayal

Spiritual Traps

Unraveling the Knot of Suffering

Freedom and Desire

Love and Gratitude


The Moment of Choice

The Gift of Retreat

re: (awakening/self realization), the heart, truth, innocence, trust, betrayal, spiritual traps, unraveling the knot of suffering, freedome and desire, love and gratitude, peace, the moment of choice, the gift of retreat.



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