“The Knowledge of The Forever Time” by Damon T Berry

20 09 2018

Damon T Berry’s “The Knowledge of The Forever Time” (8 episodes) is one of the most eye-opening, intriguing and powerful revelations of ancient wisdom from the  perspective of confirming that the gods of Earth’s religions (Bible, etc.) are Anunnaki.  Clearly his version of the Anunnaki story places great reverence on their contribution to (vs manipulation of) this world. Nonetheless, he did a tremendous job of explaining the religious correlation as well as other insights regarding his interpretations of primitive art, primitive humans, navigating the stars, the sun/stars as portals and black holes, certain aspects of Earth’s hidden history, etc. Discern the religious genesis and end times drama from the other more useful information. Also see Jimmy Church’s interview of Damon T Berry below along with a video on the  Voynich manuscript that Berry mentions.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Jimmy Church Interview with Damon T Berry

Voynich Manuscript | Stephen Bax



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10 09 2019
“The Knowledge of The Forever Time” by Damon T Berry – Imodel100's Blog

[…] via “The Knowledge of The Forever Time” by Damon T Berry […]

20 09 2019
King Bishop I

Thank you for all that has been posted. As a fellow light-bearer I must point out that Damon T. Berry has also created a series of podcasts about his life and the Experiences which led up to the Knowledge of the Forever Time. The podcast series consists of 4 podcasts on YouTube and is titled “The Last Words of Damon T. Berry.” I think it sheds a lot more light on the Knowledge Series by absorbing the auto-biography in tandem. FYI

6 02 2020

Yes, we have reviewed those as well. Thank you.

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