Inner Earth Civilizations Exist…

23 07 2018

Just revisiting this topic of the subterranean Earth (i.e. Hallow Earth, Middle Earth, Inner Earth…) Because of the science (physics, astrophysics, geology, oceanography…), the photographic evidence (not just of Earth but the other planets in our solar system), the publications, ancient accounts, native accounts, Tibetan accounts, modern accounts by Western explorers, detailed maps, and no-fly-zones over the poles, etc., it seems the Hallow Earth theory is far more plausible than that of Flat Earth. You can’t have both. You can’t have the existence of the famous Middle Earth cities of Agharta, Shambhala, Potala, Telos, etc. in a Flat Earth. The data alone follows the higher science of torsion energy. Anyway, this video does a great job in arguing its case for the Hallow Earth.



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