Nostradamus, Recent Ice Storms & Geo-Engineering

30 01 2014

With regard to the subject of GEO-ENGINEERING to control weather, the following news comes to us from 500 yrs ago in HIS present time via DOLORES CANNON in a book she published 24 yrs ago entitled “Conversations With Nostradamus” with the help of yours truly (NOSTRADAMUS) to interpret his own predictions.

Nostradamus noted that we would be in full force making major attempts to control the weather (via cloud seeding aka chemtrails and other methods), but he didn’t believe it was for malicious reasons on our part (the U.S., that is). We are like children being handed the atomic bomb (type metaphor). Our enthusiasm to enable global change (with good intentions) of this magnitude is trumped only by the disasters caused by our own ignorance.

As noted by Michio Kaku (the famous astrophysicist), he explained that a Level 1 civilization has learned to harness the power of the sun and control global climate among other advanced accomplishments. (We are currently at Level 0 still using fossil fuels yet inching our way to Level 1.)  See video:

In Nostradamus’s predictions, he basically said that (years from the time the book is published, but still within the author’s time) there will be extreme and irregular ice storms in the new world. He said that at first everyone believes that it’s part of a natural cycle. They have no idea that it’s caused by our government’s/scientists’ attempt to control the weather. The irony is that he said even the scientists and government also don’t know that it is caused by their technology!

Again, all of this has come to mind due to the current snow/ice storms happening in our own country.  As noted, there’s much talk of the Georgia ice /snow storms created (and elsewhere in the country) as suspect, inorganic and/or synthetic due to its chemical compound, a product of geo-engineering by scientists. Before this notion is dismissed as conspiracy, note reports of this as “fake snow” spreading throughout the internet. (See:


Here is the excerpt that could very well refer to recent events with regard to the icy weather in January 2014.:

Conversations With Nostradamus, Vol. I by Dolores Cannon, pg 166 “The Near Future” (Note that Vol. I was published in 1990.)

Note: “D” is Dolores Cannon, author, and “B” is the vehicle through which Nostradamus communicates.

D: …He says this is an event in the future. That mankind will have developed some devices to moderate the weather and be able to have some say as to how the weather will be. The machines that are in charge of these computations and calculations will become too clever for their own good, for they will not have common sense. Common sense is what is gained through the experience of living. Consequently, through the fault in their programming, which will not be spotted until too late, they will accidentally cause the weather to misfunction so as to cause a great deal of damage through unseasonal ice and hail. The
men running this will not realize that if one tries to force the weather to do one thing for too long that the natural pattern will finally overcome the interference and perhaps cause some unseasonal weather in the process of trying to get things back in balance again. As a result, these computers, while trying to overcome the natural forces that are trying to get things back in balance, will blow a fuse, so to speak, and become damaged beyond use.

D: What do these names mean?

B: He was naming places that will suffer the worst damage from the unseasonal weather.

D: This is one that the translators couldn’t understand at all.

B: He says he wrote it down fairly clearly because he knew the concepts involved were already obscure enough that no one in his time would
be able to understand them.

D: They were not thinking of machines at all. They thought because he’s a doctor that this was referring to something medical, like a petrified
embryo removed from a woman’s womb. That would be a thing existing without any sense.

B: He says this is true. That would be a thing without senses. However, he says that man’s devices such as computers and such have no senses either. He just shrugged his shoulders and said,”Well, if people insist on being narrow that is their choice to make.”


Here’s an excerpt of another one of Nostradamus’s discussions on geo-engineering (with regard to the Russian efforts to one up the U.S. by using weather manipulation to create famine in the U.S.):

Conversations With Nostradamus, Vol. II by Dolores Cannon, pg 236 Note:  “D” is Dolores Cannon talking and “J” is the vehicle through which Nostradamus is communicating.:

D: What does he mean by environmental feature?

J: It looks like the eye of a hurricane. He says it causes weather patterns to fluctuate in the United States, and it has been controlled by man. There are weather control studies that are being conducted by the United States, as well as the Soviet Union. The reason why America is a great nation is because of her food supply; this is her wealth. Russia has a hard time because of its harsh climate. So the Soviet Union will try to strip America of its wealth by manipulating the weather. Thus, they will feel that they’re given parity with the United States. They have planned this storm center. It has been in the making for the last four years and they think it will cause destruction or famine for the United States. In actuality it won’t, because the United States will offset it using its own scientists and engineering. As a result, there will be better trade and friendship between these two countries in the future.

D: Can he give a time when this will happen?

J: Yes. It’s been happening since 1945.

D: Have they been experimenting with controlling the weather that long? It seems strange to think they can do that.

J: He’s saying that in your lifetime you’ve seen them seed clouds to produce rain. This is a practice that was begun earlier in your century. He’s not saying all this, but he’s showing me in the mirror.

D: Is it similar to cloud seeding?

J: They use all different types of methods. Also there’s space technology and satellites that affect the weather.

D: These are things that we don’t know about, as a rule.

J: You should!

D: I mean there are many things that are kept secret from the people. The government doesn’t tell us everything. What did he mean by karmic
relationships between our country and Russia?

J: There are strong ties between the two nations. He says, “Just like England and France have a strong tie. We’ve fought and argued and had difficulties with England. We are part of its balance.” You see, part of his philosophical treatise is on karmic ties and that’s why he made that correlation.

D:’ I’m not used to thinking of karmic ties between nations.

J: Everything has a karmic balance, doesn’t it? It’s the law of cause and effect or the law of retribution. Nations, races, even the planet has a sense of karma As do all living things from the smallest blade of grass, through the minerals, rocks, and oil to the animals. All animated and inanimate things have a sense of purpose, he says. He’s showing me a big green field and all of the connections within it.

D: The translators thought this quatrain dealt with submarines because of his mention of the eye of the sea.

J: No, he says they’ve got that wrong. They take things too literally. He says it doesn’t mean that. It represents the eye of the sea which is an
area of the sea. The area he’s showing me is what they call “El Nino.”

D: I thought that might be what he was referring to.

J: And this is also eye of the sea. He said this isn’t really an anagram, but there’s a correlation between “eye of the sea” and the Spanish word “El
Nino.” This phenomenon has been geophysically (he had difficulty with that word) manufactured by the Soviets. He says they have used submarines as well as surface ships in that area to create this weather pattern that can bring havoc to America, especially in its grain basket.

D: There have been questions about El Nino. Meteorologists think it occurs more often and at times of the year it’s not supposed to.

J: Realize that it’s being manipulated by scientific men. He’s not telling me this, he’s showing me in the black mirror. El Nino is a weather phenomenon characterized by a warm coastal current that flows south along the coasts of Ecuador and Peru about Christmas time. The warm surface waters and biological disturbances associated with El Nino extend southward to Chile and northward to British Columbia Its name is derived from the Spanish el nino Jesus (“the Christ child”). It’s the largest irregularity in the year-to-year fluctuations of the oceanic and atmospheric systems. It usually starts around Christmas and lasts for a few weeks, but major events may last longer. Various catastrophes are associated with major El Ninos, including torrential rains and flooding along the normally dry coast, the absence of fish, and the starvation of fish-eating seabirds. Other disturbances in the El Nino can affect much of the globe. Australia and parts of Indonesia suffer drought; winter weather over North America is abnormal; storms over the North Pacific increase; and patterns of hurricane occurrence change…

The inference by Nostradamus that a weather feature of such proportions can be manipulated by man is almost unfathomable. But then it’s not any more preposterous than the many other things we have been shown. It was often difficult for me to not pass judgment, and to merely report without comment. I had to remember that these things must have seemed even more unbelievable to Nostradamus than they do to us.

The Church of the Cosmos: Temple of Light supports the invaluable work of Dolores Cannon.  We recommend all three volumes of “Conversations with Nostradamus” available on

Vol. 1  –

Vol. 2 –

Vol. 3 –




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