2015 Predictions By Our Galactic Friends

31 12 2014

2015 and onward promise to manifest great change for individuals, humanity as a whole, and our planet.  We are truly living in the New Earth, one in which we are becoming the change we wish to see in the world.

Pleiadian Predictions 

The Pleiadian Collective channeled by Wendy Kennedy 12/07/14.

Sirian Insight: 2015 – 2020 World Predictions 

Adronis from Sirius predicts major changes coming between 2015 and 2020: political and economic reform, extraterrestrial disclosure, New Age trends, the end of war, and much more! Channeled by Brad Johnson 11/20/14.

Bashar 2015 Predictions

Reptilian Predictions 2015

“TReb” the friendly reptilian from Capella predicts coming events for the New Year 2015. Channeled by Rob Gauthier 12/01/2014. For private readings, group sessions, and upcoming events with TReb please visit http://www.trebchanneling.com for more information.

“TReb” Reptilian Predictions for 2016
(RE: Bashar’s prediction that “Everything Will Change in the Fall of 2016”–See text below)

Bashar Predictions 2015-2020+ (Summary)

2015 – The Sassani and Yahyel frequencies will be “pumped” into Earth via the Sedona portal.
2016 – Extraterrestrial life will be discovered.
2016 – Economic collapse and revamping of our taxation system. The United States will be instrumental.
2020 – Economic structure will be dramatically different.
2020 – New political system.
2015 – 2025 – Free energy emerges.
2017 – 2019 – Another devastating terrorist action.
2015 – 2020 – Another nuclear meltdown.
2020 – 2030 – A new Space Race decade of unprecedented inventions. Open contact occurs here.
2030 – 2033 – Full knowledge of disclosure and extraterrestrials.
2050 – Earth becomes an initiate member of the Interstellar Alliance.
2015 – 2050 – The oceanic levels increase by 35 – 50 feet. We go into a minor ice age. Many coastal cities will no longer support human life.
2020 – 2025 – The existence of Atlantis will be confirmed. Someone will find the last Hall of Records. History will be rewritten.
2020 – 2025 – Most knowledge of the Library of Alexandria will be recovered. This marks a new Golden Atlantean Age on Earth.



One response

7 01 2015
Susan Brunet

I was on a Pleadian ship during one of my sleep experiences…which has happened before…they have tried to teach me in their classrooms…in the past…but this last experience was different…on the ship I was on was a pyramid temple…that no one was allowed inside…the temple itself only allowed those who were “special” to enter…I was told not to go near it..but I did and went inside…upon going inside I went to the staffs and held mine in my hand…and proceeded to walk through the temple…and into the library to reach the mainframe which I had access to from a regular hub which seemed to surprise a few watching me do this…and I also entered the Goddess room…again off limits to only those that could enter…upon entering this room I told the other ladies that they could call me Mary/Ma re…I am concerned about this because no one recognised me here in human form…who I am in spiritual form…I hadn’t been to that temple in a very long time…but still I should have been noticed and recognised as belonging there…by those currently serving earth…my concern here is that others like myself might not be recognised either…and might be being placed in places on these ships in roles where they don’t spiritually belong…

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