#100 Answers of an Alien from Andromeda

4 05 2013

re: (1) Detailed ARCTURIAN plan proposed to the Community Galactica (CG) to decontaminate the Earth’s oceans removing objects and particles from petroleum spills and plastics as well as other wastes on the planet such as radioactive elements, heavy metals, and toxic chemicals which will then be dumped in a designated desert area for a planned portal to transport safely off the planet.  Arcturians (specializing in oceans and marine biology) to use extremely advanced energy field technology to implement this complex plan of planetary waste withdrawal–executed in ONE DAY. (2) Detailed PLEIADIAN plan to disable ALL nuclear power plants including the end of radioactive emissions also executed in ONE DAY. (3) New Energies will soon be available to the planet using much smaller equipment to yield the same energy supply as done in ancient times using pyramids to harness the Earth’s energy. (4) The new humanoid races planned to populate the empty ghost cities built in China and other locations are said to assist in technology development. The planetary immigration is supervised by the CG. Interplanetary trade with other humanoids to increase (introducing new foods, flora and fauna of greater quality). (5) Terror attacks insulated designed to destabilize civil order and divert public attention from military movements… (6) Economy is planned by elites to  adopt an entirely different monetary system. Be alert to these govt FALSE FLAGS.




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