December 26, 2013 Astronomical Alignments

14 10 2013

[Note: Take this with a grain of salt since we seem to be protected continually by the forces that be.]


Houston, we (may) have a problem…and it’s not necessarily with comet ISON, though ISON’s hot dates are Nov 28 (perihelion/closest to the sun) AND Dec 26 (closest to Earth–40 million miles away). If there’s any truth to our solar system’s planetary alignments affecting seismicity (i.e. earthquakes due to the gravitational pull), then December 26, 2013 appears to have (not one, not two, but) THREE separate alignments made up of seven celestial objects. See image.

The good news is that the two largest objects in our solar system – Jupiter and the Sun – are not aligned together with Earth, but they are aligned with Earth separately that day. Jupiter is 11x larger than Earth, while the Sun is 10x larger than Jupiter.

Source link: (set it for 12/26/13) and see for yourself.

Cornell University Study “Astronomical Alignments as the Cause of M6+ Seismicity” by Mensur Omerbashich that chronicles these alignments and earthquakes as far back as 1906:




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