Meditation or Quiet Contemplation to Change the World

31 01 2013

There are many meditation groups forming these days, the following was sent to us by one of our readers:

Dear Moderator,

As we watch this world we all live in together shake to its very core with instability we, all of us by now, should know that we have the capacity to change all of this. We may all differ in our ways of thinking and ways of living. We may differ in our beliefs and creeds. Regardless we share one common bond: We all stand together on the same planet, and all share the same familial ties the further down the line we look.

Evidence has proven for us ten years ago that there is a method by which many can make a positive impact on the whole.

The idea is so simple. We agree to meditate or pray or contemplate quietly on peace and love, the very peace and love we all think of so often and speak of so often and dream of so often, in accordance with the writings of nearly every ancient teacher … we should rise together with the sun on Saturday mornings in meditative prayer on a peaceful existence. It can happen if we only have faith the size of a mustard seed.

A group has been made on facebook to organize and rally individuals across the world behind this idea. It, of course, does not ever need to be limited to this group nor should it ever be. The vision is to have many groups coming together in the same timeframe to work together towards peaceful resolutions to the conflicts of the world through simple meditation.

Isn’t a couple of hours out of the morning once a week worth peace?

I am looking for no recognition. The fact that my name is attached to this bothers me. This is something I can lay no claim to as it was shown to me and could not have originated from me. This can work.

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