16 10 2013

For thousands of years, tales have been written about the most famous historical figure of our time. Whilst this is NOT about religion, one’s spiritual, religious or simply curious motivation per the subject of JESUS might benefit from author DOLORES CANNON – whose work in regression therapy/hypnosis is globally revered for its insight in presenting and clarifying the mysteries of the universe (e.g. “Convoluted Universe” Books 1-4, etc.) – and two publications on the CHRIST:

jesus-essenes(1) “Jesus & The Essenes” – This was remarkably insightful uncovering and clarifying the life and times of Jesus from the regressive hypnotic account of one of his teachers (as well as other historical periods inclusive of Moses). As one review states, “although just a glimpse of the portrait of Jesus is seen through the eyes of his teacher, obtained unblemished through time via the subconscious of a hypnotized subject, it provides the most amazing and intimate account of who this exalted and elevated soul really was.”

jesus-walked(2) “They Walked With Jesus” – Review: “The first subject had a much shorter, but still inspired contact with Jesus that left a ‘glow’ in its aftermath. The other subject shared a more in-depth involvement, which included objective yet heart warming observations of the man with a heart of Go(l)d who cared for the uncared. The regresee, in her own inspirational manner, learned and took up the meaning of Jesus’ teaching to love and be compassionate to the less fortunate. This book gives little known glimpses of Jesus’ mission and destiny in that incarnation, not so much as the ‘Son of God’, but as man relating to his fellow-man. This book does not market religion or any brand of religion. So for those of you who, like I, have wanted to know more about Jesus, the man; Jesus the evolved soul; and his purpose and life on earth; Read On.”

The-Pleiadian-AgendaYou can also read about JESUS (as a NINTH DIMENSIONAL BEING of LIGHT who incarnated on this planet) in Barbara Hand Clow’s “The Pleiadian Agenda” as she channels the Pleiadian Goddess SATYA of Alcyone which exists in the eternal FIFTH DIMENSION of LOVE. (Though, some argue Jesus comes from the 12th Dimension, but that’s a different story.)

urantiabookAnd here is yet another account in the rather massive online publication of the “URANTIA BOOK” (Urantia meaning “Earth”) in which JESUS is an incarnation of the Paradise Son or Creator Son known to us as ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.

December 26, 2013 Astronomical Alignments

14 10 2013

[Note: Take this with a grain of salt since we seem to be protected continually by the forces that be.]


Houston, we (may) have a problem…and it’s not necessarily with comet ISON, though ISON’s hot dates are Nov 28 (perihelion/closest to the sun) AND Dec 26 (closest to Earth–40 million miles away). If there’s any truth to our solar system’s planetary alignments affecting seismicity (i.e. earthquakes due to the gravitational pull), then December 26, 2013 appears to have (not one, not two, but) THREE separate alignments made up of seven celestial objects. See image.

The good news is that the two largest objects in our solar system – Jupiter and the Sun – are not aligned together with Earth, but they are aligned with Earth separately that day. Jupiter is 11x larger than Earth, while the Sun is 10x larger than Jupiter.

Source link: (set it for 12/26/13) and see for yourself.

Cornell University Study “Astronomical Alignments as the Cause of M6+ Seismicity” by Mensur Omerbashich that chronicles these alignments and earthquakes as far back as 1906:

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