The Anunnaki Creation Story vs Our True Starseed Origins

26 07 2018

So much is being revealed now to awaken the human species. This information is normally often met with much resistance due to millennia of programming. At least take from it what resonates with you. The rest, we can agree to disagree.

Whilst it may seem to be Earth’s HIDDEN history, it has actually been HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT from the Beginning (of the current epoch) in nearly all of Earth’s major religions, mythologies and the origin stories of royal families–East and West. That said, however, the following points are only to provide certain clarity or guidance, most importantly #7.

(1) Keep in mind that just because these rogue ancient aliens (i.e. Anunnaki) created the version of modern man (i.e. the human vessel, the Adamu model or Homo Sapiens) and the civilization as we know it today (yes, presented here as “a given”), this does not mean that all creation on Earth was seeded by the Anunnaki.

(2) Note: The planet has seen multiple civilizations (i.e. epochs) come and go, but this current one is related to the Anunnaki story or as other galactic races have referred to them–the Algorians as well as the Rizqians.

(3) You must ask yourself why such beings would require WORSHIP and obedience if they were truly of DIVINITY; otherwise, we are redefining our own understanding of this term and flagrantly disregarding the inherent NARCISSISM (or ego-driven lust for control/power), oppression, and abuse on their part in the practice of blind allegiance or as today’s major religions have spun it–“faith”.

(4) On the other hand, there is a DIVINE ENERGY with which the rest of the multiverse resonates; however, this Energy does NOT LIMIT itself to race (i.e. Anunnaki) or gender (some old, white, bearded male of supreme authority). It does not demand worship and related dogmatic ceremonies thereof. This energy is called SOURCE ENERGY (aka The Existence, Infinite Spirit, Love, Light, etc.) Again, it is not specific to god or goddess/gender, galactic species, race, color, social stratification, even the animate or inanimate; and yet, it is ALL of creation.

(5) Certain ancient advanced beings – also known as creator gods – from the multiverse also seeded Earth with various life forms such as flora, fauna, elements, etc. including its own starseeds… along with countless other 3D worlds. That is to say, despite the Anunnaki god(s) of Earth’s Bible (and other holy books), there are countless other advanced beings from various multi-dimensional galactic worlds (e.g. Arcturian, Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan, etc.) that monitor, assist, and have seeded the Earth in previous civilizations before the Anunnaki arrived as well as the current civilization whilst the Anunnaki have held power (remotely and via its hybrid royal descendants).

(6) Most importantly, it is crucial to awaken from the lull or illusion that “we are our bodies” as we are led to believe by Earth’s Anunnaki legacy in its holiest books. Yes. THOSE books–the whole lot of them.

(7) In truth, we are the LIGHT or spark of SOURCE ENERGY that animates these bodies. We agreed to reincarnate in them. Ken Carey says it beautifully in his book, “STARSEED: The Third Millennium”. “One Being is the source of all creatures. The life of that Being shines through the multiple prisms of diverse worlds…Behind your individuality, beneath your cultural images of self, that Being is who you are…Though not all of us have chosen, as you have chosen, to dress in human form, still, we are your family within time, your sisters, your bothers. Beyond time, we are one. We are a race of voyagers, spirit beings in the eternal fields of light; yet we are you yourselves as you would have been had you not succumbed to the spell of matter. We are you as you remain beyond material illusion, addressing in these pages a sleeping part of ourselves that you might awaken and know this awareness as your own. We would shine the light upon the reality of your presence from behind you, from above you, from beneath you, that at last you might recognize that light within you and awaken. We invite you to leave behind your historical impressions of the human experience that you might rise to your natural level of Consciousness…”

Inner Earth Civilizations Exist…

23 07 2018

Just revisiting this topic of the subterranean Earth (i.e. Hallow Earth, Middle Earth, Inner Earth…) Because of the science (physics, astrophysics, geology, oceanography…), the photographic evidence (not just of Earth but the other planets in our solar system), the publications, ancient accounts, native accounts, Tibetan accounts, modern accounts by Western explorers, detailed maps, and no-fly-zones over the poles, etc., it seems the Hallow Earth theory is far more plausible than that of Flat Earth. You can’t have both. You can’t have the existence of the famous Middle Earth cities of Agharta, Shambhala, Potala, Telos, etc. in a Flat Earth. The data alone follows the higher science of torsion energy. Anyway, this video does a great job in arguing its case for the Hallow Earth.

The Knowledge of Forever Time: The God Knowledge – Episode 7

16 07 2018

In this Invitation a holy and hidden knowledge is revealed to be a part of nearly every ancient structure on earth. Within every stone creation around the world there is also an ominous message and it is given to all who walk upon this earth, Sadly, this message is lost on our greatest scientists and our best archaeologists, and the reason why is because of our personal view of religion. In our world religion dictates whether a discovery is true, worthy, or the work of the devil. This Invitation to enlightenment is unlike any other you have ever seen and it is full of hidden knowledge and also the holiest knowledge on earth. This is the age of reason and the age of enlightenment and this is Invitation Number 7.

The Knowledge of Forever Time: The Great Pyramid of Egypt – Episode 1

16 07 2018

(FACEBOOK.COM/DAMONTBERRYFILMMAKER) In this invitation to the age of enlightenment a 5,000 year old mystery is a mystery no more. The Great Pyramid of Egypt is without a doubt the greatest enigma in the world. However, in this new age its mystery is revealed and it is so powerful that nothing will ever be the same. In this episode Damon T. Berry unveils the Great Pyramid of Egypt in a way that no one ever has. It is the holiest knowledge ever found in the ancient world, and it completely forces every archaeologist, scientist and Egyptologist to completely abandon all that they have learned. This knowledge is so powerful and so divine that it will change everything in the entire world. If you have ever pondered the what and why of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, after seeing this film you will know it all. Episode one.

Interplanetary Climate Change Cosmic Rays and SolarActivity

15 07 2018

According to Dr. Albers, the increased cosmic rays are actually coming from our own sun and the stellar cores invading our solar system.  Dr. Albers also concludes that it’s a “multi-level conspiracy” regarding the misinformation of what we’re reading and hearing everywhere that is claiming our sun is moving into a grand solar “minimum” when, in fact, the opposite is occurring.

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