Earth Changes: 2013 November | October

12 12 2013

Wondrous, terrifying, phenomenal and heart wrenching sights and sounds that make truth stranger than fiction. Catastrophic Earth changes, unexplained mysteries and so much more…in just the past couple months (OCT./NOV.).  There was a time when these events would occur over the course of several weeks or months, but lately, the RSOE EDIS app is spinning out of control with anywhere from a dozen to 20 global destructive events PER DAY–both by acts of nature and man made (e.g. bio hazards, HAZMAT, vehicle destructions, etc.)

In the past 24 hours alone, the list includes:

  1. Greece – two meteor fireballs have fallen
  2. Canary Islands – extreme winds
  3. Netherlands – HAZMAT (carbon monoxide poisoning evacuation)
  4. Hawaii, USA – plane crash
  5. China – bio hazard (poultry markets tested positive for HZN9 avian flu)
  6. Costa Rica – earthquake
  7. Hawaii, USA – bio hazard (12 ft tiger shark attacks)
  8. Australia – severe hail storm
  9. Indian Ocean – tropical cyclone
  10. Malaysia – bio hazard (avian flu)
  11. Mt. Sinabung, Indonesia – continuous volcanic activity
  12. Shiveluch, Russia – continuous volcanic activity
  13. Kliuchvskoi, Russia – continuous volcanic activity
  14. Quebec, Canada – blizzard
  15. Rio de Janeiro – floods


2013 IS STRANGE – November, Part #23

2013 IS STRANGE – November, Part #22
(Philippines Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan, etc.)

SIGNS OF CHANGE – Oct/Nov 2013

2013 IS STRANGE – October, Part #21

SIGNS OF CHANGE – October 2013




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