#5c: FEELING – Love – Key to Manifestation

27 12 2012

156242_170216816344871_5413557_nby Mae McCaw

(Divine) Love and (Eternal) Light. Goddess and God. Energy of the Feminine and Masculine. Holy Spirit and God the Father. Vibration and The Unified Field. Desire and Intention. Heartfelt and Mindfulness. Emotions and Intelligence. Compassion and Wisdom. Passion and Imagination. Feeling and Thinking/Envisioning.

The parallel is all around us. The combination of the two within the material world yields the greatest version of ourselves in perfect harmony and abundance = All Creation = Physical Realm = Action = Experience…circling back to the Light or “Wisdom” which is Knowledge Applied, i.e. Experience of Itself infinitely expanding into the vast reaches of the Universe(s). We are always becoming greater than who we are, but that limitless potential and dominion/mastery of the third dimension is made manifest as we awaken to the realization of the Great God Self within our Hearts. Love is the language of Light. Love is our Truth, Feelings–our truth-teller.

Our expression of emotions or how we “Feel” about our experience, condition, person, place or thing makes us unique as a species. The deliberate effort to awaken our hearts has been over 2,000 years in the making as we enter the Age of Aquarius–the Golden Age or the Age of Light here on this day 21.DEC.2012 of the Great Shift.

Nearly 15 years ago when I wrote the poem below, I may not have been entirely conscious of the Divine Feminine/Masculine significance within each of us, but today it makes a great deal more sense:

Go beyond that which we see,
Feel…and we’ll know what’s True
Hence knowledge into Wisdom blooms
if Action follows through.

Higher Feeling asserts itself
to stir and shake our Hearts.
It’s Truth engaged in Who We Are
Defines us from the start. – McCaw 2.26.98

We’ve heard this before…that in essence, there are only two emotions: Love and Fear. Under each umbrella is an array of feelings that when coupled with one’s thoughts (and visualizations) about those feelings yield one’s life experience–positive or negative (the Universe does not judge). Feel your way through the answers within your own life as your feelings will never lie to you. Unfortunately, most men in society have been conditioned to deny their emotions or view them as a weakness.

The fear or inflicted discord (i.e. bad feelings you create in yourself or another) that you maintain consequently prolongs the negative experience by virtue of breaking the Law of Love. They say the greatest sin you can commit is making someone (man, woman, child, animal, plant…) “feel bad”–this, because all is energy, and that negative energy you have created or maintain sticks to you. And so the saying goes: You reap what you sow. The mistreatment of Creation is a karmic imbalance that eventually balances itself within or across lifetimes based on one’s (re)action to the karmic adjustment. This karma exists at an individual level or on a collective/national/global scale. It is best to accept, come to terms with your feelings and release your discord with Love and forgiveness.

Love is the active agent of Spiritual/Mental/Emotional/Physical Mastery. Love is the Genie of Dreams, of Abundance. The stronger you feel about your Highest desire, the faster you bring it into being.

The necessary caveats to the creative process, however, are below:

  1. You are following and sourcing your Highest Self (i.e. your inner God Self), hence surrendering your outer will (or the will of your lower self).
  2. You adhere to the Law of Love by pouring out Peace, Blessing and Gratitude to all of Creation, especially to Mother Earth!
  3. Your intention is from a purity of Heart for the Greatest Good without judgment, ego, malice or infringement of the will of another. (This is critical because once you judge anything as good or bad, you then separate yourself from it and invariably defeat the notion of “Oneness” to which you could have awoken. Love the illness/the cancer, the ego, the enemy, the darkness… in order to transcend the duality and feel the unity.)
  4. That which you desire is ALREADY GRANTED. (You feel this as your Truth and so Believe/have Faith in it.)

Along with the caveats above, genuinely add the FEELING of Love (Joy, Passion, Compassion, or Forgiveness) and Gratitude that comes from your Heart to any of the following creative methods: Put hand to Heart in order to activate the Heart center.

Meditation (for Peace, Freedom and Unity) = Stillness + Clarity + Mindful Breathing + Love

Prayer for yourself or someone else (re: Health, Help, Strength…) = Words + Permission from the Higher Self of Others + Love

Ancient Image Science (into Personal Being) = Step-by-Step Imagery (sometimes at the atomic level) + Specific Imagery of Completion + Love…

Affirmation (into Personal Being)= Clear Thoughts/Intention + Application of Parallel Senses (Sights, Smells, Sounds) + Present Tense Written/Spoken Words + Love

Visualizations* (into Personal Being) = Clear Thoughts/Intention + Written Plan + Specific Imagery of Completion + Love

Vision Boards* (into Personal Being) = Graphics/Photos you select also trigger the Feeling of Love within as you create your board.

*Keep the Visualizations and Vision Boards secretly to yourself (non interference of other energies). Once you finish doing your Visualizations and/or Vision Board, you need only do it ONCE. You may store it after that.

The following video audio says it all in bringing together EMOTIONS, FEELINGS, LOVE, the HEART and its critical importance in the material world, specifically on Mother Earth:  (Note: This was originally released 20 yrs ago in 1992. There is reference to the end of this 20 yr period–now, 2012.)


These Meditation Notes are part of a trilogy:

#5a:  HEART – Mind – Duality

#5b:  LOVE – Shift – Oneness

#5c: FEELING – Love – Key to Manifestation



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