11 11 2018


(1982) Channeled by Ken Carey
You know yourself as an expression of Universal Being, as a cell in the terrestrial body of the One whose consciousness is now awakening in the human family, a consciousness that is ultimately, and beautifully, your own.
One Being is the Source of all creatures. Behind your individuality, beneath your cultural images of self, that Being is who you are. We bring you these transmissions that you might come to live once again as we do, in full consciousness of your Source… When you know yourself this way, you recognize the others of your kind. You awaken to awareness of our common Source… Though not all of us have chosen, as you have, to dress in human form, still, we are your family within time, your sisters, your bothers. Beyond time, we are One.
We are a race of voyagers, spirit beings in the eternal fields of light; yet we are you yourselves as you would have been had you not succumbed to the spell of matter. We are you as you remain beyond material illusion, addressing in these pages a sleeping part of ourselves that you might awaken and know this awareness as your own.
We would shine the Light from behind you, from above you, from beneath you, that at last you might recognize that light within you and awaken. We knew you in the beginning long before you dressed in robes of soil and stream. In oneness with you we parted the skies and opened the waters of the heavens… Together we poured our radiance into this world…
To be the One and simultaneously the many–this is your calling, your purpose, the ultimate destiny of your kind. You are the template, the prototype of a new and universal species, part solar, part material, both temporal and eternal, the species that will span the gulf between the visible and invisible… Through you a new and unprecedented cycle of creation will occur.
Echoes of this awareness have ever haunted the historical continuum, surfacing here and there in your better music, glimmering occasionally in your finest art. But when you entertain the open and unbiased vision of eternity, even the best of what has been, the finest moments of the human past, [pale in comparison] to the future that is soon to be.
You stationed us here, Angels of the Primal Coherence, to remind you, to awaken you. “Lest in sleeping, I forget,” you said. “Lest in dreaming a planetary creation I become lost in the wonders of time.” “Wake me,” you said, “that I might arise in the forms that emerge at this journey’s end, and through them bestow my gifts upon this world.”
The field of collective human consciousness is now entering the final stage of the awakening process… Your ego will not dissolve in such an awakening; it will ascend into enlightened comprehension of its co-creative partnership with [Source]. Already you are moving in the currents of eternal thought. As you continue to flow with this thought, it becomes your own. You remember. [YOU awaken.]
The version above was taken from Ken Carey’s book, STARSEED TRANSMISSIONS.  This is the second version that was abridged.  The first version which is longer (approved by Ken Carey) can be found here:



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19 01 2019

Love the site but when the news for December and January 2019. Thks

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