Solar Storms for Lightworkers

30 07 2013

Due to recent posts online with regard to (remote viewing) “End Times” scenarios related to solar flares, here’s the “101” on SOLAR STORMS.

There are three types: (1) Solar Flares, (2) Solar Proton Events (SPE), and (3) Coronal Mass Ejections (CME).

BTW, before delving into these three types, my suggested solution (as Lightworkers) is to focus meditation on NORMAL solar activities and strengthened magnetic field to shield the planet–even better would be to step up meditation to focus on the geometrical grid known as the “flower of life” to protect the Earth at all times.

(1) Type 1: Solar Flares. Well, the good news is that we won’t burn to a crisp in a solar flare (C- or M-class), b/c the electromagnetic radiation (in the form of X-rays, gamma rays and extreme UV rays) cannot penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere (or geomagnetic shield) but can only reach the polar regions where it loses energy despite arriving from the sun within a couple hours. It can, however, interfere with our daily lives by interrupting communications satellites as well as cause shortwave radio blackouts. That means no use of communications technologies that rely on satellites. X-class solar flares are a different story and the worst of its kind. Either way, none of these rays are visible to the naked eye. We wouldn’t even see them coming.

(2) Type 2: Solar Proton Events or SPE are “high-energy solar cosmic rays (protons and ions)” that get to Earth in 15 min to a couple hours. This type is not nearly as friendly as type 1 especially as it pertains to the impact on human physiology. Sure, it has the same effects on communications technology such as “satellite disorientation and shortwave radio fades” in addition to “disruption in polar regions, and ozone layer depletion”, but it also affects the human anatomy causing “cardiac arrest, dementia and [high radiation] cancer”. “If the particles have energies greater than 500 MeV, the deadly cosmic ray shower can penetrate to the planet’s surface” (right through the Earth’s atmospheric shield)—96% of 500 MeV SPEs are followed by type 3, below.

(3) Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) comprise “vast clouds of seething gas, charged PLASMA of low to medium energy particles with an imbedded magnetic field, blasted into interplanetary space from the Sun. This causes a worldwide disturbance of Earth’s magnetic field called a geomagnetic storm that produces a temporary disturbance of the Earth’s magnetosphere, etc… A CME can produce the following effects: …radio propagation anomalies, compass alignment errors, electrical power blackouts, oil and gas pipeline corrosion, communication landline & equipment damage, electrical shock hazard, electrical fires, heart attacks, strokes, and workplace & traffic accidents.” Depending on the direction of the geomagnetic storm and the orientation of the Earth’s magnetic field, a storm headed southward would yield the most severe effects on the planet.


These solar flare concerns were sparked by remote viewing predictions claiming Earth is entering its End Times, per Ed Dames, “Kill Shot”:

Here’s version of the longer interview on Coast to Coast:

Note, while some predictions have proven accurate, not all black budget military remote viewing scenarios have come true (including those of Ed Dames).


Interestingly, in a study done over 30 years ago, Helen Wambach applied “hypnotic progression” or hypnosis to study the future. In a sampling of 2,500 participants, nearly all saw major depopulation and many were no longer in physical form in the future.  The results yielded roughly four main post-2012 End Times scenarios depending on the belief systems (or FREQUENCY/VIBRATION) of each person as (1) the hypnotist AND (2) those whose future were being reported.

Wambach later died prior to finishing her study, but her colleague Chet B. Snow published the results  in the book “Mass Dreams of the Future”.  They are as follows:


(1)  GROUP A: NATURAL DISASTERS – human populations were moved to space stations living sterile and unhappy lives, eating synthetic foods and wearing space suits.

(2) GROUP B: NEW AGERS – experienced ascension or The Golden Age of Love/Photon Belt, Peace, and Awakening/Self-Realization as Creator-Creation and were living happier and more natural lives in harmony with each other.

(3) GROUP C: HI-TECH URBANITES – saw a bleak mechanical future in which people lived in subterranean cities and cities under bio domes.

(4) GROUP D – POST DISASTER SURVIVORS – (either nuclear or natural cataclysmic) who lived in urban ruins from caves to isolated farms and obtained much of their food from hunting.


One’s frequency always determines his/her future “timeline” (among its infinite probabilities). So long as each of us continues to be Love, meditate Love, give Love, and spread Love as Emissaries of the Divine Light and according to Godfrye’s “St. Germain, Unveiled Mysteries”: “Love the Light, Serve the Light, Live in the Light, Bless the Light, be Protected, Illumined, Sustained and Supplied by the Light”, timeline #2 is the only reality one would experience.


In a similar look into the future, there might have been another category in which nothing happened at all, at least not to the conscious awareness of the majority of Earth’s inhabitants (with the exception of those aware and awake who consciously call on the assistance of the higher fields of Light via meditation, prayer, channeling, etc).  This timeline might be accredited to the dedicated and scientifically advanced assistance of our galactic friends who are already known to have been of considerable service to humanity in recent years and decades (e.g. blasting comet Elenin, blasting the larger meteor that was reduced to the smaller Russian asteroid, redirecting the mini-solar system of Nibiru, disabling nuclear weapons worldwide for decades, diffusing and/or clearing radiation disasters such as Fukushima, subduing undersea Reptilian military bases, sedating super volcanoes e.g. Yellowstone and the Canary Islands, etc.) We are certainly not alone, at least not without assistance said to come from the united forces of our galactic family of Light such as the Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Arcturans, Krulians, Alpha Centaurians, and many more.

by Mae McCaw


  2. Mass Dreams of the Future by Chet B. Snow
  3. Unveiled Mysteries (Saint Germain Series, Vol. 1) by Godfré Ray King

Suspicious0bservers (Youtube Channel) does a great job of covering solar and planetary weather activities with its “4-minute” daily report.



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