Livestream of NEW PARADIGM EVENT focus on CONSCIOUSNESS (exTED talks happening live West Hollywood, CA today)

14 04 2013

Produced by Suzanne Taylor


 Speakers are as follows:

    1. Ed Lantz – Rational Spirituality: The Leading Edge of Science?
    2. Rev. Dr. George F. Regas – To Live Out Our Human Connectivity is to Stand on Sacred Ground
    3. Paul Cummins – A New Story to Revive an Old Paradigm
    4. Paul E. Nugent – The missing link is in our future, not in our past
    5. Russell Targ – The Reality of ESP A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities
    6. Marianne Williamson – Love restores reason; Not the other way around
    7. Larry Dossey – The Revolution in Consciousness: The Global Community is Now
    8. Jim Favaro – Built Thought: A New Way To Think About and Shape Buildings
    9. Aggie Kobrin
    10. Greg Panos – PersonaForm and Virtual Immortality



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