Myths | Gods | Aliens (Aliases)

The Gods or aliens have been known by different names in different cultures throughout humanity.

Anunnaki Name (Rigelian from Orion) Sumerian Name Atlantean/ Egyptian Name Greek Name
King of Gods, Father of Enki and Enlil. AN ANU
God of Water. 1st Son of ANU, half brother of Enlil. Father of Thoth and Ra. ENKI Ea Poseidon
Son of ANU and Anu’s half sister. Heir to the throne. ENLIL Enlil
Son of Enki, brother of Marduk/Ra NINGISHZIDDA Ningishzidda THOTH Hermes
Son of Enki, Usurped the throne MARDUK Marduk RA
Goddess of Love & War. Granddaughter of Enlil. Daughter of Nannar (Sin). INANNA Ishtar ISIS Aphrodite
Anunnaki (Same) Roman Name Norse Name Hebrew Name Tribal
AN (ANU)  Jupiter Odin
ENKI Neptune Loki Adonai
ENLIL Thor Yahweh
Mercury Quetzalcoatl (Mayan) Gautama Buddha, Zarathushtra, Orpheus, Vyassa
INANNA (ISIS) Venus Astarte

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