Drunvalo Melchizedek’s ASCENSION Replay (Healing with the Masters)

14 11 2012

Drunvalo’s fascinating show elevated us.  His insights were so profound, we tapped into energy never before explored and our perspectives were completely transformed.  Drunvalo explained that, to really make a difference in everything and for everyone, our thoughts and creations must come from the heart – not the brain.

Inside of our sacred space of the heart, our souls recorded everything we need to know – including ALL we need to know once we got to earth – to fulfill a very specific assigned purpose and mission.

Drunvalo offered us in-depth direction on how to access and remember the miraculous connection to our heart space and we all felt the real possibility to gain higher consciousness and develop an entirely new sense of knowing.

CLICK REPLAY (on the left) or click the link: http://www.healingwiththemasters.com/audio-replays ENTER PASSWORD: HEALING

Use the password to access all content on the site
Fast forward to 3:00 (minutes) in the audio to skip the intro announcements.




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