#5c: FEELING – Love – Key to Manifestation

27 12 2012

156242_170216816344871_5413557_nby Mae McCaw

(Divine) Love and (Eternal) Light. Goddess and God. Energy of the Feminine and Masculine. Holy Spirit and God the Father. Vibration and The Unified Field. Desire and Intention. Heartfelt and Mindfulness. Emotions and Intelligence. Compassion and Wisdom. Passion and Imagination. Feeling and Thinking/Envisioning.

The parallel is all around us. The combination of the two within the material world yields the greatest version of ourselves in perfect harmony and abundance = All Creation = Physical Realm = Action = Experience…circling back to the Light or “Wisdom” which is Knowledge Applied, i.e. Experience of Itself infinitely expanding into the vast reaches of the Universe(s). We are always becoming greater than who we are, but that limitless potential and dominion/mastery of the third dimension is made manifest as we awaken to the realization of the Great God Self within our Hearts. Love is the language of Light. Love is our Truth, Feelings–our truth-teller.

Our expression of emotions or how we “Feel” about our experience, condition, person, place or thing makes us unique as a species. The deliberate effort to awaken our hearts has been over 2,000 years in the making as we enter the Age of Aquarius–the Golden Age or the Age of Light here on this day 21.DEC.2012 of the Great Shift.

Nearly 15 years ago when I wrote the poem below, I may not have been entirely conscious of the Divine Feminine/Masculine significance within each of us, but today it makes a great deal more sense:

Go beyond that which we see,
Feel…and we’ll know what’s True
Hence knowledge into Wisdom blooms
if Action follows through.

Higher Feeling asserts itself
to stir and shake our Hearts.
It’s Truth engaged in Who We Are
Defines us from the start. – McCaw 2.26.98

We’ve heard this before…that in essence, there are only two emotions: Love and Fear. Under each umbrella is an array of feelings that when coupled with one’s thoughts (and visualizations) about those feelings yield one’s life experience–positive or negative (the Universe does not judge). Feel your way through the answers within your own life as your feelings will never lie to you. Unfortunately, most men in society have been conditioned to deny their emotions or view them as a weakness.

The fear or inflicted discord (i.e. bad feelings you create in yourself or another) that you maintain consequently prolongs the negative experience by virtue of breaking the Law of Love. They say the greatest sin you can commit is making someone (man, woman, child, animal, plant…) “feel bad”–this, because all is energy, and that negative energy you have created or maintain sticks to you. And so the saying goes: You reap what you sow. The mistreatment of Creation is a karmic imbalance that eventually balances itself within or across lifetimes based on one’s (re)action to the karmic adjustment. This karma exists at an individual level or on a collective/national/global scale. It is best to accept, come to terms with your feelings and release your discord with Love and forgiveness.

Love is the active agent of Spiritual/Mental/Emotional/Physical Mastery. Love is the Genie of Dreams, of Abundance. The stronger you feel about your Highest desire, the faster you bring it into being.

The necessary caveats to the creative process, however, are below:

  1. You are following and sourcing your Highest Self (i.e. your inner God Self), hence surrendering your outer will (or the will of your lower self).
  2. You adhere to the Law of Love by pouring out Peace, Blessing and Gratitude to all of Creation, especially to Mother Earth!
  3. Your intention is from a purity of Heart for the Greatest Good without judgment, ego, malice or infringement of the will of another. (This is critical because once you judge anything as good or bad, you then separate yourself from it and invariably defeat the notion of “Oneness” to which you could have awoken. Love the illness/the cancer, the ego, the enemy, the darkness… in order to transcend the duality and feel the unity.)
  4. That which you desire is ALREADY GRANTED. (You feel this as your Truth and so Believe/have Faith in it.)

Along with the caveats above, genuinely add the FEELING of Love (Joy, Passion, Compassion, or Forgiveness) and Gratitude that comes from your Heart to any of the following creative methods: Put hand to Heart in order to activate the Heart center.

Meditation (for Peace, Freedom and Unity) = Stillness + Clarity + Mindful Breathing + Love

Prayer for yourself or someone else (re: Health, Help, Strength…) = Words + Permission from the Higher Self of Others + Love

Ancient Image Science (into Personal Being) = Step-by-Step Imagery (sometimes at the atomic level) + Specific Imagery of Completion + Love…

Affirmation (into Personal Being)= Clear Thoughts/Intention + Application of Parallel Senses (Sights, Smells, Sounds) + Present Tense Written/Spoken Words + Love

Visualizations* (into Personal Being) = Clear Thoughts/Intention + Written Plan + Specific Imagery of Completion + Love

Vision Boards* (into Personal Being) = Graphics/Photos you select also trigger the Feeling of Love within as you create your board.

*Keep the Visualizations and Vision Boards secretly to yourself (non interference of other energies). Once you finish doing your Visualizations and/or Vision Board, you need only do it ONCE. You may store it after that.

The following video audio says it all in bringing together EMOTIONS, FEELINGS, LOVE, the HEART and its critical importance in the material world, specifically on Mother Earth:  (Note: This was originally released 20 yrs ago in 1992. There is reference to the end of this 20 yr period–now, 2012.)


These Meditation Notes are part of a trilogy:

#5a:  HEART – Mind – Duality

#5b:  LOVE – Shift – Oneness

#5c: FEELING – Love – Key to Manifestation

#5b: LOVE – Shift – Oneness

27 12 2012


by Mae McCaw

In essence, everything is related.  When we discuss this “Shift” occurring on the planet, in addition to each individual’s grand Awakening to his/her Divine Self (i.e. the Oneness), we are also talking about Mother Earth’s Shift from 3D to 5D.  But what does that mean, exactly?  3D is said to be the last realm in which Fear co-exists with Love in a material world–this, for its own reasons as a platform for personal growth in order to experience the full continuum of emotions that (physical) life has to offer.  In the 3D, a clear Duality is the main deterrent from the experience of Oneness, of unity.  Humans often find themselves in an outlook that is either/or–e.g. love of self vs the unconditional love of others, service to self vs service to others, one group pitted against another, and so forth.  Both the ego and emotions are untamed, largely directed – often misled – by the Mind.  Duality is never powered by the Heart.  It is the gatekeeper of the Mind that creates these divisions.

We are on the brink of entering this new epoch of 5D Consciousness;  some are already there, but it can only be reached through a purity of Heart.  5D is the realm of Love unconditional, a uniting force that transcends duality.  Whilst it may not have been identified as such during the dominant  patriarchal or male aspect of the current world civilization that is moving into transition, Love is what has been called the Holy Spirit in religious text.  (It is said that roughly every 13,000 years or half of the Earth’s 26,000-year wobble, we move from masculine to feminine and then back – feminine to masculine – energy dominating the planet.)  The rule of One (God) is inseparable from the rule of One Love, the FEMININE aspect of Prime Creator/Creation.  Love is Goddess energy.  Only Love is real, they say, and it is through our Hearts that we FEEL this energy into being, birthing this higher consciousness into our lives and our planet.

As we awaken from the lull of duality and ascend into the fields of Light (i.e. Enlightenment), we move beyond the consciousness of this  dimension and understand with Love the Oneness that is our true heritage.  We are not just the word or the page, chapter or the book.  We are the entire library–all libraries.  We are every story ever told–every man, woman and child, all colors, races, rich and poor, big and small, powerful and weak, able and disabled, etc. We are the children of Mother Earth, the cellular context that is her landscape.  We are not just our species; we are flora and fauna, mountains and rocks, elements and elementals, space and time…  We are Earth, moon, sun and stars–the cosmos and dark matter that binds us all.  We have eternity to experience the majesty of this Oneness that traverses the universe(s) by virtue of the basic tenet of that which is a sentient being–free will.  We – each of us – decide when we are ready to embrace this Shift, Oneness, Love.


These Meditation Notes are part of a trilogy:

#5a:  HEART – Mind – Duality

#5b:  LOVE – Shift – Oneness

#5c: FEELING – Love – Key to Manifestation



17 12 2012

This schedule is subject to change.
Please note that “Waves of Unity” refer to times when people unify globally with shared practices.

*** HeartMeditators.com Message:  If you would like a little guidance, the MEDITATION PREP (notes, below) were updated to include some critical revisions. Feel free to use for your upcoming meditations:  (It doesn’t matter if you are local or global.)  http://heartmeditators.wordpress.com/2012/12/11/meditation-prep-east-print/   ***

[All times listed are in Pacific Time / Timezone Converter]


Tickets/Website:  http://birth2012la.com/event

  • 11:30 am—Los Angeles Agape program goes live

12:00 noon—The Global Birth Moment – meditation and prayer worldwide

  • 1:00 pm—Singalong from LA
  • 2:00 pm—“Global Laugh” from LA
  • 2:50 pm—Presentation of Declaration of Interdependence at Wainwright House
  • 3:00 pm—“All You Need is Love” singalong in LA with children’s choir
  • 3:30 pm—LA program over, transition to Boulder
  • 3:32 pm—Boulder for Hub and Town Hall orientation
  • 4:00 pm—Chiang Mai for Thai cultural performances
  • 4:20 pm—Atlanta event
  • 4:30 pm—Open to feeds from other events (Boston, Chicago, Toronto, etc.)
  • 5:00 pm—Tucson begins program – Mayor, Tribal Children’s Dancers
  • 6:00 pm—Maui event with Ram Dass, Children’s Song for Peace, traditional ceremony with Hawaii elders
  • 7:00 pm—Switching to other celebrations
  • 7:30 pm—Message from Mayan elders, Chichen Itza
  • 8:30 pm—Tucson: Tony Redhouse Native American ceremony
  • 8:50 pm—Planetary smile and New Earth tone at the end after panning through celebrations worldwide
  • 8:55 pm—Goodbyes from Agape
  • 9:00 pm—End of Global Webcast, start of Los Angeles Afterparty


  • 3:00am—live feed from Chichen Itza with J.J. Hurtak
  • 3:11am—“Galactic Alignment” point; moment of synchronized peace with people gathered at major ceremonial centers
  • 3:30am—Welcoming Committee and Evolutionary Leaders pre-records regarding significance of shift into a new era
  • 4:30am—Possible Gaiam shows on 2012  (Lisa Garr, George Noory, Regina Meredith, interviewing 2012 leaders)
  • 7:50am—broadcast of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s films: “Visions,”(113 min.) and “Our Story” (38 min.)
  • 10:25am—rebroadcast of Barbara’s “Theater of Our Birth” (90 min.)
  • 11:55pm Welcome—begin live narration from Los Angeles with Barbara and Stephen

12:00pm—three minutes of meditation with Unify/Be the Peace in first moment of global unification; lighting of candles at Agape and around the world; Shiva Rea introduces Salute the Dawn yoga wave

  • 12:15pm—Dawn ceremony from Byron Bay, Australia
    12:40—Guatemala feed with Rigoberta Menchu
  • 1:00pm—Glastonbury feed
  • 1:10pm—Giza Pyramid event
  • 1:30 pm—Introducation, and cut to Shyla Nelson of One Earth.One Song in Washington, DC (see next)

2:00pm—“Ishay Oluwa” African song sung in unison and led by Shyla Nelson; song feeds from major event in Sydney (broadcast by BBC in Australia) + live broadcast from Cathedral church in Lagos, Nigeria (broadcast by Nigerian TV)

  • 2:25pm—Teotihuacan, Mexico: Grotto ceremony; talks by don Miguel Ruiz and Mario Don at Pyramid of the Sun
  • 2:50pm—Tsunami of Love from Narragansett Town Beach, RI
  • 3:00pm—Christchurch in New Zealand – Bernie Prior with Maori elders
  • 3:10pm—Teotihuacan, Mexico (part 2) – Grotto ceremony talks; don Miguel Ruiz, Mario Don at Pyramid of the Sun
  • 3:45pm—Grandmother Flordemayo and indigenous grandmothers from New Mexico

4:00pm—Teotihuacan drumming with 700 drummers

  • 4:10pm—Chichen Itza, Mexico: Mayan fire ceremony + presenters (local Mayan pueblo leaders); Eagle & Condor sacred hoop
  • 5:50pm—Lighting of Peace Candle with Dot Maver–Lifebridge, Rosendale, NY

6:00pm—Qigong broadcast by Master Mingtong Gu

  • 6:30pm—Fire show from Chichen Itza
  • 6:50 pm—live interview from LA: Oscar Miro-Quesada & Barbara Marx Hubbard
  • 7:00pm—Aboriginal noon-time ceremony at Byron Bay, Australia
  • 7:35 pm—Grail Springs, Canada
  • 7:45pm—Live Interview from LA: Neale Donald Walsch and Barbara Marx Hubbard
  • 7:55pm—Introduction of Japan for World Peace Prayer and prayer flag ceremony

8:00pm—World Peace Prayer and prayer flag ceremony from Mt. Fuji, Japan

  • 8:20pm—Los Angeles music and commentary
  • 8:30pm—New York “Ascension Ball” midnight celebration, speakers
  • 9:03pm—Agape music, dance, and comedy with Rickie Byars Beckwith
  • 9:30pm—introduction of India from LA
  • 9:35pm—Rishikesh, India: Aarti followed by India material mixed with live feeds from LA
  • 10:05pm—India + other locations and artists
  • 10:20 pm—switch to Coimbatore feed with Sadhguru in S. India

10:30pm—One Billion Oms, India feed from South India led by Sadhguru

  • 10:40pm—live feeds from Los Angeles Agape Center: music and performers


12:00am—“Breathe As One” live from Los Angeles: music/celebration at turning midnight Dec. 22nd

  • 12:10am—end music from Los Angeles Agape
  • 12:10am—highlights from the 21st
  • 1:00am—other highlights and interviews

2:00am—Muslim prayers to Mecca perhaps?

  • 2:30am—Feeds from Australia events
  • 3:30am—Findhorn in Scotland

NITY  9: 
4:00 am—Led from Findhorn in Scotland

  • 4:30am—Other Europe, France, etc.
  • 5:00am—Ghana, other live Africa feeds

6:00am—TBD: Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and possible other South American sites

  • 7:00am—Yoga/Sun Salute to the New Dawn in Los Angeles, led by Shiva Rea
  • 7:10am—Chicago: Sisters of St. Josephine
  • 7:20am—Chiang Mai, Thailand concert event—Pato Banton, Ras I Ray
  • 7:45—Rio de Janeiro

8:00am—Hebrew prayers at sunset in Jerusalem, Israel

  • 9:00am—Philadelphia event, signing of Declaration of Interdependence
  • 9:20 am—Various Unity churches

10:00am—Unity prayer around the world at Missouri Unity Village, then to other remote Unity locations

  • 10:40am—Native American blessing – Tucson
  • 10:50am—Lynne McTaggart’s “Intention Experiment” likely
  • 11:00am—Jerusalem event featuring Thomas Hubl + Rabbi, Priest, Imam

Judy Satori December 2012 – NEW Message from the Star Nations

13 12 2012

“Traffic jam around the Sun” This is actual NASA footage taken JULY 13, 2012. These massive (some planet-sized and larger) ships have been here for quite some time. It’s possible we are just now seeing a plethora of them as the Earth’s vibration frequency rises with the Dimensional Shift, these higher extradimensional advanced beings (and their light ships) become more visible to us.
Image Source: http://SOHOwww.nascom.nasa.gov//data/REPROCESSING/Completed/2012/c3/20120713/20120713_1618_c3_512.jpg

HEART – Mind – Duality

9 12 2012

003by Mae McCaw

In ancient times particularly Hindu, Buddhist, Daoist, even Atlantean / Lemurian traditions raising Consciousness was centered in the Mind from the activation of the Third Eye (i.e. 1. the pea size pituitary gland of the sixth chakra located behind the center of our forehead, between our eyes; and 2. the cone-shaped pineal gland of the seventh chakra located in the middle of the brain behind and just above the pituitary gland–together, must join their essence in order to open the Third Eye) or as commented in a previous post:

“When our Consciousness is raised from the medulla oblongata – center of the ego – to the frontal lobe (i.e. Christ center or Third Eye), our Consciousness is risen and too, by our eight sense, or intuition. If we learn to focus from the frontal lobe this is a start to higher consciousness. Many, until learned knowledge and through meditation, are ego-centered/driven. Energy needs to be raised from the back of the brain to the front.” – Laura Scott

And whilst this is true, however, there has been a great shift of Consciousness from the Mind to the HEART as some would say with the advent of the Light Being known as Jesus (who, worldwide, symbolizes the “Sacred Heart”) and ushered in the Age of Pisces for the past 2,012 years (since zero point). He is not alone in delivering this message of the Heart to humanity. Other Light Beings or Ascended Masters of Earth did the same: Goddess Hathor of Egypt and the compassionate Goddess Quan Yin of China (i.e. the same Light Being  – the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara – who has incarnated as the entire line of Dalai Lamas in Tibet) teach us that Christ Consciousness – not necessarily to be confused with Jesus Christ – is a matter of the Heart. There are also others among the Ascended Masters–Aengus (Irish), Dana (Celtic), Devi (Hindu), Ishtar (Sumerian/Babylonian), Isis (Egypt), Lord Maitreya, Mother Mary (Christian), Vywamus, etc.

Yet, it is true that to this day you can also raise Consciousness through the activation of your Third Eye, but this takes many years (minimum on average of two to three decades) of devoted practice of, for example, Kundalini, Samadhi, Kriya, etc. The current rays of Light energies pouring into the planet at this time which is assisting in the dimensional shift has made it possible for humans to shorten this process of Enlightenment (or Awakening Christ Consciousness) by activating the Heart (not simply the heart chakra).

But remember that the Awakening is not only the activation of the Heart, it is as noted previously as the self-realization of one’s true Divine identity:

“You know yourself as an expression of Universal Being [i.e. Source Energy/ Infinite Spirit/ Prime Creator…], as a cell in the terrestrial body of the One whose Consciousness is now awakening in the human family, a consciousness that is ultimately, and beautifully, your own. One Being is the source of all creatures… To know yourself as an awakened individual is to also know yourself as the being of the surrounding context.” – Ken Carey, Starseed Trasmissions

Understanding that this identity is both the Creator and the Creation helps us to awaken to the Oneness – feeling and knowing ourselves in others – that goes beyond the limitation of Duality. We are not just the Light; we are also the Dark. Until we embrace all sides of ourselves (and our collective creation on this Earth e.g. wars, famine, inequality, as well as joy and peace, etc.) with COMPASSION and EMPATHY from our HEARTS , we simply feed the growth of our own denial–creating more darkness. Intellectualizing this compassion from the Mind center is not the same as FEELING it from our Hearts. We must begin to approach life by Being, Giving, and Choosing LOVE as we understand that Love IS the Heart of Consciousness.


These Meditation Notes are part of a trilogy:

#5a:  HEART – Mind – Duality

#5b:  LOVE – Shift – Oneness

#5c: FEELING – Love – Key to Manifestation


“The Duality Polarity – God Does Not Take Sides”

“Awakening as One | The Shift | New Earth (Frequency)” – Watch the Duality video:

“The Awakening (that we asked for)” by Ken Carey

“#4 Meditation Notes: The Awakening” by Mae McCaw

The Electromagnetic (Radiation) Spectrum and its Health Risks

5 12 2012


Note to Women (but generally everyone): Breast cancer for women is the most common result from daily exposure to electromagnetic energy (e.g. radio waves, microwaves, UV waves, X rays, gamma rays, etc.) emitted by your gadgets (e.g. so called smartphones, tablets, laptops, stereos, flatscreens, CELL PHONE TOWERS, etc.). 

MELATONIN, naturally produced by the pineal gland in your brain (nightly in sleep-state) and designed to protect you from hazardous free radicals that create cancer cells (and EVERY known disease according to scientists), is almost conclusively SUPPRESSED when exposed to these electric fields…which leaves you – male, female, adults and children alike – defenseless from cancer. Also, if you work night shifts and/or stay up into the early morning hours, your body is unable to produce a sufficient amount of melatonin. The body is only able to repair itself AT NIGHT which makes sleep critical. For thousands of years, Chinese medicine doctors have been saying that the gall bladder restores itself from 11pm-1am, the liver from 1-3am, and the lungs from 3-6am. It is so important to get at least eight hours of sleep every night just to restore and/or regenerate your bodily cells, organs, functions, etc.  ~ M. McCaw
Helpful Tips
“Also one key thing for making melatonin is making sure that your sleep area is absolutely dark – no light. Otherwise that obstructs your body from making it or being efficient in the making of it.” ~ Heidi Brown
“By painting with graphite paint prior to priming in your bedroom or wall in general (especially necessary for smart house control rooms) it reduces/ blocks the electromagnetic exposure and radio waves seeping into the space. Lots of green homes are doing this now due to the extensive amounts of exposure we are receiving.” ~ Sarah Audet
“Another simple way to assist in the removal of radiation [and electromagnetic energy from gadgets] is to make a simple tea from the culinary herb, Thyme. Use one level tablespoon of Thyme to one pint of boiling water and steep for twenty minutes. After cooling and straining it, suggested recipes say to drink two cups a day.” ~ Lauana Lei, Magnetic ClayKeeping a thyme plant next to your computers or electronic hub in the house has the same effect of diffusing the electromagnetic energy [and radiation]. ~ Christina Avaness, Living Beyond Organic  (Book: http://www.amazon.com/Living-Beyond-Organic-nutritional-knowledge/dp/0981589200)


Resonance – Beings of Frequency (posted a few days ago on COTL:TOL Facebook page):

Electromagnetic Spectrum Basics: 

Finding Cell Phone Towers Near You:

Film: 2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning (An Awakening in Consciousness)

4 12 2012

By BraveArcherFilms:

‘A World of Love is Coming!’ This is the OFFICIAL RELEASE of the Full Length Documentary film ‘2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning’ Now available for free to view! Please share the message and support the film by making a small donation. It is the key to being able to make films like these possible! This film has been completely independently funded and produced! We appreciate your support. To donate visit Paypal below! (You don’t need to have a PayPal account to make the donation, simply click on ‘don’t have an account’ and fill out the form)

You can also get a Downloadable Digital HD copy RIGHT NOW for a small fee of $15! To get your copy of the Film, visit PayPal by clicking on the link below:

Plot: Dec 21, 2012 is on everyone’s mind. What will it bring? Is it the end of the world? A new beginning for mankind? Or just another year on the calendar? Brave Archer Films presents ‘2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning.’ The feature doco explores a positive spiritual perspective on the events of Dec 21, 2012. The film investigates the galactic alignment, consciousness awakening, cycles of evolution, our binary star system with Sirius, the fear agenda in the media, who’s behind it, love vs fear and much more.

The film is loaded with amazing revelations of the current times we live in, from exceptional astrologer and teacher Santos Bonacci, spiritual leaders Bud Barber, George Neo and much more. The doco is shot entirely in Full HD, illustrated with high end animations and includes original music by Jonathan Kent. (Note: The track used in the trailer is by SimilarD)

Film Credits:
Written, Directed, Edited & Produced by: Amel Tresnjic
Cinematography & Visual Effects: Amel Tresnjic
Including Original Music by: Jonathan Kent
Produced by Brave Archer Films®


The Four Yugas or Epochs:  The Hindu Concept of 4 Yugas

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